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Yes, we are finally back, and did survive the holidays. Santa was very nice to us here at the Krypt, delivering not only one of those nice Cyberhome DVD players (the ones that are easily converted to a region free player) under our tree, but also a few nice DVD titles to add to our collection. What better way to spread holiday cheer around than to receive Zombi 3 and Zombi 4 on DVD?

But now with the new year, we should (?) be back to our normal semi-regular updates. We do have some great ideas for this site for the new year, and will hopefully bring them to light in the coming months. We are planning some more interviews, adding a couple more entries in our Hall of Fame section, more reviews, and some other fun stuff as well.

And, as always, we’d love to hear from you people out there. Tell us what you like, what you don’t, what you’d like to see (not that we’ll do it, mind you, but we will listen). Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone! Now let’s get back to work!


We are bringing back something that we use to do when we first started this site. We will be posting a shot from a movie for you to work that gray matter upstairs. Some might be easy, some might be pretty hard. But hopefully everyone will give it a try. By clicking here, a new window will open up with the photo and an email link for you to send it your guess. Good luck. This one might be a little tough.


Image has announced some more great titles that will be coming out in March. Not only more titles from the Something Weird guys, but also a very rare film. Pupi Avati’s The House with Windows that Laughed (released under the title The House with Laughing Windows) is finally coming out. This not only hasn’t been available over here (other than some pretty bad looking bootlegs), but is one that I’ve been reading and hearing about for years. Phil Hardy’s says Avati “produced one of the masterpieces of the genre, a film to rival the achievements of Mario Bava’s best work.”

The film has been restored from the original camera negative and will be in Italian, with English subtitles.  It was also feature a theatrical trailer, lobby card gallery, some behind-the-scenes information and filmographies. We are really looking forward to this release.

Another title Image is putting out worth highlighting, is Jess Franco’s Virgin Among the Living Dead. While this has been released over here, it was always the cut version. The film stars Franco regular Howard Vernon. Now this may not be the most entertaining of Franco’s work, but how about that box art? This release will contain 12 minutes of alternate footage, and liner notes by Video Watchdog’s Tim Lucas, and theatrical trailer. It will have French dialog, but with English subtitles.

MGM has also announced some more titles in their Midnight Movies double feature selections.  Titles such as Psych-Out / The Trip, Angel Unchained / Cycle Savages, Muscle Beach Party / Ski Party, and Invisible Invaders / Journey to the Seventh Planet.

But the real highlight is the release of Cry of the Banshee / Murders in the Rue Morgue. Cry will feature the 91 minute director’s cut and will include a new video interview with director Gordon Hessler. Murders will also feature a 98 minute director’s cut, which has 11 minutes of footage that was cut from the original release. Another interview with Hessler is included as well. Both films will be in 1.85:1.

For those who are not familiar with Hessler’s work, you should be. While he may not have made the best pictures, they were at least entertaining. Something that I wish I could say about today’s films.


Just as we figured, the original version of RING, directed by Hideo Nakata, will be given an American release by Dreamworks. We knew that they weren’t going to release this before their remake was out. Don’t want the general public to have something to compare it to. It will be released on March 4, under the original Japanese title Ringu, the same day that the American remake will be coming out. The best news is that it will be released in Japanese with English subtitles. Nothing worse than a poorly dubbed (isn’t that redundant?) movie. No extras have been announced for the remake DVD, other than an extended version of the images from the cursed video, but I’m sure there will be more added.


Warner Bros. will be releasing a special edition of the first Friday the 13th movie next year, but it won’t be available in the US. The disc is suppose to contain the international version of the film, along with a new documentary “Return to Crystal Lake, which will have new interviews with director Sean Cunningham, Adrienne, Betsy Palmer, and writer Victor Miller.

Apparently Paramount owns the rights for the US domestic rights and say that they have no plans for a special edition here in the US.

Well, I have heard rumors in the past that Paramount might be releasing some special editions after they put their original releases on moratorium. I wouldn’t put anything past these companies to try and squeeze every dime out of us DVD freaks. It’s almost common practice for companies to release a special edition shortly after a no-frills edition has been released and picked up by everybody and their brother. Just look at Anchor Bay and all their Evil Dead releases.


According to The Digital Bits, there might be a 3-disc special edition in the works from Warner and The Voyager Company. Nothing really has been confirmed, but the possibility looks promising for the film’s 70th year anniversary.


We were able to make it the first couple of films playing in the Mario Bava Film Festival at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago this last Monday night. Back to back, they screened new prints of Black Sunday and Black Sabbath, and they looked amazing. I would highly recommend to any fan of horror films to try and see any of the films left in the festival. I believe they are all new prints. Even though we battled millions of commuters trying to leave the city while we were going in, and getting a little lost and walking around for over an hour trying to find the right theater (directions would have help greatly, along with knowing the correct theater it was at), it was still worth the trip.

1-15-03  HAVE A POTATO!

Even though the day is almost over, in case you didn’t know, today was the birthday of Ernest Thesiger, the actor that brought life to the characters of Dr. Pretorius in Bride of Frankenstein and my personal favorite Horace Femm in The Old Dark House.

And while on the subjects of birthdays, tomorrow is the birthday of none other than John Carpenter! So sit down and watch and double feature of The Old Dark House and maybe then The Thing or The Fog.


Media Blasters has picked up the rights for Herschell Gordon Lewis’ long return to filmmaking, Blood Feast 2: All U Can Eat. I was lucky enough to catch a screening of this at the Flashback Weekend show last August and really enjoyed it. Apparently, they are planning on a lot of extras.

Media Blasters have also picked up Jess Franco’s Faceless, which stars Caroline Munro, Helmut Berger, Brigitte Lahaie, and Telly Savalas. Looking forward to both of these titles coming out.


Well, we’ve posted a new pic in the Mystery Photo section. Click here for the new photo, or the link on the Navigational Bar. The answer for the last one was The Blood Drinkers. Congrats to Chris Huziak for naming the correct movie.

1-19-03 NEW REVIEWS!

Yes, believe it or not, but we actually have some new reviews up.  We’ve been in a bit of a rut lately, but hopefully are pulling out of that.  This time out, we have reviews for Hammer’s Fear in the Night, the classic Curse of the Demon, Doomwatch and Vincent Price’s The Oblong Box. Enjoy!


While I’m not to thrilled about remakes lately, I really don’t think they could have picked a better person to play the title character in this remake of the 1971 film which originally starred Bruce Davidson. According to the IMDB, R. Lee Ermey is also in the cast. I’m assuming he’s taking on the role that Ernest Borgnine played in the original. I’m sure it’ll be entertaining because of Glover if nothing else.


While I’m still leaving the poll up for a little longer, I am very surprised (and disappointed) to see John Stanley’s Creature Features book so high in the votes. I know that it’s seems to be available in all book stores (which is why I’m hoping it’s popular), but I must say that it is riddled with errors. See my review of it in our Reference Library section for more details. Please… for the love of all things holy!


No need to get that import version of Juan Lopez Moctezuma’s Alucarda. Mondo Macabro will be releasing a version over here in the States on March 25th. It will have a new transfer from the original negative, and the Spanish soundtrack will be in stereo, which is not on the import disc. It will also have a featurette, and an written interview with the director, along with still gallery. There will also be an interview with director Guillermo del Toro about the movie. Mondo Macabro will also be releasing Jess Franco’s The Diabolical Dr. Z in the US at the end of April. This will have a new anamorphic transfer, English and subtitled French audio, as well as an documentary on Franco. There will also be a still and poster gallery.


Ventura and Rise Above Entertainment will be releasing 20 films starring the masked wrestler / actor / superhero El Santo! Look for these to start coming out in June.


Ventura and Retromedia have set a March 25 date for the release of Bill Rebane’s Blood Harvest and Don Dohler’s FiendBlood will have a photo collection and a featurette on the star Tiny Tim!  Fiend will have a still gallery, bloopers and outtakes.

They will also be releasing Voyage to the Planet of the Prehistoric Women, which will have still gallery, a featurette on Mamie Van Doren, and a 50-page reproduction of the Russian comic book adaptation of the original movie!  How’s that for an extra!

I must say that over the years, Fred Olen Ray and his company Retromedia have come a long way from putting out no-frills editions with bad prints, to putting out some great looking titles with some great extras. Keep up the great work!


Unearthed Films will be releasing Junk, the Japanese zombie movies that pays homage to just about every zombie movie ever made. That will be coming out at the end of April, and will include trailers and a photo gallery.

Mondo Crash will be releasing Invaders of Lost Gold (aka Horror Safari) on April 15th. This film starred Stuart Whitman, Woody Strode, and Laura Gemser. They will also be releasing Sergio Martino’s They’re Coming to Get You in August. This film is also know as Day of the Maniac and All of the Colors of the Dark.


La-La Land Records will be releasing Richard Band’s score for the classic film Re-Animator. This CD will feature a new digitally re-mastered score of the Stuart Gordon film, that will be in stereo for the first time. It will also have a new 14-minute interview with composer Band, as well as a fully illustrated booklet that will have liner notes from Gordon, producer Brian Yuzna, and Herbert West himself, Jeffrey Combs.

But you must act quickly, since this is only a limited edition of 3000. Plus, the first 40 people to order the disc will find their copy signed by Gordon and Band, and the next 100 customers will received one signed by Band.

They are taking pre-orders now at their website ( and it will be shipped on February 4th.

And to even top that news, they will also be releasing the excellent and rare soundtrack to Stuart Gordon’s From Beyond! This is probably one of my favorite scores out there, and is great to see it getting a release after all these years.

And in other soundtrack news, Perseverance Records have recently moved their site ( They will be releasing the soundtracks for Dr. Phibes Rises Again and the 1978 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The Phibes 30th Anniversary Edition soundtrack by John Gale will feature the rare vocal version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow and will  be available on February 20th. The release date for Invasion has not been set yet.

Prices for both of these titles are $17 and can be ordered directly from the website.


The 1974 film is going to be coming to DVD a second time, but this time fully uncut. Anchor Bay had released this on DVD before, but there were some gore scenes missing from the print. The disc did have audio commentary by producer Brian Smedley-Aston and director Jose Larraz, which I found extremely entertaining.

According to Blue Underground’s website, the disc will have an all new featurette called Return of the Vampyres, that will have recent on-camera interviews with the two stars, Marianne Morris and Anulka Dziubinska. This release is suppose to have plenty of extras, as well as having a new print from a new transfer which they say re-instates the controversial gore footage that was not in the previous release. Then again, on the Anchor Bay release, they also stated that the film was “uncut and uncensored with all its notorious sex and violence fully restored.” Let’s hope it’s not the same story. I’ve been very impressed with what Blue Underground has done so far, so let’s hope they continue it.


Once again, for people in the Chicagoland area, you don’t want to miss this rare chance to see some of Mario Bava’s greatest films on the big screen. Below are the times for the second half of the Mario Bava Film Festival being held at the Gene Siskel Film Center. At this writing, their website hasn’t been updated with the new times. These are the films and their screenings for next month.

Baron Blood – 1972
Saturday, Feb. 22nd at 4:15pm
Monday, Feb. 24th at 8:00pm

Five Dolls for an August Moon – 1970
Monday, Feb. 24th at 6:15pm
Wednesday, Feb. 26th at 8:00pm

Four Times that Night – 1972
Saturday, Feb. 8th at 6:15pm
Monday, Feb. 10th at 6:15pm

Kidnapped (aka Rabid Dogs) – 1974
Sunday, Feb. 9th, at 4:15pm
Monday, Feb. 10th at 8:00pm

Lisa and the Devil – 1972
Saturday, Feb. 8th at 8:00pm
Wednesday, Feb. 12th at 6:15pm

Planet of the Vampires – 1965
Saturday, Feb. 22nd at 6:15pm
Wednesday, Feb. 26th at 6:15pm

Roy Colt and Winchester Jack – 1970
Wednesday, Feb. 12th at 8:15pm
Saturday, Feb. 15th at 6:00pm

Twitch of the Death Nerve – 1971
Saturday, Feb. 1st at 8:15pm
Monday, Feb. 3rd at 6:00pm


As we reported earlier this month, the Gene Siskel Film Center is also having a film and lecture series called The Cinema of Horror. It will feature classics (both old and new) of the horror genre, with some screening having a lecture afterwards by Tom Gunning, Professor of Cinema & Media Studies at the University of Chicago, and the author of The Films of Fritz Lang: Allegories of Vision and Modernity. On the titles listed, he will only be giving the lectures after the Tuesday screenings. If only it was closer, I would be hitting these every week. I am going to try to make quite a few of them, so maybe we’ll see some of you out there. Here’s the titles, dates, and times:

Nosferatu (1922)
Tuesday, Jan. 28th at 6:00pm

The Mummy (1932)
Friday, Jan. 31st at 8:00pm
Tuesday, Feb. 4th at 6:00pm

The Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
Friday, Feb. 7th at 6:15pm and again at 7:45pm
Tuesday, Feb. 11th at 6:00pm

The Black Cat (1934)
Friday, Feb. 14th at 6:00pm
Tuesday, Feb. 18th at 6:00pm

Cat People (1942)
Friday, Feb. 21st at 6:15pm and again at 8:00pm
Tuesday, Feb. 25th at 6:00pm

Avant-Garde Program – This program features 5 short films from Maya Deren and Kenneth Anger
Friday, Feb. 28th at 8:00pm
Tuesday, Mar. 4th at 6:00pm

The following features do not have the times listed yet, but just the dates for now.  We will post them when we get them.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) – March 7th and 11th.
The Birds (1963) – March 14th, and 18th.
Shivers (1975) – March 21st and 25th
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) – April 4th, and 8th.
The Shining (1980) – April 11th and 15th.
Videodrome (1983) – April 18th and 22nd.
In the Mouth of Madness – (1995) – April 25th and 29th.
The Ring (2002) – May 2nd and 6th.


For fans of the Phantasm series, you may want to check out this Sunday’s episode of the TV series Alias. Angus Scrimm will be in this one, interrogating Rutger Hauer.


We have posted a new picture in our Mystery Photo. This one is from a scary little film 70’s. Congrats to Steven Millan for naming our last one correctly. It was from Hammer’s Fear in the Night, starring Judy Geeson, Peter Cushing, and Ralph Bates.


New Line’s remake of Willard will be hitting the theaters on March 14th. They now have the official site up and running. Click or go to

New Line has also moved back their guaranteed money maker Freddy vs Jason back from a summer release, to a possible fall release.

After years (yes, it has been years) of playing the waiting game, and after three different distributors, Rob Zombie’s directorial debut, House of 1000 Corpses will be hitting theaters on April 11th. Let’s hope it’ll be worth the wait…


Rumors are floating around about a possible new entry in the JAWS series. Apparently the script from the two who wrote Deep Blue Sea (Duncan Kennedy and Donna Powers) has gotten Universal interested enough to start doing some tests at Universal Studios, with a possible title of Jaws: Resurface or Jaws: The Return. Personally I’d be all over another killer shark movie. And being that I did enjoy Deep Blue Sea, hopefully they can repeat the success and not turn out something like the last Jaws film.


There’s also news of a new version of Stephen King’s vampire novel will start production in Australia this April. Not much other info, other than Mikael Salomon might be in the director’s chair.


Anchor Bay Entertainment has acquired the DVD rights to Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes, and intend to release a deluxe 2-disc set in September. It will have a new remastered transfer and DTS soundtracks. While no specific extras have been confirmed, they hope to have audio commentaries, onscreen interviews and more. Let’s hope that they include the one and only Michael Berryman for all of that.

And while on the subject of DVD releases, Blue Underground has announced the specs and covers for their two upcoming George Romero releases, The Crazies and Two Evil Eyes (co-directed by Argento).

The special 2-disc set for Two Evil Eyes will contain interviews with both Romero and Dario Argento, as well as Tom Savini, Executive Producer Claudio Argento, and Asia Argento (?), and star Adrienne Barbeau. There will also be a special behind-the-scenes look at the films special effects of Savini, as well as a tour of his home. The set will also have a theatrical trailer, poster and still gallery, and talent bios.

For The Crazies, it will feature audio commentary by Romero, The Cult Film Legacy of Lynn Lowry featuring an interview with Lowry, trailers, tv spots, poster and still gallery, and Romero Bio.


Here are a few covers and details of some upcoming titles from Shriek Show.

Umberto Lenzi’s Black Demons (aka Demoni 3) will be hitting DVD, uncut and digitally re-mastered for the first time in the States. The disc will feature an interview with director Lenzi.

Another Lenzi film being released is Spasmo. This will also feature an interview with the director, hopefully not the same one that is on Black Demons.

And lastly, they will be releasing the cult film Werewolf Woman (aka Legend of the Wolf Woman and about a dozen other titles). If you have not seen this film, it’s one of the cult classic that you couldn’t forget if you tried, and that’s just the opening sequence! I’m hoping that this will be the uncut version, but there is nothing listed on their site in regards to it. One can hope. But for some reason, the DVD is coming with two different covers. One is basically from one of the original video releases, while the other one used the same style but updated it using real photos, and you can definitely tell the difference. Don’t really understand why they would go through the trouble of that when the original is a lot better, and probably more preferred.


Well, we’ve updated out Mystery Photo once again. Thanks for everybody who played this time around. The lucky winners (not that we have a prize or anything) were Stephen Weakley, Rick Lassiter, R. Strother, and Chris Huziak. Let’s see if you guys can continue the trend…


As we’ve mentioned here before, at the Gene Siskel Film Center, there is a film screening / lecture series, called The Cinema of Horror. Each week on Tuesday, they show a film and then it’s followed by a lecture by one of the film professors from the school. I’ve decided to try and make all of them. If anything, it’s a chance to see some of these great films on the big screen.

But also, I’m going for the lectures to see what interesting things I can learn… or laugh at. My plan is to post a little review or comments on each week’s screening in our Kryptic Ramblings section. This week’s entry is about The Mummy.

I would hope that you will read our thoughts and send in your own feelings or beliefs on the subject. If you’ve read our Psycho-Babble section, you pretty much know our outlook on this type of film theory. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t give you a chance to express your own point, whether it be agreeing or disagreeing with us. We welcome all comments.


Figure this one out… After being at the theaters for only a couple of weeks, Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment has already announced the release date for the DVD of Darkness Falls. It will hit the streets on April 29th, only 2 1/2 months away. No details on the extras yet, but it does make you wonder why they’re dumping it so fast to video. Plus there’s talk of a sequel??? What am I missing here?


Fangoria recently posted part of an interview with Fran Walsh, wife and writing partner of Peter Jackson. She talked about what they have lined up after the last entry in the Lord of the Rings trilogy is done. Apparently, they are still planning on that remake of King Kong, but that is on the back burner. Their next project is another film like their Heavenly Creatures. It is a story based on real life events around New Zealand doctor who believed that gender could be an assigned trait. And to test his theory, he switched the sex of an eight-month old baby boy to a girl, after a circumcision went bad. The child was raised as a girl that apparently didn’t end too well.


While everyone out may not have read Mary Shelly’s novel, we have all seen one or more movie versions of her novel, Frankenstein at some point in time. Whether it be James Whale’s version, Kenneth Branagh’s, or one of the many films that Hammer put out, we know the basic story of what’s going on.

So my question is a simple one. What do you feel the meaning behind the story is? I want to hear what real horror fans think about this!

I will list a couple of different theories that I have heard over the years. Read them over and see if you agree or disagree with any or all of them. Do you have any ideas of your own? Trust me, your ideas couldn’t be more outrageous or outlandish then what I’ve heard before.

