Turkey Day 2020 Survivors

I wanted to give a quick thanks to everyone that attended our Turkey Day Marathon yesterday. Since I started doing these little events back in 2003, I couldn’t let a little thing like a pandemic stop us from continuing the tradition. Adapt and adjust, as they say, and that’s what we did by moving it to an online streaming event. While nothing will substitute getting together in person to watch these films, at least this way did give people outside of our circle of friends the opportunity to join in the fun. And with the number of attendees around 20 throughout the day, I think it was a great success.

If you were one of the ones that attended, please make sure you send me a selfie so I can add you to the photo collage of this year’s Turkey Day Survivors! Need them ASAP, please!

I’ll have our official write up posted (hopefully) this week with all the details of our excursions into this wonderful land of misfit movies. Until then, keep Discovering the Horror!

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