Mystery Photo 3-29

Here we are at our last Mystery Photo for March. That means the year is a quarter way done. Yeah. Happy Monday, right? Okay, down to business. Our photo from last week got quite a few responses, which just thrills me because it is from an excellent and creepy as hell movie. The film is Session 9. Such an amazing sense of dread throughout that running time. Kudos to the following who sent in the correct answer: Hoby Abernathy, Scott Bradley, Cate Cameron, Aaron Christensen, Peggie Christie, Brian Doering, Chris Dyer, Kevin Hart, Steve Hyder, Bryan Martinez, Gary McGuire, and Greg Wojick. Well done, people!

Now let’s get on to today’s pic, shall we? Just remember not to post your answers here so that everyone can have a guess. Just send us an email to Good Luck!