Turkey Day 2020

While most call this coming Friday, the biggest commercial holiday called Black Friday, here at the Krypt, we call it Turkey Day, and have been since 2003. And this Friday will be no different. Well, maybe a little different. Because of the pandemic, we’re not able to host our usual event of screening some of the finest in cinematic shipwrecks here at the Krypt. BUT… that will not stop us from screening those movies, just this time it will be online. And everyone reading this is invited.

At 10am CST on Friday the 27th, we will commence our annual Turkey Day Marathon, which consist of 5 films (possibly 6) that I think will be not only entertaining, but give everyone a break from the madness that is all around us. The titles will not be announced ahead of time, so you’ll have to join in to find out just what devilish treats I have selected this time out. For the first 5 features, we are hitting every decade from the ’50s to the ’90s, so it will be a nice variety.

All you have to do is click the link below to join in. I will be in the screening room at 9am screening trailers so you have plenty of time to log in and make sure everything is working on your end. Below is the times for the different films in case you can’t make it from the beginning. There is a chat room as well so feel free to join in the conversation.


10am – 1st Feature (1958)
11:30am – 2nd Feature (1966)
1:15pm – 3rd Feature (1974)
2:45pm – 4th Feature (1982)
4:30pm – 5th Feature (1994)
6:15pm – Bonus Feature (1975)… if anybody is still left 

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