Night Gallery Store!

Last month we posted about receiving our copy of Rod Serling’s Night Gallery: The Art of Darkness book, that is filled with all the amazing images from the gallery itself from the original TV show. For those of us that grew up on this TV show, to be able to browse through this volume just brings back so many great memories.

In case you still haven’t picked up your copy, they are still available. Plus, the Night Gallery Store is opened where not only can you purchase the book, but you can also get a bunch of other little goodies, including some prints of the artwork from the show, such as the famous The Cemetery one from the pilot episode, shown below.

But there are other Night Gallery and Rod Serling items as well. Check out The Midnight Traveler print from artist Bob Lizarraga. We actually picked one of these up from the artist himself at Monsterpalooza back in 2019 and proudly having it framed in our living room! But there are a bunch of cool stuff here to bring your collection to a “respectable” level with some fine art! Just click HERE to get to their site and start to browse through the Night Gallery!

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