Lugosi Trivia Contest – We Have a Winner!

lugosi forgotten king 2

Thank you to everyone that sent in their answers for our little trivia contest. Before we get to the winner, let’s go over the questions. As someone pointed out, one of the questions might have been a little bit of a trick question, even though I didn’t mean it to be. The answers are:

  1. The Golem, even though, as it was pointed out to me, this was “Jewish, and was popularized by the Czechs.” So my apologies if anybody didn’t get it because of that. Granted, everyone that sent in their answers had this correct.
  2.  True. Lugosi was paid $500 a week for Dracula, for a seven-week engagement, so it was $3500 total. But for Dracula’s Daughter, due to script changes, his character was not in the film and he was paid $4000 NOT to be in it!
  3.  He was, and still is as far as we know, buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, located in Culver City, CA.

Now for the winner… Congratulations to Gary McGuire!

Thanks again for everyone that participated. I’m sure I’ll come up with another one of these at some point to keep the fun going! Thanks again to Operator 13 Productions!


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