Turkey Day Marathon 2020

Once Halloween is over, here at the Krypt there is one thing on our mind: Turkey Day! Our bi-annual celebration of the finest in cinematic shipwrecks! I started doing these Turkey Day Marathons back in 2003, and it has slowly grown into something insane. Crazy enough that in 2015 we started Turkey Day in May, holding another onslaught of some of these gems!

But then Covid hit and in May, we couldn’t really have the usual get together. So we held our first Turkey Day online, which I think was somewhat successful. It wasn’t the same, but at least we were still able to enjoy the event. We were hoping that by November things would have calmed down, but alas, we find ourselves still in the thick of it, as they say.

Which brings us to our big announcement today. Since we’re going to have to hold our Turkey Day Marathon online once again, we have decided to open it up to the world! Now, some of you might not fully understand exactly what is our Turkey Day Marathon, so let me give you a brief summary.

As Stephen Thrower had said, “the only bad movie is a boring one”, which I agree 110%. No matter how low the budget, how shabby the acting is, how silly or ridiculous the plot might be, if you are still entertained, then it is not a bad movie. Yes, the movie might not be of any high caliber of quality, but it will be entertaining. Or at least we think so! This year will mark our 18th year holding this event, and because it will be online, we’re inviting everyone who wants to join in.

You can also head over to our Turkey Day Marathon link to the right for an overview of the films we’ve watched over the last 17 years!

I don’t have an exact lineup just yet, but even when I do, I won’t be posting it. I’ll have a scheduled posted as far as the times the films will start, but you’ll have to show up to see what juicy titles I’ve chosen to screen this year. I’m going to plan on 5 features, but we’ll see how the day goes and maybe we’ll sneak in a 6th one. I do know the first movie will start promptly at 10am on November 27th, so mark your calendar.

I’m not 100% decided on the webcasting site just yet. Last year, we used Kast which seemed to work okay, but we’re looking into another one. Once we have all the details figured out, we’ll post the details sometime before the actual event. We will probably have a test screening the weekend before, just so everyone can try and get signed in and make sure everything is working.

We hope you will join us for this. Trust me, it is much safer than holiday shopping. So stay tuned for more details.

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