  1. It’s about making a person deal with the consequences of his actions, and making him responsible for them, or at least being held accountable for those actions.
  2. It is man’s attempt to eliminate the use or need of women.
  3. It is man’s attempt to become god-like.
  4. It is suppose to teach you not to judge people on their appearance.
  5. Frankenstein’s monster is symbolizing an outsider, someone not of the normality of society… an outcast.
  6. A mad scientist creates a creature from dead body parts… end of story.

Come on people, let’s see what you can come up with.  Crazy or not, we want to hear it!


This cult Spanish filmmaker passed away on Feb. 5th at the age of 63 from cancer. While some might not recognize or remember the name, but Cardona Jr., as well as his father, were involved in some great films of the 60’s and 70’s. The most well known film was Night of the Bloody Apes, which Cardona Jr. co-scripted with his father, who directed the film. But Cardona Jr. had also directed his fair share of classic films, such as Tintorera and Night of a Thousand Cats.


While their release of Re-Animator: The Definitive Edition is now shipping, La-La Land Records is now announcing their latest limited edition release, Wes Craven Presents: They! The score is by Elia Cmiral, who past works include Ronin and Stigmata.

The release will feature a fully illustrated booklet that will have a composer bio and notes about the film. There will only be a pressing of 3000 units, with each disc being hand-numbered. The disc will retail for $14.98, plus shipping and handling, and has a running time of 41:01 minutes. It will start shipping on Feb. 21. If you act now, the first 100 discs ordered from their website, will be autographed by the composer!


With people like Tim Burton and Rob Zombie pulling their favorite stars from yesteryear to be in their new movies, why has nobody in Hollywood thought of the legendary Paul Naschy to be in their latest horror film! Well, I guess we have the next best thing.

Naschy will make his American film debut in Countess Dracula’s Orgy of Blood, from writer / director Don Glut. This will be a sequel to Glut’s The Erotic Rites of Countess Dracula, and will start shooting in March. Genre veteran William Smith will return as Count Dracula.

According to Glut, “Naschy will play Padre Jacinto, who appears in an 1897 Old West flashback and later on as a ghost haunting Lord Ruthven. I’m really excited about working with Naschy. I’m a big fan. And this will be his first North American movie, as well as his first trip to California. Fred Olen Ray will probably also use him while he‘s here in a new horror movie he’s shooting.”

While it is nice to see him finally coming to American, it’s a shame it’s not for a little bit bigger production. Hopefully, it will be worth the wait.


Here’s some news for just about everybody.  On May 6th, Columbia will be releasing It Came from Beneath the Sea. After some underwater bomb testing, a giant sea monster rises to the surface in search of food, off the coast of San Francisco. Starring Kenneth Tobey, Lesley Joyce, and John Carter, who do battle with the giant beast, which was created by effects master Ray Harryhausen. The print will be a newly remastered, Anamorphic widescreen transfer. No details if there are any other extras.

The following month, Pathfinder Home Entertainment will release The Monster Club on DVD. This was one of the lesser successful British anthology films that came out in 1980. It was directed by Roy Ward Baker, and stars Donald Pleseance, Patrick Magee and Stuart Whitman in the three tales of terror. In the wraparound story, John Carradine plays author R. Chetwynd-Hayes (who’s works all the stories are based on) is invited to a party by a vampire, played by Vincent Price. The disc will feature audio commentaries, bios and trailers, with possibly more. While not one of the better anthology films to come of Britian, it’s still worth watch. Though you may want to past over the filler in-between the stories.

And lastly, on September 23rd, we will finally be able to see the long awaited 3rd installment in the adventures of Herbert West in Beyond Re-Animator. Lions Gate will be releasing this latest Brian Yuzna film, but no definite word yet as to the rating. No details on what extras will be on the disc either. Of course Jeffrey Combs returns as West, along with Spanish superstar Santiago Segura joining the cast. Since I was completely disappointed in Yuzna’s Faust, I can only hope and pray this will be better.


It seems that Edward Furlong has been signed to play the lead in the next installment of The Crow series. Entitled The Crow: Wicked Prayer, and directed by Lance Mungia, Furlong’s character is a young man who is killed, along with his girlfriend, by a gang of Satanist bikers. Where’s Al Adamson when you really need him??? What a joke.

In other movie news, Brad Anderson, who gave us the highly underrated (and unknown) film Session 9, will tackling his first major studio film with Lucid for Warner Bros. It is a psychological thriller about a woman who can’t tell her real life from her dream world. The script was written by Anderson as well. Being that I’m a big fan of Session 9, we’re looking forward to this one.


The English translation to the famous book that started a new horror craze in Japan will be hitting the states in April. The novel, by Koji Suzuki, has been translated by Robert B. Rohmer and Glynne Walley, and will be first published in a hardcover edition with a paperback version to follow. The book is being published by a new company called Vertical, who also has the option to publish Suzuki’s other novels Spiral and Loop.


For as long as I’ve been a fan of movies, I’ve been a fan of their soundtracks. As most movie fans know, the music in a movie can play such an important role in the whole movie watching experience. There have been some movies that according to some critics were made great by the music alone. While I don’t agree 100% to that theory, I do agree that a good musical score can add quite a bit to the final product. When you think of films like Psycho, Jaws, The Omen, or Halloween, the music is just as popular as anything else in the movie.

For me personally, when you listen to a soundtrack, it can actually bring back the emotions that you were experiencing while watching the movie, almost as if you were watching it all over again. And that is the main reason why I collect them.

I’ve wanted to have a section of this site reviewing soundtracks for some time, but like a lot of ideas, never seemed to make it off the drawing board. But this has changed. Our goal with this section to give you some insight to some of scores out there that we consider to be worth getting, or maybe avoiding all together. As always, this is just our opinion.


We have posted a new photo for everybody to dwell over. Last photo was from the much underrated, and highly recommend Session 9. If you haven’t seen it, seek it out… it is worth it. The correct answers were sent in from Rick Lassiter and Chris Huziak. Keep it up!


Sorry to say, but the lecture this past week at the Gene Siskel Film Center just wasn’t as exciting as the last couple, so there’s no new commentary by yours truly. They screened the film The Black Cat, which starred Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff. Next week is the original Cat People so hopefully they can come up with some interesting stuff.

Although, tomorrow we will be at the Film Center to catch two great Mario Bava films, Baron Blood and Planet of the Vampires!


For one of the men truly responsible for Universal’s Horror reign back in the 30’s, Jack Pierce was really only known from the fans of the horror genre or in the make up field. For the guy who basically created the look for all the classic monsters, Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Wolf Man, not to mention many others, he really didn’t get the awards or recognition that he deserved back then.

Well, 35 years after his death, he finally is getting an award. At the fourth annual Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Awards, Pierce received a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award, held this past Monday. The ceremony will be shown on TV this Saturday (the 22nd) at 9pm on the Style Network.

3-1-03  SO….WE FORGOT…

I had wondered why nobody has attempted a guess at the Mystery Photo, then realized that it that I had never changed the picture. Well it’s been changed, and the people responsible for that have been sacked. It’s a bit harsh, but I’m sure my son will find another job out there somewhere.

We have also updated out little poll up top, in case you didn’t see. This is a simple one, just to let us know which parts of our site that people enjoy and use the most. Please take a second and cast your vote. The results for the Reference Book Poll are below. I must say that I am very sorry to see John Stanley’s book so high up in the poll. Miss-information is a terrible thing for a reference book. Be smart… don’t take one book’s opinion for granted. I was like that many years ago, and it kept me from watching some films that I now love.

Overlook Film Encyclopedia – Phil Hardy – 21%
Psychotronic Encyclopedia – Michael Weldon – 21%
Creature Features – John Stanley – 16%
Other – 16%
Print is Dead – 11%
Splatter Movies – John McCarty – 8%
The A-Z of Horror Films – Howard Maxford – 5%
Terror on Tape – James O’Neill – 3%
Essential Monster Movie Guide – Stephen Jones – 0%
Horrorshows – Gene Wright – 0%


We will have some new reviews in the next few days. First will be in our Soundtrack Review section, and will be for the recently released Re-Animator: The Definitive Edition and They, from La-La Land Records. So far we have been pretty impressed with the scores, and are finishing up our reviews for them.

We also will have some new book reviews up in our Library section too. The first one is for the original edition of Horror Film Stars by Michael R. Pitts. The second one is for Jay Slater’s Eaten Alive! Italian Cannibal and Zombie Movies. Stay tuned!


Well, while we are going through some drastic convention withdrawal, we figured we’d list some of the upcoming shows that we are planning on hitting this year.



There are some great titles being announced lately. Blue Underground will be releasing the Jess Franco / Christopher Lee film The Bloody Judge this June. Also known as Night of the Blood Monster, this version will feature the most complete print “ever presented”. Granted it doesn’t say Uncut, but we can hope. It will also have a featurette, trailers, and more TBA.

Media Blasters’ Shriek Show division will be putting out two classic Italian films that I am very excited about. The first one is The Virgin of Nuremberg, directed by Antonio Margheriti, and also starring Christopher Lee. And then there is The Devil’s Wedding Night, which stars Rosalba Neri and Mark Damon. These two titles are a must for any serious collector. Great news, indeed!

And then for fans of El Santo will be happy to hear that Rise Above Entertainment will be releasing a bunch of those films on DVD, which will be subtitled in English for the first time. Expect to see titles like Santo in the Treasure of Dracula, Santo vs. Frankenstein’s Daughter, Santo and Blue Demon vs. Dr. Frankenstein, Santo in the Vengeance of the Mummy, and the newest film in the series Santo: Infraterrestre, which has a new actor as Santo.


Apparently, during the closing credits for the remake of Willard, the song Ben is played. But this version is sung by the star Crispin Glover! Plus, Glover just finished directing the music video, which also stars fellow Willard co-star R. Lee Ermey. This is one video that I can’t wait to see. The film opens up on March 14th.


Dario Argento will start shooting his newest film this month (10th). The film is called The Card Player, and was suppose to star Asia Argento, but that apparently has fallen through. Can’t say that I’m disappointed. Nothing against Asia, but the films that she starred in that her father directed were… shall we say not some of his best work….

The new film is said to be about a serial killer who taunts the police through the internet. If it’s as good as Sleepless, I will be a happy man.  One can only hope.


Okay, I’m really confused now.  They have announced the nominations for this year’s Saturn Awards, which includes an entry for Best Horror Film.  Here are the nominations:

Blade 2
Eight Legged Freaks
Queen of the Damned
Resident Evil
The Ring

Eight Legged Freaks? Queen of the Damned? You’ve got to be kidding me! Who the hell voted for these? Okay, while I don’t agree with all of the choices, but was that really the best of 2002? Come on people, let’s here some other titles that should have been nominated! Post your opinions on our Message Board. For full details of all the nominations, check out the Cinescape site.


We were sent this website by our buddy Will, and I must say, if I had the cash, I’d be placing a huge order with them. I’ve always wanted a Coffin Table. Check them out – Casket Furniture


We’ve recently seen the American version of The Ring. For our feelings of this latest remake, check out our Kryptic Ramblings.

And speaking of our Ramblings, we haven’t added anything from our weekly film lectures for a couple of reasons. One is that I didn’t make it this last week due to a snow storm. The other reason is as before, that nothing really interesting or outrageous came out of the lecture or discussions. Maybe next week…


Congrats again to the usual suspects in guessing the correct movie from our Mystery Photo. They were Rick Lassiter, Chris Huziak, and Stephen Weakley. A new one has been posted. The previous pic was from the 1979 Sergio Martino film Island of the Fishmen, which was changed a bit and released over here as Screamers.


Well, even though Dog Soldiers broke the pattern, I still don’t like this. But this June, the Sci-Fi channel will be airing Brian Yuzna’s Beyond Re-Animator. No doubt that the gore and stuff will not be in the version shown. But it will be coming out on DVD, in an unrated version, on September 23rd. Still doesn’t make sense to me.


And speaking of Re-Animator, we have also added two new reviews in our new Soundtrack Review section. For the new release of Re-Animator: The Definitive Edition, and also They. Check them out.


It looks like Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses may be getting a wider theatrical release than first announced. Due to the fact that the advance screenings of the movie have been very positive, Lion’s Gate has increased the release from 10 markets to 50. What that means is that it will be playing in a lot more theaters than just the art houses.


As reported earlier, Paul Naschy is in the States for a part in Donald F. Glut’s film Countess Dracula’s Orgy of Blood. And while here, he will also be having a bit role in Fred Olen Ray’s movie The Unliving. Scheduled to start shooting March 17th, Naschy will be dusting off his most famous role, that of the tormented werewolf, Waldemar Daninsky. According to Ray, “I went to everyone on this show and said, ‘I want Paul Naschy to look just as the fans remember him. The werewolf makeup is going to be exactly as it was in the Spanish films, although it did change often from one to another, and our people are working from videotapes of the old movies. No modern interpretation going on here—I guarantee it.” We’re hoping for the best for Naschy and both of these projects. Though… the fact that Michelle Bauer is going to be in The Unliving too is not giving us a good feeling…


Well, it looks like they’ve finally found somebody to helm another senseless remake. Zack Snyder, former music video director, is going to be behind the camera. Not that it could get any worse (but they keep trying), the script by James Gunn will have a “younger cast” than the original film. Can we say Scream???


Adding another great title (didn’t say great film though) to their DVD lineup, Synapse Films will be releasing the 1978 classic film The Incredible Melting Man on DVD late this year. Granted not the best film out there, but I’ve also found it pretty entertaining. Not to mention the cool and gooey effects by a young Rick Baker. No word on any extras at this earlier stage, but May is hoping to have some input by Baker.

Now if we can only get that Octaman special edition DVD…


Just when it seemed that Dario Argento was the only one keeping the Italian film industry alive (well…sort of), here is a shitload of great news from over there!


First up, Stivaletti is planning a remake of the classic film The Golem. This story, based on a Jewish Myth about a rabbi who creates a man made out of clay to save his people, had been filmed many times in the early days of filmmaking. Stivaletti wants to update his version to be in a modern day Prague, and would also like to have Bruce Campbell star in the film. It’s been quite a while since Stivaletti’s first and last film, Wax Mask, which we enjoyed quite a bit. Hopefully we can see more of what he’s got in him, besides his incredible effects work.


Bava is said to start directing a new horror movie in London this September, but that is all the details that are known at the moment.


Cozzi, another Argento protégé, is also set to direct a new horror movie called Guardian of Evil, which he also wrote. The story is about a group of young tourist in Rome who come across an ancient talisman that could start the end of the world. Fangoria reports that the prop Cozzi is using for the old relic is the Anubis cross that Lucio Fulci had built for his remake of The Mummy that never happened. Did I miss that one? I don’t remember Fulci ever being attached to a mummy movie???


And now for the details about Dario Argento’s latest film, it is called The Card Player, and stars Stefania Rocca (which was original suppose to be Argento’s daughter Asia) as a cop who is trying to find a serial killer called the Card Player. The killer has Rocca play poker over the internet with the killer. If she loses, the killer does in one of his victims via webcam. Rocca’s character teams up with Liam Cunningham (Dog Soldiers) to search for the killer.

Argento told Fango, “The Card Player is something I’ve never done before—a complete police procedural focusing on forensic science but laced with spaghetti Western imagery.” While Asia will not be in it, Argento’s other daughter, Fiore will be. You might remember her from Phenomena and Demons. Sergio Stivaletti will also be handling the effects, such as the postmortem bodies and such.

After completing this film, Argento will then start back up production on Dark Glasses, which was the giallo that was postponed last year when the producer went bankrupt. The film is about a prostitute who, right after adopting a Chinese orphan boy, is blinded in an accident. They then try and track down the nutcase who is behind a bunch of prostitutes being murdered.

But then the big news is that after Dark Glasses, Argento is talking about returning to the area of the supernatural with his next film. No real word if he’s going to finished the Three Mothers trilogy, but says, “It’s time for me to make another supernatural story in the tradition of Inferno. When I was in a deep depression over the Dark Glasses fiasco, I had a dream that I was visited by my late father Salvatore. And his presence inspired the story. It’s about a young boy—me, I think, from years ago—and will be a fusion of autobiography, horror and fantasy.” We can hope!


But as cool as all that Argento news is, the real bit of news that got me excited was hearing about the return of Michele Soavi. His last film, Dellamorte Dellamore, is probably one of the best Italian horror films. Soavi had dropped out of the industry for a few years due to sick child, but has been responsible for some popular TV movies over the last five years. But now it looks like he’s moving back to the theaters. First he will be doing Goodbye My Love, Goodbye, which is based on the best selling novel by Massimo Carlotto, which is said to be a dark thriller.

Gianni Romoli, who wrote the scripts for Arengto’s Trauma, as well as Soavi’s The Sect and Dellamorte Dellamore (even producing the latter). Well, apparently he is one of Italy’s top producers, and wants Soavi back to feature films, and is giving him the choice of two scripts of his.

The first one is called Meridian Demons and is about Italian vampires who can attack during siesta hours when people are sleeping (?). Sounds strange. But the really cool sounding one is a remake of the 1941 film The Iron Crown. It is a sword and sorcery adventure in the 13th century, where there is a battle over an iron crown that is magical, because it was said to be made from a nail that was used to nail Jesus to the cross. Producer Romoli told Fango, “I want Michele to direct what will be one of the most expensive Italian productions ever. I intend to increase the fantasy, horror and spectacle, because the original picture was very much a product of its political time. It’s the Italian Lord of the Rings, and I know it’s just perfect for Michele.” Now that would be really cool.  In either case, it would just be great to see Soavi back into making feature films. Let’s hope for the best.


As much as I bitch about Fangoria, I still cast my votes for their awards, if only to maybe keep some of the usual Hollywood drivel from winning. Click here to see a list of their nominations this year. It will have a complete listing of the categories, along with the choices.  Just cut and paste it into an email, and eliminate the other choices. But one point I would like to make, when putting your nomination for the entry into their Hall of Fame, please suggest the one and only Herschell Gordon Lewis. For the man responsible for the gore film, we are all indebted to him for his work. Let’s try and show him what we think of him while he’s still alive!


Okay, I think I stumped a few of the regulars with this last one. It was from Kiss of the Tarantula. The ones with the correct answers this time were Shonna Currie and Stephen Weakley. This new one might be even a little bit harder. I’ll give you a hint: it’s a British film. Enjoy! Click here for the photo!


We have also have a new poll at the top of the page, in case you didn’t see it. If you don’t know who Gridler is, you’ve most likely at least heard of some of his movies. Grizzly? Three on a Meathook? The Manitou? And if you still don’t know who he is, then you have some homework to do.


Robert Englund has recently been added to the guest lineup for this years Flashback Weekend. I’m sure Englund will be there promoting the Freddy VS Jason movie. Along with Englund, the guests will also include Kevin McCarthy, P.J. Soles, Ken Foree, Michael Berryman, Bill Moseley, Tom Sullivan, and more. If you missed the show last year, don’t make the same mistake this year!


It looks like the remake of Creature from the Black Lagoon may surface after all of these years of rumors. Tedi Sarafian, who wrote the screenplay for Terminator 3, will apparently be writing the script for this latest remake, coming from Universal Studios. It’s still up in the air if Guillermo Del Toro will be directing or not. One can only hope that he is not only able to do it, but also have the control that he should have. If that happens, I’m sure we can’t lose.


