Discover the Horror … on eBay

I came across this the other day and found it pretty amusing. Here is a seller listing copies of my book for $34.95. I guess I should feel honored that someone thinks the book is worth almost twice as much as it was when it was first published. But instead I find it both sad and funny, because not only is it still available on Amazon for $20, you could also ordered it directly from me, and I’d even sign it for you, free of charge!

DtH on ebay

The reason for this post is just give a little bit of advice to eBay shoppers. Yes, you can find great deals on there, which I have ton countless times over the years. But make sure you do a bit of research before hitting that Buy-It-Now button! I’ve seen a ton of stuff on there, more recently it seems, with items that are still available on Amazon or other places, at a much cheaper price. Do yourself a favor and double check a couple other places before taking that plunge.

And again, if you’re interested in getting a copy of my book, drop me a line, or click on the image of the book to the right for more information about ordering your own copy.

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