Soundtrack Review: Maniac (2012)

Maniac (2012)
Released by Hamburger Records  2013
16 tracks with a total running time of 35 min.
Music by ROB

When this remake was first announced, most fans (including me) were scratching their head, wondering once again why are they bothering remaking a classic, trying to replicate the incredible performance given by the late, great Joe Spinell. But it happened. And no one was more surprised than me on how good it actually was. One of those elements that helped it break that “shitty remake” barrier was the music.

Credited as simple Rob, it is actually French composer Robin Coudert, who gives us a real audible treat here. It’s not similar to John Carpenter’s work, which I’ve read in reviews, though I’d say it’s more akin to Goblin than Carpenter. Honestly though, it really has more of an ’80s feel from those low budget, straight to video films of that time. The difference is that the score really builds the atmosphere and creepiness between the mixture of piano and other synth sounds.

Right from the opening track, simply titled Doll, is uses a combination of these electronic sounds and beats, combining them with a piano melody that give it a unique sound to it. This style and sound continues through the rest of the score. Almost like Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein would do a few years later for the series Stranger Things, giving it a feel of a certain era.

It really is amazing on now only how well it works within the film itself, but just listening to the score on its own. It does a great job of building atmosphere but not going over the top when it comes to what emotion it is trying to create. In the track Headache, the sounds works perfectly to what is going during the film, but also just by itself, creates this overlapping of melodies, like two or three things playing at the same time.

Very effective. And recommended.

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