With Underworld, the Ginger Snaps sequels, and the recent Dog Soldiers, it seems that the werewolf is the new hot topic for Hollywood. It seems that the celebs, both old and new and has-beens, was coming on board for the Wes Craven film Cursed. Christina Ricci has joined the cast, which already includes (NEW) Scott Foley, Omar Epps, Judy Greer, lleana Douglas, Kristina Anapau, (OLD) Robert Forester and James Brolin, (HAS-BEENS) Corey Feldman and Scott Baio.

To be honest, the only thing that is keeping looking for this one is Rick Baker doing the makeup effects. Since he hasn’t done a werewolf since the amazing An American Werewolf in London (and yes, we are ignoring Wolf), it should be interesting what he can come up with.


We’re still scratching our heads about this one, but Tobe Hooper might be directing parts 4 and 5 for this zombie series. To be quite honest, this isn’t peaking any interests from me. It just doesn’t sound right. Does anybody remember that crocodile movie Hooper made a couple of years ago? Hopefully I’m wrong about this one, but we’ll have to wait and see.


On Friday, May 9th at 10pm, the WE channel (Women’s Entertainment Television) will be airing an original documentary called Night Bites. This will be on the history of vampires in the media and why the appeal is so strong to female viewers. They will have interviews with people like Buffy Ex. Producer Marti Noxon, Blade scriptor David S. Goyer, authors Anne Rice and Nancy Collins, and director John Landis, along with talking to some of the fans of that sub-genre. I’m sure I’m going to be able to get some great stuff for my Psycho-Babble section here!


This August, MGM will be releasing the underrated haunted house movie Burnt Offerings on DVD. The movie features a family renting an old house for the summer which has a strange past. Starring a bunch of genre faves like Oliver Reed, Karen Black, Bette Davis, and Burgess Meredith. The DVD will have an audio commentary by the director Dan Curtis, star Karen Black, and writer William F. Nolan.


Rumors of a special edition DVD of John Carpenter’s take on the Stephen King novel are about. Nothing definite, but possible commentaries, documentary, and more are possible.


I loved the movie The Prophecy. I thought it was a great and original movie, with some incredible acting. I was also very disappointed with the first sequel to it. So much so, that I never bothered with the 3rd entry in the series.

Well, apparently the producers are not stopping there, but are planning two more entries in the series. The plot deals with some angels seeking out an ancient manuscript that ends up in the hands of a young woman, played by Kari Wuhrer. But with this cast lined up, I may have to bite the bullet and rent it anyway when it comes out. Along with Wuhrer, Lance Henriksen, Doug Bradley, and Sean Pertwee will be joining the cast.

Also, while Tremors: The Series breaks ground on TV this March, courtesy of the Sci-Fi Channel, the latest straight to video feature has just finished filming. Except this time out, it’s a prequel, with it taking place back in the same town of Perfection, but back in 1899. Michael Gross is the only one returning for this one, playing his great-grandfather who is in owner of a local silver mine that is closed down due to the graboids. KNB EFX did the creature effects for both the series and this prequel.


Of course, since the American remake of Hideo Nakata’s Ringu did so well, are we not surprised that the remake rights to his first film, Don’t Look Up (aka Ghost Actress) have been picked up by Distant Horizon. The worst part of the news is when Distant Horizon says it’s planning using a “top horror screenwriter” for the project. Gee… didn’t know there were screenwriters who didn’t care to by typecasts. Must be just the actors.


When the news of Dario Argento returning to a supernatural element in the film after his two current projects, The Card Player and Dark Glasses, the fans all hoped that it would finally be the last installment of the Three Mothers Trilogy. Well, it seems that the fans are going to get their wish. At the Flesh & Blood Festival, Alan Jones confirmed that Argento will finally complete the series that he started many years ago with Suspiria. Now I wonder if he have Daria Nicolodi co-write it with him, like the first two entries???

In other Argento news, former Goblin member, Claudio Simonetti, will be composing the soundtrack for the film that Argento is currently working on, The Card Player. That is suppose to hit Italy this fall, so maybe we can expect to see it the first of next year???


Once again, George over at DVD DRIVE-IN has come through with some great news for us DVD fans from MGM, including some AWESOME double features that will be coming out.  Here’s the details on those first:

The Vampire Lovers / Countess Dracula – Finally coming out over here for the first time ever, this print of Hammer’s The Vampire Lovers (1.85:1) not only has the restored footage that was in the VHS tape that MGM put out last year, but also the full-frontal nude shot of Ingrid Pitt coming out of the bathtub. Now, it may sound like that we are excited about the nude footage, but really we are just happy that the movie will finally be released with all those scenes that were missing…. no really, we are, honest! But that’s not all. There will also be an audio commentary with the director Roy Ward Baker, screenwriter Tudor Gates, and Ingrid Pitt, as well as a still gallery, trailer, and excerpts from the original story “Carmilla” read by Pitt.

The Countess Dracula (1.66:1) print will be the uncensored British cut, and will also include commentary by Director Peter Sasday, screenwriter Jeremy Paul, and Pitt. It will also have the trailer.

This is great news for us Hammer fans.  I’ve been waiting for an uncut print of The Vampire Lovers to come out since I got hooked on Hammer Films! Plus, like a lot of the commentaries on these Hammer DVDs, it’s great to hear about how the films were made at that time.  Very, very different than today.

Comedy of Terrors / The Raven – Both films will be in beautiful 2.35:1 ratio! There will also be an interviews with screenwriter Richard Matheson, director Roger Corman, trailers, and a rare promotional record featuring the voices of Karloff, Lorre, and Paul Frees. For those out there that haven’t seen these two films, we would not only highly recommend them, but would say that they are a must in any serious fan’s collection.  While they are no means horror films, they feature some of the best actors in the genre making great fun of themselves. I’ve always enjoyed the eulogy that Karloff gives in Comedy. Great stuff here, folks.

The Haunted Palace / Tower of LondonThe Haunted Palace is released in a new high definition transfer, and in 2.35:1 which is the first time it will be released on the home video market in the original widescreen ratio. It will also come with an interview with director Roger Corman and trailer. Tower of London (1962) will be in 1.66:1, and will have an interview with producer Gene Corman, and trailer.

The Tomb of Ligeia / An Evening of Edgar Allan PoeTomb will be in 2.35:1, and feature two different audio commentaries. The first one is with director Roger Corman, and the second is with star Elizabeth Shepherd and film historian David Del Valle (which was taken from the Image laserdisc). It will also have the trailer. Evening is a great little made-for-tv show that features Price acting out 4 different stories from Edgar Allan Poe, including Tell-Tale Heart. This is a great little addition, since it really shows off Price and his acting ability. This is definitely a must!

Some other double feature discs that MGM have coming out also include Poltergeist II (2.35:1) & III (1.85:1), Ghoulies 1 & 2 (both films in 1.85:1), and Troll & Troll 2 (both in 1.85:1). They will also all have trailers.

And now for some of MGM single feature DVD titles that are coming out, they once again have also come up with some great ones.

Squirm – According to director Jeff Lieberman, the newly re-mastered print is absolutely stunning. This has a new high definition transfer (1.85:1), and is the original uncut version. It also will have an audio commentary by Lieberman. It should be out at the end of August.

Raw Meat (aka Deathline) – Starring Donald Pleasence, this film was never released over here in the states, this will feature the uncut British version, which as some extra gory stuff that was cut from the American theatrical release. It will also be in 1.85:1.

The Howling: Special Edition – This one will have an all new 48 minute documentary, the commentary track from the Image laserdisc, deleted scenes, outtakes, trailers, and more.

The Ghoul: 70th Anniversary Restored Edition – Great news for us Karloff fans, this film was not only pretty hard to find over here, it was usually the cut version. Now, after using the film’s original 35mm elements from the British Film Institute, and using a digital restoration process to clean up the film and sound, this release will be better than any other print before.

I, Madman – This very underrated horror film will now be coming out in a 1.85:1 transfer, including the trailer. Shame they couldn’t get some input from Randall Cook, who not only did the makeup for the main character Malcolm Brand, but also played him as well.

Clownhouse – Victor Salva’s first feature film. It will be presented in 1.85:1, along with a trailer.


Next month, there are quite a few birthdays that calls for (or excuses for) watching some great movies. So on the appropriate day (or whenever) break out some of their films, raise a glass, and enjoy one of their many great films. Here’s the breakdown, with some of our suggestions as what to watch:

Lon Chaney Sr.: April 1st – Phantom of the Opera (of course), The Penalty, The Unknown

Andrew Keir: April 3rd – Quatermass and the Pit, Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb, Dracula: Prince of Darkness

Anthony Perkins: April 4th – Psycho, Psycho 2, Psycho 3, Edge of Sanity

Roger Corman: April 5th – Do we really need to list anything here?


We’re also hoping to have quite a few more reviews up in the few days, including a review of the recently released soundtrack of Dr. Phibes Rises Again from Perseverance Records. The real world has been keeping us busy recently, so we’re trying to get caught up.  Stay tuned!

4-1-03  LESLIE CHUNG – R.I.P.

As much as we’d like to say that this is a bad April Fool’s joke, it seems that it is the real thing. Actor / singer Leslie Cheung was found dead today of an apparent suicide. Cheung is one of the first HK stars that I became familiar with after seeing him in A Chinese Ghost Story, as well as John Woo’s A Better Tomorrow. He was also in the excellent The Bride with White Hair, among many other great films. This is truly a shame. He was only 46 years old.


Well, since I’ve seemed to have stumped everyone on this one, I’ve made it a little bit easier…I think. The last pic from Peter Walker’s Schizo. Not one of Walker’s best, but still a good movie. Check out the new one and see if you can’t come up with this one.


While we’re still working on a bunch of new reviews, here are a few to keep you busy. We’ve gotten our review up for Perseverance Records’ release of Dr. Phibes Rises Again soundtrack, as well as a review for an older low-budget video called The Strangeness.


Okay folks, listen up! We are thinking of doing something a little different for a trivia contest. Pretty simple really, but we’ll see what you think. As some of you might have noticed, we do have a chat room here at the Krypt. But it’s probably gotten used as much as showers at a Star Trek convention. So what I was thinking was having a trivia contest in the chat room.

Here’s how it would work. I would set a date and time for the contest. Everybody who wanted to give it a chance would show up at that time. Then, I would type in a question. The first person to answer correctly, would get a point. After so many questions, maybe 20 or so, the one with the most points would win.

And just what would the winning prize be??? How about a copy of Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore book by Randy Palmer, signed by both Lewis and Connie Mason? I’m sure we could come up with a couple of items for 2nd and 3rd place. How does that sound to everybody out there? Give us some feedback.


As we all knew, Rob Zombie’s long awaited film House of 1000 Corpses finally opened on Friday. According to Box Office Prophets, it gross $3.4 million for it’s first weekend, which puts it in at #7. Though, if they’re posting this on Sunday evening, how does that take in the money made from Sunday night screenings? But the real news is that with a very limited marketing campaign, and only opening in 595 screens, where Anger Management opened in 3551 screens, the venue average put Zombie’s film really in the #2 spot. Congrats to Rob and company!


We do have two new Reviews up. The first one is for William Girdler’s classic Three on a Meathook, and the second one is for a low-budget short film called Last Stop Station. We’re still planning / hoping to have some more reviews up, both movies and books, up in the next few days. Stay tuned.


Star of Hammer’s Dracula A.D. 1972 & Captain Kronos, as well as many other films, Caroline Munro will be appearing at the Kitbuilder’s show on May 3-4 in Hillside, at the Holiday Inn Hillside.

And for fans of Munro and Hammer in general, there is a east coast convention that you just might want to attend. It’s the Monster Mania Con, and is being held in the Philadelphia area on Sept. 26-28. Joining Munro at the show will be Hammer vets Veronica Carlson and Yvonne Monlaur, as well as Doug Bradley, Kane Hodder, Ben Chapman, Julie Adams, Joe Bob Briggs, and many more. This is their first show, so lets go out and show our support to the horror conventions!


As reported before, Paul Naschy has come to the states and returned to his most well-known character, the tragic lycanthrope Waldemar Daninsky. He has finished filming the movie The Unliving with Fred Olen Ray, along with the film Countess Dracula’s Orgy of Blood with Donald Glut. Here is the advance poster for The Unliving. Who knows… maybe this will open more doors in the states for Mr. Naschy and as well Mr. Daninsky. 


We have very happy to hear some of the titles that Warner Bros. will be putting out this August. Some of these titles are long overdue. No details on what extras, if any, but we can hope that on some of them, they go the works. Plus, I just hope that The Haunting is in 2.35:1. All have SRP’s of $19.98:

Critters, Critters 2, Critters 3, Critters 4, The Haunting, House of Wax (which will include the original 1933 version Mystery of the Wax Museum starring Lionel Atwill, Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw 3, Man’s Best Friend, Of Unknown Origin, The Omega Man, Soylent Green, The Thing: 50th Anniversary, and Wait Until Dark.


Once again, AB is re-releasing another edition of George Romero’s Day of the Dead, with time with a second disc full of extras. The film will be a new 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer, with Dolby Digital surround EX and DTS ES 6.1 soundtrack. It will also feature two audio commentaries. The first one will be with Romero, Tom Savini, actress Lori Cardille, and production designer Cletus Anderson. The second one will be with Roger Avary (still don’t understand this one). The second disc will also have a brand new documentary which will feature interviews with Romero, Cardille, Savini, Anderson, and more. It will also feature some FX footage from Savini, additional promo footage, an audio interview with the late Richard Liberty, four still galleries, original screenplay, production notes, and last but not least… trailers. All that for only $29.98.


As reported before, the special edition of the original Friday the 13th that is being released in the UK in the fall, looks to be a must for those out there for a region-free player. Not only will it feature the international cut of the movie (which as a few extra seconds here and there), but also the brand new documentary “Return to Crystal Lake”, and also have an commentary by director Sean Cunningham, stars Adrienne King and Betsy Palmer, composer Harry Manfredini, and more.

While there are no plans at this time for anybody over here in the states to release it, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the whole series gets re-released again as special editions this time out. This is just speculation here, folks.  Don’t want to start an internet rumor, but I’ve seen too many special editions come out after a bare-bones edition is released and purchased by the many fans…only to have to fork out more dough when the special edition comes out.


Are you a fan of Mr. Zombie? Would you like to win a movie poster or CD, signed by Mr. Zombie? Then click on the banner above to be taken to our latest trivia contest for your chance. Good Luck! Also fans of Zombie who might not have been able to find a theater to see his movie might want to check again today, since they are expanding the number of theaters to about 700. For more info about the movie, check out the Official Site.


We have also added a new segment our Krypt. It is called Favorite Moments. This is where we’d like to hear some of your favorite moments in horror films. For more of an explanation, please click the link either above, or on the navigational bar on the left.


Slowly but surely, we are getting caught up on some of our reviews. We have added one for Boris Karloff’s Corridors of Blood. And in our Library section, we have added a review of the autobiography of William Castle, King of the Gimmicks.


Mark your calendars, for on June 1st will be the Chicago Horror Film Festival. While I believe these films are all independent films & shorts, it’s still great to see something like this come to my somewhat local area. The site doesn’t list exactly where this is taking place yet, but it does list the films that will be shown. Come on people, support the genre! We’ll see you there.


More names have been added to the cast of this remake of Stephen King’s vampire novel. Andre Braugher  and James Cromwell are now on the list, joining Rob Lowe, Samantha Mathis, and Rutger Hauer! as the main vampire Barlow. Now I must have missed when this news first came out. I’ve always enjoyed Hauer (mainly back in the 80’s), but unless he’s dropped a little weight lately, isn’t he a little… big to be playing a vampire?


One movie that I have always enjoyed was The Hitcher, where Hauer really shines as a psycho hitchhiker. Well, after being released on DVD over here in the states in a no-thrills edition, it seems that fans of this movie are going to have to get their hands on a region-free player.

A special edition 2-disc set of The Hitcher will be coming out in the UK at the end of June. The first disc will have audio commentary by director Robert Harmon and writer Eric Red, with scene-specific audio commentaries by Harmon, Red, actors C. Thomas Howell and Hauer, producer Edward S. Feldman, composer Mark Isham, and cinematographer John Seale. The second disc will have the teaser trailer, filmographies, seven screenplay samples (with two deleted scenes), and an exclusive 39 minute documentary The Hitcher: How Do These Movies Get Made? Plus there will also be two short films as well. The first one is China Lake by Robert Harmon, and The Room by Rutger Hauer (which also will have audio commentary by Hauer).


Anchor Bay’s latest re-release in another edition of John Carpenter’s Halloween. AB has apparently acquired the audio commentary from the Criterion laserdisc for this 25th Anniversary Edition. Of course, it will have a new high-definition transfer, with the second disc featuring an hour long documentary about the film, which is an expanded version of AMC’s Backstory, with some other extras.

AB will also be releasing the much sought-after Silent Night Deadly Night, along with it’s sequel on a double feature disc. Probably figured no one would buy the sequel by itself… smart idea. No features have been announced yet, but I’m sure they’ll come up with some interesting stuff.


Hoby Abernathy was the first one to send in all 5 correct answers for our Rob Zombie Trivia contest. He will get his choice of either the signed movie poster or CD. But don’t let that stop the rest of you for trying. We still have three more signed items left. Everyone else who answers all the questions correctly will have their name put in for a drawing. So don’t wait.


Hazel Court will be appearing at the Monster Mania show this September. Court had appeared in some great films over the years, such as The Raven, The Masque of the Red Death, not to mention Hammer’s Curse of Frankenstein. Click on the link below for more information.


Peter O’Herne, better known as Barry to the fans of Bad Taste, has sent in his Top Ten Lists. Like any of us self respecting fans, narrowing it down to only 10 is almost an impossibility. But Pete has given it a try anyway. Here they are in no particular order.

  1. Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter – Man this movie was great and it inspired us to go film our own style of vampire film.
  2. Dracula (1979) – I liked this film and the way this was shot sticks in my mind with the vivid style.
  3. Texas Chain Saw Massacre – The ultimate in Horror… Scared the Hell out of me when I saw it years ago. Walking home at 2am in the morning after watching this is not good.
  4. Dawn of the Dead – Great film and great fun… Why this is being re-made is beyond me. It’s not like anybody can forget this one.
  5. Psycho – Hitchcock… Who can argue 🙂
  6. Halloween – Great film. John Carpenter deserves success.
  7. The Omen – I liked the series as far as 3.
  8. Evil Dead – Can’t have a faves list without Evil Dead. Again, the trilogy was cool.
  9. An American Werewolf in London – “I didn’t mean to call you meatloaf, Jack.”… Classic.
  10. The Abominable Dr. Phibes – Vincent Price is legend as far as I am concerned.


We’re still taking on entries in our Trivia Contest. All who send in correct answers will be put into a drawing to win either signed poster or one of 2 signed CD soundtracks from Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses. Click on the banner above to get to the questions.


The one and only monster rocker Alice Cooper will be appearing at this year’s Horrorfind Weekend. I think this is the first time that I’ve ever remember seeing him listed at a convention.


Here’s a bit of info about the upcoming special edition DVD of John Carpenter’s Christine. There will be audio commentaries by Carpenter, and actor Keith Gordon. There will also new interviews with cast and crew


WB has mentioned some of their titles to be released later this year, and some for 2004. First up is the terrible sequel Return of the Living Dead 2. Can’t believe this was made by the same guy who gave us Shock Waves… of course, he doesn’t care for that movie anyway… Next up is the It’s Alive: Trilogy! Now that would be a nice box set. They will also be releasing the Tod Browning’s disturbing classic Freaks, a film that was banned for many years. The will also be putting out The Bad Seed and TXH-1138. Next year, expect to see some Lon Chaney Sr. titles and Val Lewton titles.


