Joel Schumacher – Rest in Peace

Joel Schumacher RIPWhile this director only worked in the horror genre a couple of times, there are many of this titles that could cross many genres. I know critics were calling his 1990 film Flatliners a medical thriller, but sorry guys, that was a horror film, woven inside a nice morality tale. And a damn fine one too. While I wasn’t that big of fan of his Batman movies, his other “thrillers” like Falling Down (1993) and Phonebooth (2002) were well done and well worth your time.

But for horror fans, it is his 1987 MTV style vampire film, The Lost Boys, that he will always be remembered by. Sure, the film plays a little dated these days, but it is still filled with some incredible sequences, creepy elements, not to mention pretty funny at times too. Kiefer Sutherland showed audiences what a young punk version of Dracula would be like and it worked.

After a year-long battle with cancer, he passed away yesterday at the age of 80. Because of his work, he will always be remembered, and for much more than giving Batman nipples. 

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