Karloff on Stage!

It’s probably no secret that Boris Karloff is one my idols in the movie world. From the countless entertaining movies he appeared, to all the stories of him just being a great person in real life, he’s definitely my favorite of the horror icons. When the stage play Arsenic and Old Lace started, the role of Jonathan Brewster was played by Karloff. This was the character who stated that he killed someone because he said he looked like Boris Karloff! Karloff toured with that play for many years, but never made it to screen version.

In 1957, there was a small theatre company in Anchorage, Alaska that was trying to raise money for their company, and was going to do Arsenic to raise money. To help with that, they reached out to Karloff to see if he would reprise his role which would help them raise more money. Not only did Karloff except it, but he waved his fee, putting it towards the small company.

That same theatre company, kicks off their 67th season with the one-man show, Karloff, starring Matt Fernandez in this biographical play, which was written by Randy Bowser and directed by Devin Merilatt. It tells the story of Karloff’s life, through different moments and time periods, from his early days to his last performance.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Who has the time and money to fly out to Alaska to see this play? That’s the beauty of it… you don’t have to because this is going to be available online. The play runs starting today going through November 1st.

For all the information, just click HERE.

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