We will be out of town on a business trip all of next week. We’re off to the land of William Girdler, Louisville, Kentucky, possibly in search of killer animals, Satanic asylums, or maybe just some meat hooks. So if you email us about something, we will not have access to our email, so won’t be able to reply. We will get to answering those when we get back.


Okay folks, once again you are going to have to listen to me complain about the lack of imagination in Hollywood right now. To the right is the teaser poster for the upcoming movie. Is it just me, or does that look like a newer special edition of the X-Men movie? Tell me that they couldn’t come up with something a little bit more interesting and a lot more creative than that? I guess I should just be thankful that they didn’t go with the usual graphic of just all the faces of the young cast, like they’ve been doing since Scream.


It seems that Tim Burton will be returning to a stop-motion animated feature called Teh Corpse Bride, which was based on a 19-century European folk tale. It is about a man who somehow is accidentally engaged to a cadaver. Burton will be producing with Vinton Studios, and it will be directed by Mike Johnson. Being that Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite films, I can’t wait for this one. Hopefully it happens.


I had recently read this on the Fangoria website, and just couldn’t believe what I was reading. In a recent talk with Fango, Russo said that he is getting ready for Escape from the Living Dead, which is some sort of sequel to Night. “I will write and direct, with Russ Streiner on as line producer. I want Debbie Rochon to star; she’s the Sigourney Weaver of zombie films”, Russo said. Russo will also be co-producing the film with Sam Sherman.

But here’s the point where Russo has slipped into some sort of delusional world. “We’ve had offers of $5 to $10 million to make the movie,” Russo claims. “Everybody wants a zombie film right now. As crazy as this sounds, our sales agent says we’ve already gotten interest from Jeff Goldblum, who’s from Pittsburgh, Patrick Swayze, Dennis Hopper and even Jim Carrey about being in the movie! Carrey’s a big Living Dead fan and asked to wear a Night of the Living Dead T-shirt in his new movie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”

Now that line is quoted directly from Fango’s site. Notice how it sounds like Fango doesn’t even believe the guy when they state “Russo claims” from that last quote? Like Jeff Goldblum or Jim Carrey are going to be the next zombie film from a guy who is having his films financed from wanna-be filmmakers paying him to teach them how to make movies! Didn’t that guy learn his lesson from that abomination he did when he tampered with the original Night of the Living Dead? Give me a break!


DVD fans better start saving their pennies now, because this is going to be another brutal summer with all the awesome titles coming out. Here are some covers and details about some upcoming titles.

BLUE UNDERGROUND is coming out with some great titles, and even better extras. They are going to putting out Gary Sherman’s zombie flick Dead and Buried, and it is going to be loaded with extras. Coming out at the end of July, it will have several audio commentaries, including director Gary Sherman, co-writer/co-producer Ron Shusett and actress Linda Turley, and cinematographer Steven Poster. There will also be interviews with effects designer Stan Winston, actor Robert Englund, and co-writer Dan O’Bannon. Add those to location still shots, theatrical trailers and teasers, and poster and still galleries. This title is definitely a must.

At the same time, they will be releasing Venom, the snake-on-the-loose thriller, with an all-star cast including Klaus Kinski, Oliver Reed, Nicol Williamson, Susan George, and Michael Gough. The extras will include audio commentary by director Piers Haggard, trailers, and poster/still galleries.

It also seems that Blue Underground will be re-releasing some titles that Anchor Bay had released earlier. One of these titles is Q: The Winged Serpent. This time out the disc will feature audio commentary by director Larry Cohen, trailers, teasers, TV spots, poster and still galleries, and even a DVD-ROM press kit. They will also be putting out Cohen’s GOD TOLD ME TO, which will also have audio commentary by Cohen.

Another Anchor Bay re-issued title is Jose Larrez’s Vampyres, which will be released at the end of this month. It will have audio commentary (don’t know if it’s the same as the original AB disc or a new one), interviews, deleted scenes, trailers, photo gallery, filmography, and even a DVD-ROM section. Now, in an earlier report, they said that this would “feature a beautiful new transfer of the feature which reinstates the controversial gore footage missing from the previous DVD release”. But they are listing in the extras for this new release of having some deleted scenes. So we’re not really sure what’s up with that.

They will also be releasing Baba Yaba, which will have extras such as interviews, deleted scenes, trailers, photo gallery, a documentary, and a DVD-ROM section. And another re-issue of Daughers of Darkness, which will have audio commentary, interviews, trailers, and photo gallery.

Plus, another great title coming out from MGM, is the much underrated I, Madman. It’s a shame that this isn’t coming out with tons of extras, but it seems that it’s just a bare-bones version. But I guess if that’s all we can get, it’s better than nothing. Plus, at least the artwork is better than the video box art. For some more cover art from MGM’s titles that will be coming out in August, click here to get to DVD Drive-In’s release page.

5-10-03 WE’RE BACK…

Well, we have survived our little trip to Kentucky, and were able to get some titles marked off my “to-watch” list, no matter how bad they were going to be. Yes, I actually packed a VCR in my suitcase, along with some videos. How bad is that? I also was able to finish Once Around the Bloch, the autobiography of Robert Bloch, the author of Psycho, and many, many, many other novels and short stories. You will see his name pop up in a lot of those anthology films of the 60’s, as well as many other British films. It’s a great read, and very humors. We highly recommend it. And now back to the program…


First of all, our above trivia game is still going on. We will be cutting off at the end of next week, Friday the 16th, so get your submissions in. Good luck.

To add another DVD title release for August that I will have to buy, Lions Gate have announced that Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses will be released on the 16th. The only extras that have been confirmed so far is an audio commentary by Zombie, along with a still gallery and an isolated music tracks.

No mention of the uncut scenes, or if it will be the unrated cut. I’m sure that Zombie will want to have the unrated version released, so let’s hope. But according to a interview in Rue Morgue magazine (issue #31), there was less than 10 minutes, not closer to 20 minutes that some are reporting. But as we fans know, a mere 10 seconds can be a lot of footage.

Of course, a nice documentary about the making of the film, interviews with cast and crew, and it’s troubles of getting released would be nice. Hint…hint…

And of course, the real big news is that it seems that Zombie will be making a sequel to his directorial debut. So far the movie has made over $11 million at the box office. So with the foreign markets along with the video release, there’s a lot more money coming. So obviously this means sequel. But Zombie had said all along that the first film was written with a possible sequel in mind.

In talking about the proposed sequel, Zombie said, “After the success of the opening weekend on ‘Corpses’, I knew that talks of a sequel weren’t far behind. I originally wrote the first film with a sequel in mind, just in case such a situation should arise… and it has. I think now is the only time to do a sequel. Myself and the cast are still in the right ‘Corpse’ mindset. To come back to this years later wouldn’t work the vibe would be gone.”

When asked about any returning characters, Zombie says, “I really want to expand upon the characters of Spaulding, Otis, Baby, Tiny, Dr. Satan and some of the others. I love these characters and I want explain the strange relationships between them. The first film hints at many things, but never really explains the full truth.”

But what about the sequel hungry studios? Isn’t rushing into a sequel just asking for trouble? Zombie states, “These days sequel are a whole new game. In the past ‘sequel’ was a dirty word but now sequels are for the most part bigger and better than the original. I don’t want to retread the same story but take the returning characters on a strange new journey.” He also adds that for the sequel, “I’ll have more time and more money to create an even more intense and elaborate vision of the world of ‘House Of 1000 Corpses‘.”

They are set to start production for the follow up this fall, with a proposed released of April of next year. Let’s hope that it doesn’t take another four years for this one to come out…


For those lucky bastards on the East coast, you have the chance to see two classic films on the big screen, as well as meet two of the people responsible for them. On Tuesday, May 20th, at Hollywood’s New Beverly Cinema, they will be showing a double feature of Jack Hill’s Spider Baby and Big Doll House, both of which star Sid Haig. Both Hill and Haig will be there for the screenings, with other special guests to be announced. For more information, call (323) 465-8764. If we could, we’d love to be there for that.


Sorry for such a long delay between Photos. We’ll try and bit a little bit more regular with these. The last pic was from the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Thanks to Hoby Abernathy & Stephen Weakly for sending in the correct answers. The new photo has been posted. Good luck!

The trivia contest is officially over. As posted before, Hoby Abernathy was the first correct winner, and has chosen a signed poster for his prize. The other entries with all the correct answers were put into a drawing, and three names were picked. They were Robert Benson, Brett Baish, and Jeremy Allen. Thanks for all who participated. The prizes will be sent out as soon as we get them from Lions Gate. The correct answers are below.

1. In Rob Zombie’s house, he has a stuff polar bear that was actually in what TV series? – The Addams Family
2. On his first solo cd, Hellbilly Deluxe, there is an audio clip from a trailer before the song Living Dead Girl. What movie is the trailer from? – Lady Frankenstein
3. Many years before joining the cast of killers in Rob Zombie’s movie, Michael J. Pollard also starred in a movie about a very famous pair of violent criminals. Who were they? – Bonnie and Clyde
4. Sid Haig had once played the main bad guy on a Saturday morning TV series. What was his character’s name? – Dragos from Jason of Star Command
5. Genre favorite Karen Black made her acting debut under the direction of what soon-to-be-famous cult director? – Herschell Gordon Lewis

In other Zombie news, fans of his will be able to see him hosting the recently revived Headbanger’s Ball on MTV each week, for three weeks, starting on May 24th.


In a couple of weeks, we are hoping to attend the first annual Chicago Horror Film Festival. It will be held on Sunday, June 1st, at the 3 Penny Cinema, located at 2424 N. Lincoln Ave. The festival starts at 5pm and runs to 11pm.


We’ve got some cool news about some of the upcoming shows that we will be at this year. Next month will be the Flashback Weekend 2 convention. We had such a great time last year, and from the looks of it, this year will be no different. They have just added Lisa Wilcox (from Nightmare on Elm Street 4), Johnathan Breck (from Jeepers Creepers 1&2), Bill Johnson (Leatherface from TCM 2). And then of course is Mr. Brad Dourif. I have been a huge fan of his for years. From his great roles in Exorcist III, the evil computer genius from Death Machine, as the voice of Chucky from the Child’s Play movies, or even his Oscar nominated role from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Dourif always gives it all to his roles. I am very excited to see him come to the Chicagoland area for a show.

CINEMA WASTELAND – Ken and company have added Robert Burns to their guest list. Now that name might now sound familiar, but if you a fan of horror films of the 70’s and 80’s, then you’ve probably seen his work. Burns is a set and prop designer, who’s work could be seen in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Hills Have Eyes, The Howling, Re-Animator and Tourist Trap. This will be their 4th show, and is still one of the best shows around. Looking forward to it again this year in October!


La-La Land Records are scoring big again with another soundtrack from Richard Band. Following up their awesome release of Re-Animator, comes From Beyond. This has never been released on CD in the states, and has always been one of my favorite soundtracks. I used to have this on LP years ago, and really miss it.

This release has the score fully re-mastered and expanded, containing material that had not been released before. It will comes with an illustrated booklet that will have liner notes from director Stuart Gordon, composer Band, and also writer Randall D. Larson. This is a limited release of only 3000, so if you want one, don’t wait! You can order them now directly from their website, and have the cd autographed by composer Richard Band. The price is only $19.98.


There’s a couple of recent news items that has me shaking my head. The first one is that it seems that Tobe Hooper will be re-making the 1978 film The Toolbox Murders. The original film starred Cameron Mitchell as a psycho out killing young women in an apartment complex that were of “unscrupulous nature”, using different tools from his toolbox. But it seems that this remake, and I use the term very loosely, seems to have nothing to do with the original, other than being set in an apartment building. The original producer, Anthony Didio, will also producing this one.

But why call it a remake when it obviously has nothing to do with the original? Plus it seems that those talks of him directing those two sequels of Return of the Living Dead didn’t pan out too well. Is this the best that Hooper can do nowadays?


The second bit of news that has me scratching my head is about the newly proposed Hannibal Lector film. I know that Hopkin’s Lecter is very popular, and a box office guarantee. Which is why Red Dragon was made… oh wait… that’s right… they wanted to make the film the way it should have in the first place. I’m sure it had nothing to do with selling a hot property. Right… Which is exactly what we have here with this new proposal. Plus it seems that author Harris has gotten over any bad feelings at the liberties that were taken for the film version of his book Hannibal. Enough to where he’s going to be writing the story and possibly the script for what producer Dino de Laurentiis is calling The Lector Variation. This will have Lecter at four different ages throughout his early life, starting at 12, and moving through his 20’s. Do we really need this? Is it over kill?


We were very impressed with Brad Anderson’s great film Session 9. And now he is working on his next horror project, called The Machinist. The film is to star Christian Bale, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Aitana Sanchez-Gijon. Bale stars as “insomniac lathe operator” who starts to see a ghost in the factory where he works. Filming starts this month in Barcelona, and is being made by the Spanish company Filmax, who is speciallizing in horror films.

Filmax will also be producing Fragile, which will be written and directed by Jaume Balagueró. Balagueró brought us the very creepy The Nameless and also more recently Darkness. Like DarknessFragile will be shot in English, and is said to be one of Spain’s biggest productions, which is set to start in the spring of next year. The story is about an old hospital on an island off from England that is going to shut down. A nurse arrives there to help with the transferring of the patients, when the ghost story element begins.

And if that wasn’t all, Filmax will also be producing a new series of made-for-TV horror movies, all to be shot in English. The title for the series is called Peliculas Para No Dormir (Movies Which Won’t Let You Sleep). The directors that they have lined up so far are Alex de la Iglesia, Jaume Balagueró, Mateo Gil, Paco Plaza, and Narciso Ibañez Serrador (director of Who Could Kill a Child?). Serrador will be not only directing one of the episodes, but also overseeing the entire project.

With all the cool stuff that is coming out of Spain these days, we are looking forward to these.


Check out this link for more info about the latest from Argento, including interviews with the cast and crew, including actor Liam Cunningham.


And speaking of Liam Cunningham, it seems that a sequel will be going into production this summer. While I don’t think Cunningham will be returning, Kevin McKidd will be, along with producers David Allen and Christopher Figg. Eric Miller, who is writing the script, told Fangoria, “The sequel will have the same elements as the first film, but will have some more Americans in the cast. People complained that the original was too British.” Not me. But since I did enjoy the first film, it will be interesting to see what they come up with for this one. A director for the sequel has not been confirmed yet.

5-31-03 BIG UPDATE!

Yea, I know…another two weeks since that last update. Sorry for the delays here folks, but things have been pretty hectic here as of late. Between my real job and my family, my time here at the computer is very limited. But probably the main reason for this last delay is recovering from last weekend. On basically a last minute decision, I made the trip out to California for the Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors convention. I’ve been working on my convention report all week, scanning in the photos, plus just trying to rest up. So check out our report in our Convention Photo section.


And speaking of conventions, in two short weeks, it will be time for the 2nd Annual Flashback Weekend Convention. Last year’s show was one of the best shows that I did last year. Ton’s of stuff going on, great dealers (including yours truly), and plenty of great guests to meet. And from the looks of it, this year is going to be better than the last. With guests like Robert Englund, Brad Dourif, Kevin McCarthy, P.J. Soles, Linda Harrison, Lisa Wilcox, Ken Foree, Bill Moseley, Tom Sullivan, and many more! Click on graphic above for more info. You won’t regret it!


And speaking of conventions, if you are in the Chicagoland area, tomorrow night is the Chicago Horror Film Festival. They are showing 21 different independent short films, starting at 5:00pm, at the 3 Penny Cinema.


La-La Land Records had recently released the definitive edition of Re-Animator earlier this year. And now they follow up with another Richard Band score from Stuart Gordon’s follow-up, From Beyond. We have our review for this great cd up in our Reviews Soundtrack section. Highly recommended.

And now, coming out on June 17th, they are releasing George Romero Creepshow. Being released for the first time in the U.S. and Europe, John Harrison’s score is another great classic that we have been looking forward to since our old LP bought the farm.

Previously released in Japan, which would go from some major cash on the market, this new version not only has been fully remastered, but also has never-before-released bonus tracks. These tracks include some unreleased music from George Romero’s TV series Tales from the Darkside, and also a never-before-heard overture Harrison composed from a project for Romero that was never filmed called Tales of Hoffman.

The CD will come with a full color, illustrated booklet that includes liner notes from composer Harrison, George Romero, and more. Pre-orders are being taken now, and if you do order now, you can get it signed by composer Harrison at no extra charge.


While at the convention, I heard reports from the cast of House of 1000 Corpses that the DVD to be released this August will be the R-rated version, with possibility of the uncut version being release at a later date. Now, I don’t think this is a confirmed thing, at least I hope not. But that really pisses me off when DVD companies do that… cough, cough… Anchor Bay… If they are doing it because the original release when out of print, then just re-issue the same thing. But by adding “new” stuff, now the die hard fans have to debate on buying yet another version of something they already have! I’m hoping that Zombie / Lions Gate / and whoever else in charge there don’t sting along the fans like that.

And speaking of Anchor Bay and their countless re-issues, on August 5th, they will be releasing yet another version of John Carpenter’s original Halloween, a new 25th Anniversary edition. This will have a 2 disc set, with one disc having both the theatrical cut and the extended version, both in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen and Dolby digital 5.1. It will also contain the original audio commentary from the Criterion laserdisc, by Carpenter, Debra Hill and Jamie Lee Curtis. The second disc will have an all new 90-minute documentary (which includes parts from the AMC Backstory), trailers, TV and radio spots and still gallery. Who wants to put money down that this won’t be the last version of this to come out?


Media Blasters will be releasing a couple of Lucio Fulci’s films as well this summer. The first one A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin, which has never been released here in the states, and will be coming out at the end of June. It will have a documentary and interviews with actors Florinda Bolkan, Jean Sorel, Mike Kennedy, and Penny Brown, and also makeup effects artist Carlo Rambaldi and Franco di Girolamo. This is the film that had the nightmare sequence of some dissected dogs that got Fulci in court trying to explain that they were not real dogs.

Then in August, Media Blasters will be releasing their version of Fulci’s Zombie, with might be issued under the original title Zombi 2 (since Dawn of the Dead was released as Zombie in Europe). It also might get a limited theatrical release before it’s release. It will be released in two different versions. The regular edition, which I’m assuming is just the movie, and the 2-disc edition that will feature a featurette, and a bunch of interviews with producer Fabrizio De Angelis, screenwriters Elisa Briganti and Dardano Sacchetti, composer Fabio Fizzi, special effects creators Gianetto De Rossi and Maurizio Trani, and production / costume designer Walter Patriarca, with possibly more to be added. Those bastards are going to make me buy this title again, with all those extras.

Media Blasters also have finished several interviews with Jess Franco for their upcoming releases of Facelss, being released at the end of September, Nightmares Come at Night and Sex Charade, both being released in November.


The original 1979 Alien will be hitting the theaters again this October. But it will now have some, even maybe all of the cut footage that was cut from the original print, restored back into the film. They are also planning to re-release Aliens into theaters next spring.


Adding to the tons of titles coming out on DVD in August, is Hammer Films’ Die! Die! My Darling. Also known as Fanatic, this 1965 film was written by Richard Matheson and stars Tallulah Bankhead, Stefanie Powers, and Donald Sutherland. No details on any extras at this time.


This is an adaptation of an awesome short story by F. Paul Wilson, that I had read years ago, and loved it. I was very excited to hear that it was being adapted for a movie. And on July 8th, we’ll be able to see if it can live up to the original story. The basic plot is about a world where humans are pretty much the minority, with vampires everywhere. In a church in a small town, the residents make their last stand against their nocturnal enemies.

The film was directed by Tony Mandile, and stars Douglas Gibson and Pamela Karp. Being released by Lions Gate, the DVD will be filled with extras, including commentary, bloopers and outtakes, behind-the-scene featurette, production art, and a widescreen transfer with 5.1 DDS.


One of the most famous films in the Drive-In era will be making it’s debut on DVD. I Drink Your Blood will be coming out from Box Office Spectaculars and Grindhouse Releasing. The disc will feature a new digitally transfer of the original rated X director’s cut of the film. That’s right folks…fully uncut and uncensored.

Plus this special edition will be filled more extras than a meat pie filled with rabies! It will have out-takes, commentary, interviews, still galleries, trailers, radio spots, and even more. It will also feature four never seen before deleted scenes, including the original “blood-drenched” ending that was too disturbing for the 70’s crowd. Imagine that!
Look for this one, a definite must to the collection.


Fantastic Factory, the Spanish production company of Brian Yuzna and Julio Fernández has got a bunch of films currently in production that have been picked up for U.S. rights from Lions Gate. The titles include a werewolf movie called Romasanta, directed by Paco Plaza. Also on the list is a killer-dog movie called Rottweiler, The Nun which is religious chiller, and one called Beneath Still Waters. It’s not sure if these will be getting a theatrical release or not, but Lions Gate is still apparently working on getting Beyond Re-Animator for some midnight screenings this summer. Fingers are crossed.

This rumor is apparently true, that Tobe Hooper will be helming the remake of The Toolbox Murders, for the original producer Tony DiDio. From what I have read, it’s really not even a remake, but just a completely different story, but just using the name as a marketing tie-in. At least that’s my opinion. I really feel sorry for Hooper. It would really be nice to see him pull something out one of these days to make us forget about all the films that he’s been making over these last 15 years.

Now that putting Pinhead and Jason in space failed miserable, I guess putting Dracula up there would be the next choice. Dracula 3000 puts the count in space terrorizing a crew of a spaceship. Where’s my gun? Sorry, guess that’s being a little too judgmental. Where’s that dull hammer?

Kevin Connor, director of the cult film Motel Hell, will be directing another new version of Frankenstein for TV, with Hallmark producing. Filming stars at the end of June. Didn’t care for that last TV version, but being a huge Frankenstein fan, I will be interesting in seeing this one.

The Return of Bruno Mattei! It seems that Mattei will be coming back to the horror genre with Mondo Cannibal. Great news for Italian fans, but does he still have all those white contamination suits?

How could this one be bad??? Croak – “When a comet slams into a tanker truck carrying a radioactive load, a bucolic American town falls victim to a plague of mutant frogs.” Killer frogs? I am so there.


Well, it didn’t take me that long to get this review done, but after hearing all this hype, we had to pick up the import disc of this fantastic film from our buddies at Xploited Cinema.  And we were not let down at all. Check out our Review of this great flick.


Last week I was promoting (really just announcing) the Chicago Horror Film Festival that was held last weekend. I would like to apologize to anybody that did attend it, but I don’t think there was anybody there besides myself and the people who had made the films that were being shown… which would put it at about 20-25 people. Now, I knew that these were going to be low budget films. But I just didn’t expect them to be very poor quality in regards to the films themselves. We could only sit though the first hour of the films before we had to leave. I was questioning my sanity at that point… that and pissed off that I just ruined my Sunday night. Maybe the films picked up after the ones that we had seen, but I couldn’t chance it. I was trying to keep an open mind with these shorts, but they were just terrible. Is it really that difficult to make a film that is scary? Damn… and here I thought that Hollywood was just going for the easy money.


Well, we only had one winner this time, for one that should have been pretty simple. The winning answer came from Chris Huziak. That decapitated head, and one of the best looking that I’ve ever seen I might add, is from the movie C.H.U.D.  Come on people, you should know this stuff! Let’s try it again with this new pic.


Ken & company have added a few more guests for this years lineup. Joining the lovely Ladies of Evil Dead, along with their creator Tom Sullivan, Hal Delrich will be joining the little reunion. Hal played Scotty in the original film. Looking forward to seeing him, since his appearances are pretty rare.

Also joining the guest lineup is another first. Anthony DeLio will be there. Who is he, right? Well, for fans of Romero’s Day of the Dead, DeLio is the soldier that lets in the zombies at the end of the movie, right as he is getting torn apart. He was also in Romero’s Knightriders and Two Evil Eyes. This is his first real convention appearance.

Of course, fans of Texas Chain Saw Massacre not want to miss Robert A. Burns. He was the production designer for TCM, creating all those twisted little props from the Sawyer house. Plus, he has worked on other classic films like Re-Animator, Tourist Trap, Hills Have Eyes, and The Howling.

And then fans of the original Night of the Living Dead will be happy to meet some of the creators of the film. Russ Steiner and Bill Hinzman will be on hand to celebrate the 35 year anniversary of the movie. Oh yea, that worthless hack John Russo will also be there.


Yes, we did survive another convention, but this being the first one behind the table (unless you count a ‘Vito’ or Bowling show in there). We are still working on our report about the show, with the usual pics. We were also able to sit a few minutes with the Creeper, Jonathan Breck for short interview. That will also be posted shortly.


Last Thursday, Gregory Peck passed away at the age of 87. While Peck was not really known for his roles in many horror films, but being the star of the ultra-classic The Omen, I’d say that counts quite a bit.

And then we heard that as reported by the LA Times, William Marshall has passed away at the age of 78. Probably best known to us horror fans from the two Blacula films he did in the early 70’s. But he also starred in the rare William Girdler film Abby, that was yanked off the market for it’s similarities to The Exorcist.


As we’ve all heard / read, Rob Zombie’s House will be coming out on DVD on August 12th. Here’s all the extras that are being listed for this release: Audio commentary by Zombie, trailers, screen tests, still and FX gallery, featurettes that Zombie designed specifically for the DVD, and a separate score track. Zombie has also designed the art for the tri-fold packaging.

But it is also listed as rated R.  Does that mean that they will be releasing another version down the road with the uncut footage? I would hope that Lions Gate wouldn’t do something like that, since they know that the fans would have no problem buying the newer release in a heartbeat. But according to the Peter Block at Lions Gate (as reported on Creature, “Lions Gate has a strong tradition with horror films which allowed us to see the genius in Rob’s work and was instrumental in our being a great partner for him. Some parts of this film are very graphic, too much so that we had to tone it down for the theatrical release. But in the DVD, it’s all here, just as Rob intended, in all its striking and vivid detail. House of 1000 Corpses is a true horror fan’s delight.”

So what does that all mean? Is the uncut footage on the disc? I got to tell you, as much as I like the film, unless it’s at Best Buy for $15.99, I’d have my doubts of running out and buying it, only to have it show up a few months later in a new Special Edition with the footage in there. Plus, it’s not like the film would go out of print right away. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


And while on the subject of Lions Gate, their DVD of Lucky McKee’s film May will be hitting the DVD shelves on July 15th. They have announced that there will be two different audio commentaries for this disc. The first one will have the writer/director McKee with actresses Angela Bettis and Nichole Hiltz, co-star Bret Roberts, the DP Steve Yedlin, and editor Chris Siverston. The second commentary has once again McKee, but this time with composer Jaye Barnes-Luckett, production designer Leslie Keel, and more to be announced.


Gary Sherman’s much under-rated zombie film Dead and Buried will finally be coming to DVD here in the states in a 2-disc special edition from Blue Underground. Here’s some of the specs: Widescreen (1.85:1), remastered DTS ES and Dolby EX soundtracks, 3 different audio commentaries – 1st with directory Sherman, 2nd with co-writer / co-producer Ronald Shusett and actress Linda Turley, and the 3rd with cinematographer Steve Poster. There will also be theatrical trailers, poster and still gallery. The bonus disc will have Stan Winston’s Dead and Buried EFX, Robert Englund: An Early Work of Horror, and Dan O’Bannon: Crafting Fear. Always being a fan of this great little movie, I am very excited about this one.


We are going to have a drawing for a T-shirt (Large size only) and two mini posters from the movie. This is very simple, if you have a calculator. All you need to do is send an email, with the number of seconds in 28 days. You know, 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, you figure the rest out. All the correct answers will be put in a drawing for the prizes. The contest will run until next Friday the 27th, the day the movie opens. The drawing will be held that weekend, so winners will be posted sometime over the weekend. And we actually have the prizes in our possession, so no waiting on some promotional department to send the stuff out. (Sorry guys, but still waiting to receive the Rob Zombie stuff) Good Luck!


We have finished our review of last week’s Flashback Weekend in our Convention Photos section as usual. Not as many pics as usual, but still a few good ones in there.


While we were at the Flashback show, we were able to take a few minutes of Jonathan Breck’s time for a little interview about the two Jeepers Creepers films. Check it out here.


This week we have two correct answers for the Mystery Photo. They were (once again) Chris Huziak and J Slattery, and the movie was Stuart Gordon’s much underrated (I think) Dolls. Okay, so this time out, we’re going to get a little bit tougher and a little bit more obscure. Try out this one.



It seems that the (mostly likely first) release of Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses DVD will be the R-rated version. In an interview with Video Store Magazine, Zombie stated that while a future unrated version is not out of the question, “At this point, that version doesn’t exist. This is really all there is right now.” So kiddies, it’s up to you buy this first edition or wait and see if they do put out an unrated version. But I’m sure the way the suits are thinking, if the R-rated version doesn’t sell well, why put out another edition that also might not sell well…

But the interview also states that Zombie plans on getting the cast back in full makeup to shoot some live action interactive menus. Now that could be interesting.


Guillermo del Toro’s first film Cronos will be coming out on a special edition DVD this October 14th. This looks to be one not to miss either. The disc will have a commentary by the director, along with an interview with him as well. Del Toro is also putting some of his early short films in there as well. Plus it will have a re-mastered transfer, which will have a new 5.1 audio track.  More stuff may be added later, but there is also rumors that there might be a limited edition version that will come with a replica of the Cronos device. How cool is that?


Anchor Bay’s upcoming DVD release of Wes Craven’s Hills Have Eyes looks like it’s going to be great addition to one’s collection. It will be a 2-disc edition, that will feature a new anamorphic 1.85:1 transfer with 5.1 EX and DTS-ES soundtracks, it will also have audio commentary by Craven and producer Peter Locke. It will also have a new featurette that will have interviews with Craven and Locke, along with actors Dee Wallace Stone, Michael Berryman, Janus Blythe, Susan Lanier, and cinematographer Eric Saarinen. It will also have The Films Of Wes Craven which is a 60-minute career retrospective with interviews with the director, Robert Englund, Mitch Pileggi, Ray Wise, Kristy Swanson, Meryl Streep, Adrienne Barbeau, Neve Campbell, and others. Not to mention trailers, TV spots, and still gallery. For fans of Craven and / or this movie, this will be one not to miss.


This was another one of those TV series that I used to catch as a kid, along with episodes of The Twilight Zone and Thriller. Hosted by John Newland, the series started in January of 1959 and ran until June of 1961, giving us ninety-four 1/2 hour excursions into the world of ghosts, precognition, and the supernatural… but even better, they were all suppose to be based on actual events!

Well, VCI Entertainment will be releasing 12 episodes of the series on DVD / VHS at the end of July. The VHS version will have 3 episodes on 1 tape, with 4 tapes in the set. It can be purchased separately, or in a box set. The SRP for each tape is $9.99 each, or $29.99 for the box set. The DVD will have all 12 shows in one set, and has an SRP of $29.99. These are the episodes that are included in this set:
Delusion, Ordeal on Locust Street, Brainwave, Doomsday, The Inheritance, The Explorer, The Clown, Delia, House Of The Dead, Tidal Wave, Anniversary Of A Murder, and To Know The End.


It seems that Shriek Show will be releasing 3 different versions of Blood Feast 2 on DVD. One will be a cut version (rated R), then an uncut version but with no extras, then a special edition which will be the uncut version, but have a bunch of extras (no word yet on the extras, but I believe there’s audio commentary by Lewis). So we sent an email to Shriek Show to find out if they really thought there would be a market for the R-rated version with an uncut version available. Their reply: “Yeah, Blockbuster.” Just doesn’t seem right that a DVD company is releasing a cut version strictly so they can get their foot in the door to Blockbuster. I understand it from a financial point of view, but I still think it’s just a sad state of affair when that happens.


Entries will be cut off tomorrow night at midnight, so don’t delay to get those entries in here. See details below from the last update. Also don’t forget to go watch the film!


Here are the winners of our latest contest. The correct answer was 2,419,200 seconds in 28 days. 1st Place, taking the t-shirt, is Amanda Passmore. The 2nd and 3rd Place, both receiving a mini-poster are Hoby Abernathy and Michael Warren. Thanks again for all who participated. We’ll be having more contests as we go along.


Thanks to everybody who had participated in our little William Girdler poll.  It looks like it was a close race between 1st and 2nd place on this one.  Here’s the results:

Asylum of Satan – 27%
Three on a Meathook – 25%
Day of the Animals – 16%
Grizzly – 14%
The Manitou – $14
Abby – 2%
Project Kill – 2%
Sheba Baby – 0%
Zebra Killer – 0%

We also have added a new question to the poll in case you didn’t notice. This time out, it’s a question that has been fought over for centuries….okay, so maybe just a few years now. But since the advent of CGI (computer generated images), a lot of people thought that would put your average makeup artist out of work. But as we’ve all seen, CGI doesn’t particularly mean it’s going to be flawless. We all remember American Werewolf in Paris, don’t we? So the question is what would you prefer? Really bad CGI effects or would you be more happy with the old fashion rubber makeup appliances and maybe even a zipper? Enjoy!


Like we said, this last one was going to be a little tougher. And the only winner had never even seen the film, but made one hell of a guess just from seeing the trailer. Great job to Chris Huziak for coming up with the correct answer.  And that would be Tower of Evil (aka Horror on Snape Island aka Beyond the Fog). For those who haven’t seen it, I would highly recommend it.

For the new photo, we are going with something a little older, but still a classic as far as I’m concerned.  Good luck!


It seems there will be another edition of Lon Chaney’s Phantom of the Opera released on DVD. This time out, Image Entertainment will put out a new special edition on September 9th. This 2-disc edition will feature two different versions of the film. The first one will be the 1925 original feature, which runs 110 minutes, with a musical score by Jon Mirsalis. The second version will be the 1929 restored version, which runs 98 minutes. This one will have two different soundtracks to it. One will be the original theatrical soundtrack in mono, and the second will be by Carl Davis in stereo.

Other extras will include audio commentary by Scott MacQueen, “Carla Laemmle Remembers” A Video Interview conducted by David Skal, 1925 and 1930 theatrical trailers, interview with cinematographer Charles Van Enger, still galleries with deleted and missing scenes, and 9 bonus dialogue sequences from the 1929 version. The SRP is $24.99.


It seems that Glenn Danzig has teamed up with Eclectric DVD to put out some of his favorite horror movies. According to Clint Weiler, “Basically, these are Glenn’s favorite horror movies, so we’re releasing them on disc though Eclectic.” They will be releasing The Eerie Midnight Horror Show (aka The Sexorcist), The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave, Leon Klimovsky’s The Vampire’s Night Orgy, and one of the last films of Boris Karloff, The Snake People.

I know that they Klimovsky film was released on an import DVD, but it was the cut version. No word on which version this will be.  Though, according to Eclectic website, The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave is said to be not only letterboxed, but also uncut as well, in an all new digital transfer. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


We have a new photo for you to get that grey matter working.  This one might be a little tougher.  It’s still considered a classic for those followers of cult films, and ones that have an hour to kill… hint, hint.

Our last photo was from the great little film called I Bury the Living. As we said, it is a much underrated film. It’s been released on DVD by MGM, and we would highly recommend you picking it up. The correct answer was sent in by Hoby Abernathy, Rick Lassiter, and Stephen Weakley. Thanks for playing and good luck this time out.


For those attending the Horrorfind Weekend convention next month, you will be able to meet the man behind such classics as Alien Factor and Nightbeast, Mr. Don Dohler. He will be there with his new partner Joe Ripple, who have been making newer films such as Harvesters, Stakes, and their latest, Vampire Sisters, which I think they’ll be screening at the show.


Coming out in January of 2004, Warner Home Video will be releasing a dual edition of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The disc will retail for $19.98, and will have both the 1931 version starring Fredric March (who won an Oscar for this role), and the 1941 version starring Spencer Tracy.  For those who haven’t seen the March version, you are missing out on of the classic staples on the genre. It’s a must see!

Also announced for their October release, Paramount will be putting out Hammer’s Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter and Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell. Still no word as to if Frankenstein is the uncut version, but we do know that audio commentaries have been recorded for both movies.

And a little bit older news, for those who haven’t heard all the details about Anchor Bay’s upcoming 2-disc edition of Wes Craven’s Hills Have Eyes, here they are. It will be released on September 23rd, with an SRP of $29.98. But I know some on-line DVD companies are taking pre-orders for under $20.

The first disc will have a new widescreen version of the film (1.85:1), which is suppose to be incredible. It will also feature audio commentary by Craven and producer Peter Locke. The second disc will have all the extras. It will have an brand new documentary about the film called “Looking Back On the Hills Have Eyes“. It will have interviews with Craven, Locke, DP Eric Saarinen, and actors Michael Berryman, Dee Wallace Stone, Janus Blythe, Robert Houston, and Susan Lanier. The disc will also contain the retrospective feature: The Directors: The Films of Wes Craven. This will have interviews with not only Craven, but also actors Courteney Cox Arquette, David Arquette, Adrienne Barbeau, Neve Campbell, Robert Englund, Mtch Pileggi, Bill Pullman, Meryl Streep, Kirsty Swanson, and Ray Wise.

Filling out the disc, will be an alternate ending to Hills, trailers and TV spots, behind-the-scene photos, posters and advertising art, original storyboard art, and a bio for Craven. The disc will also have some DVD-ROM features, such as having the original screenplay and also some computer screen savers.


Once again, here at the Krypt, we feel that it is our job, our duty if you will, to point out certain times when it’s obvious that Hollywood either has completely lost all creativity, they just don’t know what originality is, or (and mostly the correct theory) they just don’t care. Here is the poster for the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And right next to it is the poster for Hannibal. See any similarities??? Don’t know what to say.


As we’ve mentioned before on this site, the good folks at La-La Land Records are releasing John Harrison’s awesome score for George Romero’s Creepshow on CD, for the first in the States. You can throw away those Japanese imports of that, since this newest edition will blow that away. And La-La Land Records have graciously donated three copies of their new soundtrack for us to give away for our little trivia contest. We are going for the first three people to answer all three questions correctly. Click on the graphic or on the link to the left to be taken to the Trivia page.  Good Luck!


Now this is a first. According to the LA Times, Fox Searchlight is going to be adding the alternate ending of their release of 28 Days Later, that will be added to after the closing credits. The ending, which is a little bit more downbeat, was pulled after the initial preview audiences were not too happy with the ending. This ending is on the import DVD. So starting on Friday the 25th, all the prints will now contain this different ending. Remember though, it’s played after the credits. So if you don’t want to get bummed out, don’t stay.


20th Century Fox will be re-releasing the original Alien in over 1000 theaters this October 31st. Plus, as reported earlier, this version will contain the additional footage that was cut out of the original release, with some footage that was not even shown on the special edition DVD that had been released. So if you missed the chance to see this classic back in the day, now is your chance.


Once again, Frankenstein and his creation will be reborn once again on television, for four-hour version from Hallmark. It will start filming in Slovakia and Austria, with Kevin Connor taking on the directorial reigns. Connor, who started his career directing a very memorable cast for From Beyond the Grave, and a few of those Land Before Time movies, and even making the classic Motel Hell.

In this version, the adaptation was done by Mark H. Kruger, and is being called “the most elaborate and chillingly faithful version of her classic of the macabre.” The film is to star Alec Newman as Dr. Frankenstein, with Luke Goss playing his creation. Goss had given a great performance as the renegade vampire mutant in Blade 2. Julie Delpy and Mark Jax are to co-star.


Tobe Hooper’s remake of… I mean new movie with an old title, has acquired several names and faces for his latest project. According to Creature Corner, Angela Bettis, fresh from her performance in May has been cast, along with Mrs. Zombie herself, Sheri Moon. Joining them will be Juliet Landau, Greag Travis, Rance Howard, and Brent Roam. We wish Hooper all the best in this project. He needs it.


New Line Home Entertainment has announced the details for their DVD release of Willard remake, which starred Crispin Glover and R. Lee Ermey. The film will be in 2.35:1 widescreen transfer, as well as a full-frame version, with Dolby Digital EX 5.1 Surround Sound. The disc will also have audio commentary by the director Glen Morgan, producer James Wong, and stars Glover and Ermey. It will also contain two different documentaries. The first one is a feature length documentary called The Year of the Rat, which about the film from conception to creation to release. The second documentary, called Rat People: Friends of Foes, is about the rats themselves. It will also have a DVD-ROM “script to screen” feature, along with a rat gallery, theatrical trailer, and TV spots. But the real gem here is the music video cover of Michael Jackson’s Ben, which is not only sung by Glover, but he also directed the video, and even does audio commentary for it as well.


Sony Pictures has unleashed their official website for the upcoming Romeo & Juliet takeoff, this time with vampires and werewolves. Starring Kate Beckinsale as a vampire warrior who falls in love with one of their sworn enemies… a werewolf. 


In a move that some once thought would be a sign of the apocalypse, Creation will no longer be running Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors conventions. It seems that Fangoria has struck a deal with Kevin Clement’s Chiller Theatre to produce all future Fangoria shows, with the first show being next January (9-11), at the Meadowlands Sheraton in East Rutherford, NJ.

“We want to bring our conventions to more people than ever before and to open the events in more U.S. cities. An association with Chiller Theatre and Kevin promises to bring us more vendors, more guests, more customers and more fun. Our first East Coast show in January will also mark the first three-day Weekend of Horrors, and we will be rolling back ticket prices to only $12 per day in advance. This won’t be just another Chiller or Fango show, but an exciting opportunity to marshal forces to create the greatest live horror fan event ever,” says Tony Timpone.

What does this mean? Well, I’m sure you can kiss those grumpy old line Nazis goodbye, not to mention maybe having the show a little bit more organized. It’s still way too early to tell what changes are going to come, but one can only imagine that it can only get better. Figure, even going with a 3-day show, with cheaper tickets, that’s got to be better for everyone.

The plans so far for this first show will have a reunion of casts and crew from all 10 of the Friday the 13th films, and women of Nightmare on Elm Street series. There will also be a Fangoria short film competition.

Still too early to think about if we’re going to be there or not, but we may have to check it out just to enjoy not seeing those damn trekkies all around…


Lions Gate Entertainment have picked up the US distribution for the Australian zombie movie Undead. The story is about a small group of survivors that have to battle an army of zombies after a meteor shower somehow awakens them. From the pics, it does look pretty interesting, at least having a little bit of style and atmosphere.

The film was written, directed, and produced by two brothers, Michael and Peter Spierig. No word if Lions Gate will be releasing it here in theaters, or having it go straight to video. For more pics, trailer, and more info, check out the official site by clicking the poster art.


And speaking of Lions Gate, they have pushed back the release of Brian Yuzna’s newest entry in the Re-Animator series from October 14th, to December 30th. Don’t understand why they would want to push it back out of the Halloween season… don’t make much sense to me… You can still see (I’m sure a heavily cut version of) the film this October on the Sci-Fi Channel.


Sorry for the delay in updates folks, but we’ve been doing some cleaning and re-arranging here at our Kryptic offices. Being a collector, we have accumulated quite a few magazines over the years, that have been filling up our bookcases more and more. Granted, it’s not as bad as it used to be. Anybody remember back in the 80’s when there were more horror magazines filling your comic book store shelves then bad actors in Italian zombie movies. Titles like SlaughterHouse, HorrorFan, Monsterscene, or even Fangoria with their sister mags Gorezone and Toxic Horror. So we decided to pack these up into nice little storage containers and put them in our little downstairs dungeon. This frees up more space for our ever growing collection of horror reference books…you know, you can never…ah…never mind…you’ve heard it before. Back to the update.


For those who hasn’t sent in an entry for our Creepshow contest, there is still time. The contest is running to the end of the month, so you have until Thursday of this week. Get them sent in and you could be one of the lucky winners of the newly released soundtrack for Creepshow , put out by La-La Land Records. Click here to be taken to the contest!

And… if you are in the Burbank, California area, there is going to be a signing at the Dark Delicacies bookstore on August 9th at 2:00pm. To celebrate the release of Creepshow , composer John Harrison will be on hand to sign the cds. Also there will be Richard Band, composer of Re-Animator and From Beyond signing those CDs as well. And joining Band, will be director Stuart Gordon to sign those CDs as well. Apparently you do have to buy the CDs there at Dark Delicacies to get them signed. Not sure if that means you can’t get something else signed or not. But if you’re not from that area, you can purchase CDs to be signed at the event and then shipped to you. For more information, you can contact Dark Delicacies at (818) 566-6660 or at through their website.

Did I get too obscure for you folks out there? The film is the 1972 film Garden of the Dead, where prisoners who have been drinking formaldehyde and are killed trying to escape, rise from the grave hungry for vengeance.

The only person to answer correctly was the ever faithful Chris Huziak. I guess the rest of you have some more studying to do, huh? If you think we’re going to have a shot from Scream 3, you’re at the wrong website! Well, this new one is another obscure little flick that I’m hoping more of you out there recognize. The star of this movie is one of my favorites! That’s enough of a clue for you. Click here for the new pic.


We have added our review of this rare (meaning ‘not very well done’) zombie film from Umberto Lenzi. Check it out here.


It seems that the news of Hammer Films starting up on new films is making the circuit again. I was exciting about this news the first three times I’ve heard it over the last few years. Now…when it happens, then I’ll get excited. But apparently, they are once again about to launch a series of both remakes of their own films, as well as some new titles in there. Plus they are talking about tons of merchandising, such as video games, stage shows (?), internet ventures, books (like there’s not enough books on Hammer Films??? Wait, what am I saying?), toys and other stuff. They even mention a pay-TV horror channel??? I guess we’ll wait (once again) to see if any of this really comes to pass.


Once we heard about the split from Creation, we sent a letter to Fango editor Tony Timpone asking him about the new venture, such as ticket prices and celebs charging for autographs.

“Thanks for your support. There will be NO more preferred seating. Same price for everyone. Celebs charging is the reality of the business today, but the majority of the guests who will be appearing on stage will not be charging, especially the stars who will be promoting new films.


So I guess that is a good thing about the ticket prices. It is going to be very interesting to see who this pans out. I’m really hoping for the best, but since Creation is no longer involved, I can’t see how it could get any worse. We haven’t decided on whether we are going to do that first show or not, but we’ll keep everybody updated.


Dante Tomaselli has gone back to his project of Satan’s Playground now that his involvement of Inferno is no more. Playground will star genre faves Evil Dead‘s Ellen Sandweiss, Sleepaway Camp‘s Felissa Rose, and Michael Berryman.

Then after that film, Tomaselli has said that he will be making a sequel to the 1976 film Alice, Sweet Alice, which was directed by his uncle Alfred Sole. “I guess it sort of makes sense,” Tomaselli told e-splatter, “because the original film is about evil passed on from generation to generation. And both of our films are about evil cloaked in religion. I know Alice, Sweet Alice 2 will have a “giallo”-like feel with some brutal, bizarre murders. I’ll even get to incorporate the spine-tingling Stephen Lawrence music from the original.”


For the second time, Steven Spielberg’s excellent made-for-TV movie Duel has been pulled from their release schedule. It was suppose to be released on August 12th, but is no longer there. Shame, since like many others, I was waiting for this release to add to the collection.


Last weekend was the San Diego Comic Con, where Rob Zombie and company were making an appearance. At one point during the talk, Zombie gave away some details about the sequel. It will have the cast from the first film coming up against another group of crazies. There will also be more background into the family of the first film.

Zombie also explained why the uncut version of House will not be on this DVD. He said that he wanted to re-insert the footage into the film, not just have it as deleted scenes. And for them to do this, it would take a lot of time editing and getting the sound right. And since the greenlight was giving for the sequel, he just didn’t have the time at this point. He did say that it would be out eventually. But for now, this version that is coming out August 12th will be worth every penny. As bitter as I am about eventually having to buy a second version of this movie, I can understand his reasons. I guess it was this or we wait another year or so for it to come out.


Congrats to the four winners of our Creepshow Trivia Contest. They are Hoby Abernathy, Chris Huziak, Alex Riyan, and Amanda Passmore. Thanks again goes out to La-La Land Records for supplying the prizes, not to mentioning putting out some great (and long sought after) soundtracks. Also thank to all who sent in entries. Stay tuned for our next contest.


First Craven’s new werewolf film Cursed is on, then on hold, then back on again, then back on hold. And now is seems that Rick Baker, who was hired to create the look of the werewolf and the effects, is now off the project. Apparently KNB might be taking on the job, after finishing the Ginger Snaps sequel.

Plus, according to Rue Morgue, it seems that Craven just can’t get a break with this film. Plus, Miramax/Dimension has also dropped Craven’s idea to remake Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Kairo (aka Pulse). The head of M/D considered the project to similar to The Ring. Now when did that stop any studio before. Usually that would make it an even hotter project. So who knows if this project will ever see the light of day.


I’m sure that we’ve all heard / or read by now that the remake of Dawn of the Dead is going to be rated PG-13. Are we surprised? Come on folks, we know the equation. It’s plain and simple: PG-13 = $$$. Not that I had planned on running out to see the film (that rarely happens these days, even with movies I want to see), but it puts it even farther down on the “To-Watch” list.

But while on the subject of remakes, it seems that another two older and lesser known films from the 70’s are going to get the remake treatment. First up is a newer version of the 1977 film The Sentinel, produced by Universal. Variety reports the new version will be written by Scott Rosenberg, who is only using the original film as a “leaping-off point”, by using the idea of a young woman moving into an apartment with mysterious neighbors.

While I don’t want to pass any advance judgment about this project (who…me?), I do want to take a second and say that if you have never seen the original film, then you need to track it down and watch it. It’s pretty easy to find it on DVD, with a very cheap price. With an all-star cast from Chris Sarandon, Cristina Raines, Martin Balsam, John Carradine, Jose Ferrer, Ava Gardner, Arthur Kennedy, Burgess Meredith, Eli Wallach, Christopher Walken, and many more, you can’t go wrong. And if that’s not enough, legendary makeup wizard Dick Smith did the special makeup effects, some of which are pretty damn gruesome. Check it out!

The second film getting the remake treatment is Bob Clark’s 1972 film Deathdream (aka Dead of Night, The Night Andy Came Home). The story is kind of re-telling of The Monkey’s Paw story, when a mother wishes her son to come home after she refuses to believe that he was killed in Vietnam.

Eli Roth, fresh from his Cabin Fever film, is slated to direct this remake, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This version will be about a young man returning from the war in the Middle East. The film is being produced by Workshed Entertainment. But trying to get my hopes up for this one is kind of hard when you read about another project in the works from the same company. Red, is a horror thriller loosely based on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Except this time, she’s all grown up now and lives in New York hunting werewolves, searching for the one who killed her grandmother….right. I’ll be first in line…


It seems that making 70’s style movies is the in-thing nowadays. In what is being called a “twisted 70’s style film turned inside out”, director Gary Jones has co-written a film called The Last Horror Picture Show. The other co-writer of the script was Gunnar Hansen. He will also be starring in the film, along with Robert Englund and Kane Hodder. The plot is about some college kids who travel to the locations where their favorite horror film The Barbecue Massacre was filmed. Turns out the film was based on real people, and they happen to stumble across them, and “terrible and horrific things happen to the kids at that point.” The horror trio will apparently have all new characters to add to their ever growing repertoire.

Their looking for a release this fall or mid-2004. And they said House of 1000 Corpses was unoriginal???

And while Tobe Hooper is actually filming a new project (the remake…new version…that complete different film under an old title) Toolbox Murders, it seems that the writers have already gotten another film lined up for Hooper. Jace Anderson and Adam Gierasch have reported to Fangoria that they have written another film called Brew, and will start shooting in October. The film is about a guy who inherits a brewery, along with a outstanding debt. He decides to sell it, but first has to clean it up. So of course, he and his friends become trapped inside the brewery, and discover his once thought long-dead relatives locked away in the basement, who had been living off beer made from human blood. It’s going to be a horror/comedy, and be “over the top”, with a really dysfunctional family. They are hoping to get Brad Dourif and Amanda Plummer to play two of the brewery dwellers.

Once again, and they said House wasn’t original??? I mean, it’s nice to see Mr. Hooper working again, but I really need to see something newer of his to get the bad taste out of my mouth from Crocodile (which was written by the same two wrote Toolbox and this new one Brew) or even Night Terrors…oohhh….the pain, the pain…

It seems that the reports of Asia Argento appearing in George Romero’s latest project The Ill is not correct. Dark Dreams had received an email from Asia confirming that she is not involved.


Here’s a bit of news on both the DVD release of Zombie’s directorial debut, as well as the upcoming sequel. As for the DVD release, in the latest issue of Fangoria, Zombie says this release may not have the uncut version of the film, but does have tons of extras. It will have screen tests, trailers, and a still and FX gallery that has over 100 photos taken by FX artist Wayne Toth. It will also have some featurettes created just for the DVD. But he says the best part will be the menus, which features the actors in makeup and character telling the view what to do.

As for the movie, he says the script is completed and they should start filming this fall. According to a recent interview on MTV, Zombie had this to say: “Without getting too specific, what I want to do with the second one, I don’t want to re-create the first one and just put a ‘2’ on the end of it. [It takes place] a week later, and [it deals with] the repercussions of what happened in the first film. At this point I kind of know what everybody loves, and that’s all the bad characters, obviously. So it’s just them going off on other things. But it’s going to be totally different than anyone expects. And it will probably be a lot more violent”

And in the recent issue of Fangoria, Zombie says that the sequel begins with cops raiding the house, and the family is on the run. “It’s a super-violent, demented crime thing, like a really brutal Western. It’s like Rocky Horror meets Goodfellas. It’s a much darker film.” Darker than the first one??? Damn, that’s got to be pretty dark.


Something that I don’t think has happened since the days of AIP and William Castle, MGM will be sending out the Creeper-Caravan on a nation-wide bus tour. Beginning in Columbus, Ohio, on August 4th, and continuing through August 24th, the cast of Jeepers Creepers 2 will be traveling the countryside. They will be making stops for appearances at different events. The tour will include stops in Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Detroit, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Phoenix, as well as quite a few other stops. We’re trying to get more of a detailed list of the appearances and will post them here if we do here anything else. If you know of any of these stops, please let us know so we can post it.

We do know that they will be stopping in Baltimore, MD on Friday, August 15th, for the HorrorFind Weekend. The bus will arrive there at 7pm for 2 hours. Stars from the movie will be there for autographs and to meet the fans.

And in another Jeepers Creepers 2 signing events, on August 30th at the Dark Delicacies bookstore, director Victor Salva, the Creeper Jonathan Breck, actor Ray Wise, and FX artist Brian Penikas will be signing posters from the new movie (free of charge). Also, Creepers composer Bennett Salvay will also be there signing soundtracks for the movie. There might even be an appearance of the Bus Tour as well.


American Movie Classics will be releasing two very interesting documentaries on DVD. The first one is called The Alien Saga, and is narrated by John Hurt. It explores the world of the 4 movies, and has cast interviews, never-seen-before outtakes, rare home movies, and highlights from all four films. It will also have screen tests, featurettes, and trailers.

The other documentary is The Omen Legacy. This will have rare behind-the-scene footage, cast and crew interviews, featurette, and trailer. And the real interesting item here is a commentary track with Satanist Blance Barton, Catholic priest / Professor of theology Dr. Felix Just, and Rev. Doug Posey. Now that sounds interesting.


It seems that they upcoming release of They Live does not have the audio commentary of the director and star Roddy Piper that was on the import disc. No word on whether the commentary of Carpenter will be on the upcoming release of Prince of Darkness will be on there.


We picked up Blue Underground’s release of Dead and Buried. And while we haven’t even opened the package up yet, there was something on the back that had me shaking my head. It reads: “Dead and Buried is now presented completely uncut and uncensored (including the controversial ‘hypodermic needle in the eyeball’ scene)”.

As far as I remember, the film was never cut before or censored, and don’t remember any controversy over the eyeball sequence. Could it be that they are stating that to make it sound like it’s different than what was out before, even though it’s exactly the same? Gotta love that advertisement department…

Sorry for the bit of delay in our update.  We’ve been trying to get organized for the Horrorfind Weekend convention this weekend.  So obviously, there won’t be an update this weekend…or maybe even the next weekend, depending how long it takes us to recover.
Is anybody else going out there?  As always, drop by our table and say hi!

Yes, kiddies, it’s time for this month’s trivia contest.  Click on over to our Trivia page and test your knowledge of the first movie.  This one is a little tough folks…sorry, but we want to make you work for it.  Get that brain working….The winning prize will be a soundtrack cd from the new sequel JEEPERS CREEPERS 2, which was composed by Bennett Salvay, who did an excellent job scoring the first film.  Good luck…

Well, I’m sorry to hear that only a few people were able to correctly guess our last Mystery Photo.  The man loosing his head is none other than Paul Naschy, from the movie HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB.  That film was my first taste of Naschy’s work, and quickly became my favorite of his films.  If you haven’t seen it, I strongly urge you to seek it out…it will be worth it.
The winners this time were Hoby Abernathy, Matt Pinkerton, and someone from PlanetDaphine.  Nice job, and good luck on the new one.  Click here or on the navigation bar on the left.  This is also going to be a little tough for people out there.  Do I need to start giving out homework assignments before the summers over???

Here’s an interesting photo from his latest film, ROJO SANGRE (RED BLOOD).  Just from this still alone, I’d be willing to put some hard earned cash down for the DVD.  Filming started this month, and was written by Naschy.  With the two films that he made here in states a few months ago, along with this new one, it shows that there is no stopping this guy.
Click here to be taken to the official site (though it is in Spanish), or THE MARK OF NASCHY, the best site to learn more about Mr. Naschy and his works.

Check out the official site for the trailer of this upcoming film that looks to be pretty damn gory…

While this may be another few weeks before construction is finished, we will be adding Paul Blaisdell to our Tombs.  While that name may not be that familiar to everybody out there (which is a real shame, and the reason for his induction), you will recognize the monsters that he created…usually out of no money and no time.  Watch for it’s opening in the upcoming weeks.

For those fans of Killer vegetables…get ready for Rhino Home Video’s 25th Anniversary Special Edition 2-disc DVD of ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES!  This will have a newly re-mastered transfer, and will also include audio commentary by the writer/director John DeBello, co-star Steve Peace, and “creator” Costa Dillon. There will also be deleted scenes, six featurettes (yes…SIX!), a short film called “Do They Accept Travelers Checks in Babusuland?” with optional commentary, trailer, radio spots. The SRP for the 2-disc set will be $24.95, but they will also be releasing a single disc movie only version for $14.95.
WRONG TURN will be hitting DVD on October 14th from Fox Home Entertainment.  This special edition will be an anamorphic widescreen transfer, and a Dolby Digital 5.1 surround track.  It will also have audio commentary by the director Rob Schmidt and the cast.  And lastly, 4 deleted scenes, 3 featurettes, a still gallery, and trailers.  It will have an SPR of $27.95.
Also in October, on the 21st, Fox will release Danny Boyle’s (not a zombie movie) 28 DAYS LATER on DVD.  It will contain both widescreen and full screen versions, with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.  The extras will include audio commentary by the director and screenwriter Alex Garland (which I’m assuming is the same commentary on the import disc).  But the disc will have three alternate endings, where the import disc just had the one.  It will also have deleted scenes, the Pure Rage featurette (which is almost as scary as the movie), still galleries, storyboards, music video, and trailers.  The SRP will be $27.95.
Thanks to

Dark Castle has announced the writers for their HOUSE OF WAX remake that is currently in the early planning stages.  Chad and Chris Hayes are giving the script a whirl, who have written a few television movies.  No other details, like whether it would be in 3-D, like the original.
And speaking of 3-D, now it looks like films from the Godfather of Gore, H.G. Lewis, are even set to be re-made.  Apparently, Trans-Pacific Media and Sick-O-Scope Motion Pictures are setting up to remake 5 of Lewis’ early pictures….and in 3-D!  The films to be remade are WIZARD OF GORE, BLOOD FEAST, SHE-DEVILS ON WHEELS, COLOR ME BLOOD RED, and GRUESOME TWOSOME.  As interesting as this sounds, let’s just sit back and wait to see if it really does happen.
Thanks to Fangoria and

It seems that the rating were just not high enough to save TREMORS: THE SERIES from extinction.  It will not be returning for a second season.  But on a better note, TREMORS 4 will be out possibly this Christmas.  As always, the producers are promising something new and different for this next entry in the series.


Yes, we have survived our first Horrorfind Weekend Convention…barely. We had such a great time, that we will be back there again next year. Next to Cinema Wasteland, it was one of the best times I’ve had at a show. We are working on a pretty big update that we are hoping to have up by the end of the weekend, including pics and report of the Horrorfind show. We do have a few reviews in the works, but with all the damn DVDs coming out these last few weeks, we are getting buried here….course, I guess that’s not really a bad thing is it?


Yes, things are somewhat back to normal, at least for the time being. We do seemed to be having some computer problems as of late. It has been a few years since we’ve upgraded our system here, but were hoping to make it last a little longer. But just in case this thing crashes before the next upgrade (hopefully sometime in October), we’ll post something in our Message Board to the status. So if you don’t see any updates for more than a couple of weeks, check there for any details.


On September 12th, the much talked about Cabin Fever will be hitting theaters. Starting at the beginning of next month, we will be starting a new Trivia contest. This one might be a little easier than our current one…maybe. This time out the prize will be a Cabin Fever Prize pack, that will include 3 different horror movie DVDs. Stay tuned for more info…in the mean time, you might want to break out those old issues of Rue Morgue and do some research.

And while of the subject of this film, it seems that our friends at La-La Land Records will be putting out the soundtrack for this movie on September 9th. The soundtrack will feature over 75 minutes of music, featuring both the original score from Nathan Barr and Angelo Badalamenti, as well as songs from the movie by bands like Scappy Hamilton, Your Mom, Happy Wednesday, and The Turtlenecks. If you pre-order the soundtrack from La-La Land Records now, you will receive one signed by director / writer Eli Roth and composer Nathan Barr. These signed editions will be limited, so order soon!


Okay, so this one is a little harder than usual. Here’s a hint: If you have the DVD, just watch the special features. That should help you out a little. Keep trying…and remember, this kind of information is normally useless in the real world, but not here!


We didn’t have any winners this time out for our Mystery Photo. It was from the Amicus film And Now the Screaming Starts, staring a whole mess of people. It’s like the who’s who in British horror films. You have Peter Cushing, Herbert Lom, Ian Ogilvy, Patrick Magee, Stephanie Beacham, Guy Rolfe, just to name a few. This one comes highly recommended, if you haven’t seen it. So we do have a new one up for your viewing in the usual spot.


This was our first trip out to the Horrorfind Weekend convention, but it is definitely not the last. While it’s a bit of drive out to Baltimore, it was well worth the trip. Check out our review of the show by clicking here, or on the Convention Photos link to the left.


It seems that the trouble-ridden The Exorcist prequel has run against some more walls. After replacing the original director and main lead, the studios now seemed to be very unhappy with the finished project that director Paul Schrader has turned it. Apparently the heads of Morgan Creek, who footed the $45 million bill, were waiting for the spinning heads and the projectile vomiting. And were not too happy about it either. What they got was what was in the script, which some state that they probably never read.

So we’ll have to see what Morgan Creek does with it. Maybe they’ll hire a new director to “add” some sequences of gore and vomit. Maybe they’ll just release it as it and take a chance. In either case, when I hear stories like that, it just makes me happy that I never considered getting in the film business…at least no more than being some schmoe at a box plant that runs his own little website…


The greatest film ever made about a nerd contacting the devil on a computer is coming to DVD, and will finally be the uncut version! The film was hacked more than Clint Howard’s victims in the movie when it was released on video. According to AB’s Michael Felsher, this version will be “a new, anamorphic widescreen transfer of the uncut version.” They also have extras planned, such as audio commentary, trailers and more. We should expect to see it next summer.


How do you like that?  I’m complaining that there’s too many DVDs coming out over the last few weeks. I guess the stress has finally gotten to me. For us fans, these last few weeks have been heaven. From the release of Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses, to all the MGM titles that are coming out next week. Fans of Hammer will be finally be able to see the uncut version of The Vampire Lovers on DVD, along with Countess Dracula, which had never been released over here in the states. Both with commentary by star Ingrid Pitt and others. Then there’s the release of Raw Meat (aka Death Line), which is another film that had never been released over here. Then there’s the re-mastered and uncut version of Squirm crawling onto shelves.

And speaking of DVDs, just a little mini-review of the Fright Night 2 DVD that has recently come out from Artisan. We knew ahead of time that it wasn’t going to be widescreen. While that did bother us, I still enjoyed the movie enough to want it on DVD. Well, once we got it and plopped it in, we were very disappointed in the quality. It looks as if it was transferred right off the video version. Shame on you Artisan. While it is a very cheap price, it seems that there is a reason for that.


Here are a couple of hidden features on the DVD of House of 1000 Corpses that we came across while visiting DVD Review.  This site has tons of hidden features on a lot of the DVDs out there.


In the next couple of days, we will be attempting to upgrade our system (just a new hard drive) that we are hoping will fix the problems that we’ve been having lately. But since it’s been a few years since I’ve had to do any computer maintenance, I’m hoping for the best. So once again, if there seems to be a little delay in updates, or responding to emails, that is the reason.


For our new Trivia contest, which should be a little easier, we are promoting Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever, which starts September 12th. Click here to find out more about our latest trivia game! Good Luck!


Well, apparently after that last hint, somebody was able to come up with the answer to our pretty difficult question. Congratulations to our winner Angela Podhradsky! She is the winner of the soundtrack for Jeepers Creepers 2. Which if it’s half as good as the first one, it’ll be great.

The answers for this little quiz are as follows: The first form the Creeper was the automotive form, the 2nd form was the Scarecrow of the Dead, and the finally form was the Harryhausen-Beast creature. These answer were on the documentary on the DVD of Jeepers Creepers.

While enjoying our 3-day holiday weekend, we’re hoping to catch the sequel in the theater, so we’ll let you know what we thought.


Yet some more news of another remake. But this time, I am a little bit more excited than usual. Mainly because of the director that is reportedly attached to the project. According to a report from UK journalist Alan Jones, Victor Salva will be directing the 3rd remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The film is to be produced by Roy Lee and Doug Davison. Don’t know what to make of this one. I loved the original, really enjoyed the first remake, but didn’t care for the last version from Abel Ferrara. I would like to think that Salva might be able to bring some really good atmosphere to this version, but it’s going to be a tough sell.


Well, as we kind of all expected, Morgan Creek Productions fired director Paul Schrader from their prequel to The Exorcist because he did not give them “footage without any of the bloody violence the backers had wanted”, which was said the was the reason for his dismissal. Sorry folks, but this really is a bad…omen! (Sorry, couldn’t help it) I really feel sorry for the poor bastard who takes over, since this film will most likely be a garbled mess when it’s finished, and then both directors and the producers can start pointing fingers as to who’s fault the whole mess really is.


Our attempts at fixing our computer wasn’t as successful as we planned.It’s still functioning, but not sure for how long. If all goes well, after our next two conventions, maybe we’ll have enough to purchase a new computer and be done with it. But in the mean time, near the end of this month, we will be dropping this thing off at the Gateway pastures to have them give it a look while were busy with our conventions. We’re hoping that they are finished with it by the time we’re back. We can all hope.

But of course, I could be like other sites, and put up a PayPal donation link on here. That way, since it’s so expensive for me to run my site, you people out there can donate your hard earned cash so I can buy a new computer…how’s that sound? Figured as much. Maybe I should just ask for donations so I can buy more DVDs??? Not any better? Oh well, I’ll keep trying.


Since we forgot to do this with the last update, I figured I’d throw it out there now. We have updated out Poll to coincide with our adding Paul Blaisdell to our Tombs of Fame section. I know that a lot of people might not have seen the movies listed, but I’m sure you’ve seen photos of the monsters. So you can always vote that way if needed.

Our last poll probably had the most activity that we’ve had for one of those. I guess I can across a subject very dear to your hearts. And it seems that most of us all agreed that we’d rather see the rubber monsters. That had a total of 81% of the votes, with bad CGI only getting 19%. Thanks to all who voted.


Well folks, it lasted about a two months, but we are going to be back to our old mailing list updates. As better as the newer ones looked, it really is almost as much time working on that as it does doing the update for the website. It’s not as easy as just cutting and pasting, even though it should be. What it was causing was causing my updates to be a week or more apart, instead of getting the site updated several times a week. So we’re back to the non-HTML email updates. Sorry to disappoint everyone, but I hope everyone understands.


Well, the convention season for us is already coming to a close for this year. But we still have two more on the horizon that are two weeks back to back. If you are planning on attending either or both of these shows, please stop by our booth and say hi.  It’s always nice to put the faces with the names.

The first one is Dave Hagen’s Monster Mania show in New Jersey.  This will take place on September 26th-28th. This is Dave’s first show, but for fans of classic horror and Hammer films, you don’t want to miss this one. The guests include Hammer starlets Hazel Court, Veronica Carlson, Caroline Munro, and Yvonne Monlaur. Other guests include Ben Chapman and Julie Adams from The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Kane Hodder and Betsy Palmer, Doug Bradley, Chiodo Brothers (the guys who brought us Killer Klowns from Outer Space, created the title terrors from the Critters films, and many more awesome effects), James O’Bar, and many others. Click on the banner below to be taken to the official site for the show.

Then the following weekend, we will be heading to Ohio for the Cinema Wasteland show, which takes place on October 3rd-5th. This is Ken & Pam’s 4th show, and each time they get better and better. We’ve been there since the beginning, and always have a great time. From meeting other fans, seeing the celebs, or watching all the great flicks that are playing at night, you can’t go wrong with this show.

At this year’s show, the dead are returning again. From the original Night of the Living Dead, there will be six people attending: John Russo, Russ Streiner, Kyra Schon, Bill Hinzman, Marilyn Eastman and Karl Hardman.

Then from Evil Dead, not only do have have Tom Sullivan returning with his awesome Evil Dead museum, but also the lovely Ladies of the Evil Dead (Betsy Baker, Ellen Sandwiess, and Theresa Tilly). And making a very rare convention appearance is Hal Delrich who played Scotty. This is a great opportunity for fans of this movie to meet pretty much all the major cast from the film.

But there’s more. Also attending will be Robert A. Burns, the man responsible for the set designs for the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre and many others. And then there is Basil Gogos, Anthony DiLeo, Kenny Miller, and everyone’s favorite Demon Lady, Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni.


We’ve put our review up for the soundtrack for Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever, which hits theaters this Friday. This is a great soundtrack, filled with all the creepiness to put those hairs on the back of your neck on end. Check out our full review in our Soundtrack Reviews section.

Plus, while to be honest, we’re really not looking that forward to the movie, La-La Land Records will also be releasing the soundtrack for the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, with music by Steve Jablonsky.

And while it’s nice to see La-La Land Records releasing some of these newer films, let’s hope they also keep putting out those forgotten and lost classic scores as well!

And don’t forget about our Cabin Fever Trivia contest that is going on right now. Just click on our Trivia section to be taken there!


Yet another photo goes by with no winners? Did I make it too hard again? I guess that film was a little too obscure, even if it did star Peter Weller. The film is Of Unknown Origin, and is about very large rat that takes up residents in Mr. Weller’s brownstone. While his wife and kid are out of town visiting relatives, he’s starting a personal war against this rodent. Great movie if you’ve never seen it… but trust me guys… once you watch it, you’ll never lift up the toilet seat again the same way.

We’ve posted a new pic in the normal place, which should be a little easier this time… well maybe not. You people must not be doing your homework!


Some sad news from Fangoria’s website. Bhaskar, the actor who uttered those famous words, “Satan was an acid head,” in David Durston’s I Drink Your Blood, had passed away in early August at the age of 73. Bhaskar was well known for his dance company that had toured the country for many years. But shortly after his role in IDYB, he had a fall from a stage that left him confined to a wheelchair. After which, he took up painting. Both him and Durston did record audio commentary for the DVD release of BLOOD, which was very entertaining, and informative.


You know, this is starting to get pretty ridiculous that every week on my updates, there is news of a new remake in the works. You’d almost think I was making this stuff up…sometime I wish that was the case.

The latest to be remade is The Fly by Fox Searchlight. Could this be a bad sign with the guy that will be writing and directing this new version, Todd Lincoln, even says “I’m one of those comic book sci-fi fans who read the remake announcements and groan. This is certainly inspired by the original but it’s a total re-imagining… Why, in both films, did the fly never fly?”.

So is that the whole part of the “re-imagining” part… that this new creature will fly? I hate to sound negative, but it’s really hard to keep an opening mind with all of these remakes coming at us. I guess will have to wait and see what else comes from this project.


While the deal hasn’t been finalized with Victor Salva working another remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, while talking to the BBC, Salva stated “I think it’s just one of the best ideas that any writer has ever come up with and that’s why it translates so well in each incarnation.”

But before going into this film, he has a couple of other projects that he might work on. The first one is called Lighthouse, and is a ghost story. The second called The Watch and is a horror story that takes place in World War 2. Salva had this to say about The Watch: “I like [it] very much because it’s a horror movie and a wonderful anti-war story at the same time. I think we really need our anti-war stories right now, because we’re falling back into a very dangerous place.”

While we still haven’t been able to get the chance to see Jeepers Creepers 2, I like Salva’s work enough to be hopeful with whatever project that he is going to do next. Though that WW2 film sounds interesting.


Just a couple of weeks before Sony Pictures’ Underworld hits theaters, they are hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit by White Wolf Inc. and author Nancy A. Collins, who are alleging 17 counts of infringements.

White Wolf is saying that the characters, theme, and setting from the film Underworld are based on their role playing games Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Collins is saying that the Underworld script is based on her 1994 story Love of Monsters, which was published by White Wolf.

White Wolf’s President, Mike Tinney, said “Ours is a huge fictional world, supported by over 200 volumes of fictional material. It’s infuriating to see Underworld’s script riddled with our property.” Collins said, “Apparently they are marketing this as a remake of Romeo and Juliet. What I think they really mean is that it’s an on-screen adaptation of my story.”

This should be interesting how this plays out. I’m sure they will be getting a nice little paycheck for it. But then, I’m not a lawyer, nor do I play one on the internet…


Well, as we reported earlier, director Paul Schrader had been fired from his job as director, which according to him was not giving them any “footage without any of the bloody violence the backers had wanted”.

But now the writer of the film, Caleb Carr is expressing his point of view on the subject. Horror Express had an interview with him, where he expresses his opinion about the film and about the recently fired Paul Schrader (and boy does he!).

About Schrader, Carr says, “As for my reaction and the future of the film, I am heartened by the departure of a director who had apparently taken on the project not because he loved it, but for a paycheck and as a way to get (by his own public statement) “back” into the mainstream of commercial films (his previous solid lock on commercialism apparently having been that landmark of popular culture, Cat People). Mr. Schrader has left us with a good amount of useable material which, when cut in with necessary reshoots, should make up a fine film; but in the future, I’d hope that he would have more respect for the work of others than to treat it as a tool with which to gain his private, unconnected, pragmatic goals.”

When asked about the comments made by Schrader about the type of film Morgan Creek was expecting but didn’t get, Carr had this to say: “All this crap about Morgan Creek wanting a conventional horror movie is just that: crap made up by Schrader to cover his ass, or rather to cover his lackluster cut. The only moments of what seems cheap physical horror were actually Paul’s inept shooting of more subtly horrific stuff; but Morgan Creek didn’t want those scenes even cheaper, they wanted them refined.”


And somewhat on those same lines, Wes Craven has talked about what some of the problems were on his werewolf project Cursed, that got put on hold. He told Sci Fi Wire that he expects to start production back up in November. The shut down of the movie apparently was due to some script problems with the third act of the movie. Now that’s kind of funny, don’t you think? The film is eleven weeks into production before Dimension decides that it has a problem with the third act? Something smell funny here, or is it just me?

Craven stated in the interview, “It’s just been a matter of trying to get it done, so it’s been a very long arduous process, and frankly I’m just sick of the process and want to go out and do something I can feel really good about.”  Gee…that really makes me want to run out and see this when it comes out.  Maybe they should put this with double feature with the EXORCIST prequel.


Let’s start this off with a little story, shall we? A few years ago, at the first Cinema Wasteland show in 2000, they were screening a 16mm print of Squirm. I was sitting there with our buddies Eric Ott, who runs the film room for Ken, and Tom Simmons of Video Junkie, getting all set to enjoy this great little flick. As the movie started, we noticed the female lead of the movie naked… or at least topless. Well, the three of us started looking at each other… not because of the nudity on the screen (though Eric’s wife thinks differently), but because none of us remember there being any nudity in this film. After we got home from the show, we checked the pre-record that we had, and also the PAL pre-record to see if this footage was in those version.  Afraid not.

So when news of MGM putting out the DVD of Squirm, and that it was going to be the R version, there was much rejoicing. But when I picked up this new DVD, we found that there still was no nudity. Now it has been a few years since I seen this footage, but I do remember seeing the girl being topless either she was getting in the shower, taking the shower, or getting out. So I posted my findings on the Mobius Message Board, basically asking if anybody else remembers seeing this before.

The next day, I received an ‘un-official’ email from someone at MGM. They told me that while they didn’t work on the transfer, they know the person who did and can assure me that there is no footage missing. They went by the original negative which was suppose to be left intact. They also said that the director, Jeff Leiberman, also confirmed that the transfer was complete, and dismissed rumors of a much more graphic version as “horseshit”, and “footage-wise, the disc is 100% complete.”

Now, I don’t want to give off the impression that MGM is going on the lines of what some other DVD companies have done, by advertising titles as uncut when they’re not. I have been very happy with the most of the discs that they have been putting out. But I was a little taken back by this person’s email. I replied to him, telling him that I actually seen this print with the nudity, not “know a person who seen it”.  So far, no reply back.

So our friend Eric will be threading up his projector and taking notes as to where exactly the nudity is, the exact location of the nudity, the duration of the nudity…. you know, all that hard work that we must put ourselves through. But in the meantime, Squirm has been showing on cable this month, which is the uncut, and un-matted print. And apparently, there is nudity there. So it seems that the letterboxing is cutting off a few things. If we find anything different from the 16mm print, we will let you know.


Just a quick little note to say that we did make it out to see Jeepers Creepers 2 last night (which was why this update didn’t get done yesterday), and enjoyed it quite a bit. If you enjoyed the first one, you will like this one. This weekend we’re going to attempt to see Cabin Fever… at the matinee of course.


We’ve just found out that Dave & Co. have added two more guests to his Monster Mania show. Adding to his Hammer Glamour lineup, Suzanna Leigh. She was in Hammer’s Lust for a Vampire and the highly underrated film The Lost Continent. And also added to the list was Virginia Hey, who was in Road Warrior, as well as the TV series Farscape.


I got the latest issue of Fangoria yesterday in the mail. I subscribe, so we tend to get it a little earlier than the stores. Well, after reading the Elegy by editor Tony Timpone, and paging through the new issue, some questions started to come to mind.

First of all, the price for this issue is up an extra $2, making it $9.99. But on the front cover, it states “Extra Bloody Pages!”. Looking at the back page, it shows 90 pages. I think they’re normally around 80. So there’s are around 10 more pages. But then I started to look a little closer.

There is a 6-page interview with Christopher Lee in this new issue. No biggie. The guy is a legend to the horror genre. It’s even part 1 of 2, it’s so big. But then we find out that it is an interview that was done back in 1992! Why is this in here? I could see maybe if Lee had passed away, and this was some lost interview. But hell, the interview had even been posted on the internet some time ago on a Universal Horror site.

But it doesn’t stop there. I noticed that there seemed to have a lot of full page ads in this issue. So I started to count them. As I was doing this, I discover that Fango seems to think that the cover the magazine is page #1. I just checked Rue Morgue, and they seemed to do it too. So I guess that’s normal? But in the last issue of Fango (#226), which had 82 pages, they had 11 full page ads. In this new issue (#227), they have 90 pages, but with 19 full page ads.

So for that extra $2, you get an interview that is 11 years old, and around 9 more pages of adds. Is it just me thinking that this seems a bit wrong?


In that recent report from Sci Fi Wire with Wes Craven about his troubled Cursed movie, he mentions about Baker leaving the project, and that he was retiring. “I haven’t seen that hit the news yet, but he shut down his studio. All of the elements have been taken over by KNB for us.” Having seen any no other news about this, but for some reason I thought I remember reading this somewhere before. Maybe Baker figured he had won enough Oscars. Shame if the reports are true, since he has done some amazing work in his career.


Airing next week on AMC will be Fang Versus Fiction: The Real Underworld of Vampires and Werewolves. The show will feature commentary by scientists, sociologist, weapons experts, and (ready for this?) “self-described vampires and werewolves”. The show will “examines an exclusive modern-day vampire and werewolf underground unknown to mainstream society.” You got to be kidding me?  Isn’t there a better way to promote UNDERWORLD then this? Times like this, I’m embarrassed to admit that I like horror movies. For those who want to watch these whack-jobs, it will be airing on AMC on September 17th and 19th.


Eclectic DVD and Sinema Diable will be releasing the ultra rare 1974 film Abby, which was yanked from the market after a lawsuit from Warner Bros. stating that it was a rip-off of The Exorcist. According to Eclectric’s website, it’s suppose to feature an all new digital transfer of the film. Before I get excited about seeing this lost William Girdler classic, I wait and see what the reviews have to say. It’s set to be released on November 11th. Also coming out from Eclectic DVD the same day, is Paul Naschy’s Dracula’s Great Love. While this has been released on video, it was the cut version. No word on if this will be the uncut version or not. But after their release of the ‘clothed’ version of Vampire’s Night Orgy, I don’t have my hopes up. Both titles will have a SRP for $14.95.


This will be our last update for a few weeks. As we mentioned before, starting next weekend, we have two conventions back to back. So during that time, we will be putting our Kryptic Komputer out to pasture…actually dropping off at Gateway for repairs (or at least hope they can find the problem). We’re hoping to have it back by the time we return from Ohio for the Cinema Wasteland show. If it is, we will post a little note letting every one know not only that we did survive, but can also access our email again. And then shortly (yea, right) after that, we will have our reports up about the shows. So if we don’t answer any emails after next week, this is why. Stay tuned, and we will be back!


During this downtime, we will keep our latest Trivia contest still going for the next couple of weeks. We will announce the winner when we get back from the upcoming shows. You still have a couple of weeks to send in your entry. Just click on our Trivia Page to give it a try.

And speaking of which, we did catch Cabin Fever at the theater last weekend. While it’s definitely not the greatest movie as some were saying, it is pretty good. Yea, nothing really original, but then again, neither was House of 1000 Corpses, but we enjoyed the hell out of that one. So check it out. We were thinking of seeing Underworld this weekend, but figured if I was to see three first-run movies three weeks in a row, that it might throw the earth off it’s axis, or at least cause some sort of comic disturbance.


We did have two people send in correct answers for our last photo, which was from Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive. They were Chris Huziak and Bobby. This time we really have a very underrated little film. Great little film that is pretty disturbing in it’s own right. Good Luck. Click on the link to the left to see the new pic.


The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Victor Salva’s next movie will the the WWII horror story called The Watch for New Line Cinema. He will be directing, as well as re-writing the script. The story is about a group of soldiers that run up against an incarnation of the devil as they try to take out a Nazi bridge. With the great way that Salva can create atmosphere and style, we are really looking forward to this next project.


As we all hoped (at least here at the Krypt), the reports of Dimension planning on remaking the original Halloween were just rumors, and nothing more. But with all the remakes going on lately, I would have not been surprised one bit. It seems that those memories of that Psycho abortion have all been forgotten.

10-22-03  WE’RE BACK!

Yes, after two conventions, a Halloween Party, and many, many computer problems, we are back. It’s been over 4 days since we’ve experienced any computer problems, so I’m hoping that we are out of the woods with this thing. I must say that it’s been a real hell of a time getting through all of this.

After replacing a hard drive and motherboard in this thing, while installing new drivers for the XP upgrade, we somehow got one of those worm blaster viruses in our system that just played holy hell with us. We could only get online for about 60 seconds or two before our computer would restart. What a bitch.

But now I’m hoping that we’ve fixed everything and things should get back to normal…somewhat. We will be making a few changes here at the Krypt. Now that we had gone a few weeks without a computer, I realized that I tend to spend way too much time sitting here in front of this thing. Actually, I knew it all along, but just didn’t want to admit it. So while we are going to keep this site open, there will be a few changes. Namely the updates won’t be as frequent. I would hope to have something at least once every 7-10 days. I hope to work on more reviews, not just movies, but also books and soundtracks, and also adding more entries in our Tombs of Fame and Shame, as well as working on some other sections. I think the main thing that will change is that I won’t be updating with all the news info that I’ve been doing in the past. There are way too many other great news sites, like Gorezone and Creature-Corner, that are updated daily with tons of news bites. Hell, that’s all I was doing anyway, just going to all those sites and collecting what interested me. I will still put little news bites up occasionally when I want to add my own little opinion in there.

I’m hope everyone will understand the changes. I actually did think for a while to shutting down this site, but really don’t think I could do that. I enjoy doing it way too much. And the occasional feedback from one of you out there makes it all worth while. But in any case, we are working on our convention reports for both the Monster Mania and Cinema Wasteland shows, and are hoping to have them up by the end of the weekend. Thanks again!


Are you one who loves to listen to music soundtracks? Well, we’ve recently come across a few that we want to give our Kryptic Recommendation for this Halloween season.

MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE – Being a big fan of movie soundtracks, we are always on the lookout for some great atmospheric music. We had heard of Midnight Syndicate, but never really looked into it. But they were at the Horrorfind Weekend and we were able to hear some of their music. What I heard, I liked. But it was one of those items that I had planned on going back to get, but never got around it. A couple of weeks ago, while doing some holiday shopping at Spencers (damn, do they have some great Halloween stuff…), I picked up one of their CDs. After only listening to the first few tracks, I regret not buying them directly from the guys themselves at Horrorfind. If you are a fan of creepy, atmospheric music, you need to check these guys out. It’s like music for a horror movie, except the movie will be in your head. This is great music for Halloween parties, Halloween night, or just anytime you want to set that mood. Check them out at their website. You should also be able to find their stuff at places like Spencers or other Halloween type of stores.

VAN HELSING’S CURSE – OCULUS INFERNUM – This is a project by Twisted Sister’s former frontman Dee Snider, who wanted to do a Halloween version of Trans Siberian Orchestra. And he did just that. By taking bits of classic music and classic horror themes, adding his own little story, Snider & Co. have come up with a great CD not only for the holiday, but for anytime you want to get into the mood. You should be able to find it at most places like Best Buy or Tower Records.


While were still getting our reports done for the last two conventions that we attended, here’s some news about the shows for next year already. Can’t plan this stuff early enough, you know.

CINEMA WASTELAND – The first one is our personal favorite show, the Cinema Wasteland show, which is going to have their first April (2nd-4th) show next year, as well as their normal October show. For the April show, it will be the 30th Anniversary of Texas Chain Saw Massacre. And to celebrate that, the guests that they have lineup for already are all from the Chainsaw movies. You have Gunnar Hansen (original Leatherface), Edwin Neal (the hitchhiker), Paul Partain (Franklin), Marilyn Burns (Sally), Allen Danziger (Jerry), and Robert A. Burns (set designer from the original TCM). Bill Johnson, who played Leatherface in TCM 2, is also scheduled to be there. I’m sure they’ll get Bill Moseley (Choptop) as well, but that’s not confirmed yet. And at this early stage, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more guests added.

So if you are a fan of this movie, this is one show you don’t want to miss. It’s at the same place as always, at the Holiday Inn, Strongsville, Ohio. Check out their website for more details.

FLASHBACK WEEKEND – While no guests have been announced yet for next year’s show, they have posted the dates. It will in July 30th – Aug. 1st, and will be held Holiday Inn O’hare, which is where the first one was held, but not sure. In any case, we’ve done the past two shows and have always had a great time. When we get more information on the guests, we’ll post them here.

HORRORFIND WEEKEND – No real information about this show, except the dates. August 13th-15th.

MONSTER MANIA – Dave and company have already announced the date and some guests for his next show. It will in New Jersey again, and will be on August 27th – 29th. So far, the guests include Lopita Tovar, who starred in the Spanish version of Dracula, Ingrid Pitt, and Hazel Court. So make your plans now.


And on a small note, we did go see this remake…rehash of Texas Chainsaw Massacre last night. And yes, we thought it was terrible. Sorry guys, but just because you make everyone sweaty and take most all the color out of the film, this doesn’t automatically make the film have a gritty feel to it. I don’t care about the fact that they changed the storyline around. But it did bother me that the story was plain stupid. Having the main character chased around through 1/2 the movie does not make suspense. Though it is a shame that they can’t make a sequel since the people holding the rights wants too much money. Of course, now they’ve just moved on to remake Amityville Horror…we can hardly wait.

11-08-03  UPDATE – PART 1

We been trying to get this update done over the last week, but seemed to be getting sidetracked from quite a few different things. We’ve been watching quite a few movies as of late. Even tonight, we are heading out into Chicago to see a midnight screening of The Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3-D!!! So in the meantime, while we still have some more items that we are working on, here are a few things to keep you busy.


Sorry for the delay in this folks, but we’ve finally have drawn a winner in our latest contest. And that winner is Theresa Wyckoff. Congrats to you Theresa! You will be receiving four DVD titles, all courtesy of Lions Gate Home Entertainment. Those titles are Dagon, Frailty, Leprechaun, and Dead Alive. Thanks to all who participated. Keep watching this site for our next contest.


We have also added a few new reviews up here at the Krypt. Click on our Reviews section to find out what we think about Rob Zombie’s debut film House of 1000 Corpses, Guillermo del Toro’s first film Cronos, the much hyped movie from the Pang Brothers The Eye, and two British classics, The House that Dripped Blood and Hammer’s Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell.

We also have a review of Steve Jablonsky’s score for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, recently put out by La-La Land Records.

We hope to have some more reviews in the next few days. Such as Midnight Mass, Beast from the Haunted Cave, Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter and The Living Corpse, which is a Pakistani version of Dracula that has to be seen to believe.


We also finally got our report done for the Monster Mania show that was back at the end September in New Jersey. Check out our Convention Photo section for the details. We should have our report of the Cinema Wasteland show in the next couple of days as well.


I just wanted to make a comment or two about this latest remake. As I posted before, I thought this film was terrible. But while I’m working out my frustrations in a review to posted later, I came across another review that had me scratching my head. In the latest issue of Rue Morgue magazine, Jen Vuckovic wrote a review for it, that had me wondering if there was a different version out there. Stated in the review, it says “the kids run out of gas and go in search of the sheriff for help.” Don’t remember them running out of gas. They were going to meet the sheriff, weren’t they? The review also goes on to mention a “family of crazed cannibals”. Don’t remember any mentioned or shown anything of any cannibalism. Yea, there were body parts here and there, but don’t recall anybody getting ‘dressed for dinner’.

Now, is it me? Was that in there and that maybe I just blocked it out? So if there’s anybody out there that has seen the movie, whether you enjoyed it or not, drop me a note and let me know if I’m the one that’s developed a case of narcolepsy or not. We need your help to know if I need to update my medication or not.


For those in the Chicagoland area, I guess I should have mentioned where the 3-D version of Creature was playing. Didn’t think of it. In any case, it was at the Music Box Theater on the north side of Chicago. This weekend, they are playing a Midnight showing of the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre on Friday and Saturday. Sorry for the short notice, but we will be out there on Saturday night. Then on December 5th & 6th, they have midnight screenings of Lucio Fulci’s Zombie!!! We will definitely be there on the Saturday night as well.


In some great news for us Hammer fans, Warner Home Video has announced that they will be releasing 3 more Hammer films from their collection. They are Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed, Dracula Has Risen from the Grave, and Taste the Blood of Dracula. But even better news is that Warner is reporting that Taste will be the uncut version, which has never been officially released here in the states. They told DVD Drive-In, “We’ve confirmed that our DVD for Taste the Blood of Dracula is the complete, 95-minute uncut version of the film” and that “we are pleased that fans will be happy with this release.”

Finally, my favorite of the Hammer / Frankenstein films will be coming out! That only means of few more titles to have all the Cushing / Frankenstein and Lee / Dracula titles to complete the collection. Gee…I wonder if Lee will be doing any commentary???

Also according to DVD Drive-In, for fans of those low-budget classics, there will be a few titles from Retromedia, Image, and Something Weird coming out to keep you happy. You can look forward to Gamera vs Monster X and Monster from a Prehistoric Planet. Then two from our buddy Larry Buchanan, It’s Alive and Year 2889, which will feature an interview with Year 2889‘s Paul Peterson. And then there a double feature of Andy Milligan’s The Ghastly Ones with Seeds of Sin. Too bad they won’t be ready for this year’s Turkey Day Festival!


And speaking of Turkey Day, we are taking a nod from MST3K and plan on spending our Thanksgiving holiday watching some classic turkey films. So far, we plan on watching Blood Freak, and will probably throw a Larry Buchanan film in there somewhere.


For fans that can’t get enough of this series (not including that piece of crap remake), now’s your chance. Author Stefan Jaworzyn has written The Texas Chainsaw Companion. The retail price is $19.95, but Amazon is offering it for around $14.00. The book covers the first four films. As much as I really don’t need to hear about the making of the first one, I will probably have to add this to my reference collection…


It seems that the Chiodo Brothers are in talks with MGM for make their long awaited sequel to their cult classic Killer Klowns from Outer Space. If you want to see the sequel be made, then write to the Chiodo Brothers and let them know!  You can write to them by clicking here.

For fans of the original, Percepto Records plan on  releasing the original soundtrack on CD, which will include the theme songs by The Dickies. The CD will have a newly re-mastered tracks by the films original composer, John Massari.


Jim Siedow, best know for playing Drayton Sawyer (or just the Cook) from Texas Chain Saw Massacre has past away.

It’s really odd that just last weekend, I had gone to see TCM at a Midnight screening in Chicago. Siedow gave a great performance as the twisted father figure in both TCM 1 & 2. I also thought he was sometimes the most frightening character, since at some points, there seemed to be a little bit of sanity in him.  Almost like he was going to help you. But then the craziness would take over, and we’d see that twisted grin come over his face. We’d like to express our deepest condolences to his family and friends.


We have two more reviews of some interesting soundtracks up, for Carnival of Souls and the double bill CD of Invasion of the Saucer-Men and It Conquered the World. Have a look here.


Also, just as a reminded for the Chicago-area people, the Music Box Theatre will be having a midnight screening of Lucio Fulci’s Zombie next weekend, December 5 & 6. We will be there on Saturday, with some of our usual motley crew.


Ken and company have added a few more guests to their April lineup. Adding to the Texas Chainsaw group, is R.A. Mihailoff who played Leatherface in TCM 3. Then there’s everybody’s favorite psycho, Bill Moseley. You might know him from Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses, but don’t forget his wacky performance as Chop-Top from TCM 2.

And while he doesn’t have any relation to the TCM family, though if you’ve seen Spider Baby, you’d swear that that film is the grandfather of TCM, Sid Haig will also be joining the show. While Haig may have also recently appeared in House of 1000 Corpses, he has been in tons of those drive-in classics that we all love. As they say, if you’re only going to make it to one show next year, this is the one!


Coming out on DVD and Video on the 23th of this month is Jeepers Creepers 2. Now the reason for this shameless plug is that we are big fans of this series.  We really enjoyed the first film, and was blown away even more with the second film.  Like Alien and Aliens, the two Creeper movies are quite different, with the second one having a lot more action than the first. If you didn’t get a chance to see it in the theater, you will want to check out this DVD release. Here’s what features the DVD will have:

  • 2 different audio commentaries: 1st with Director Victor Salva and cast.  The 2nd with Creeper Jonathan Breck, storyboard artist Brad Parker, and makeup effects artist Brian Penikas.
  • “Deleted scenes & Moments” – This is a 15-minute segment that will feature deleted scenes and a look into the Creeper’s graveyard of past victims.
  • “Creeper’s Lair” featurette – a storyboard sequence that was never shot.
  • “A Day In Hell” documentary – 1/2 hour doc. that shows a day on the set of the movie.
  • “Lights, Camera, Creeper” – Goes into the creation of Jeepers Creepers 2 with behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the cast and crew.
  • “Creeper Creation” – A behind-the-scenes look at the process of turning actor Jonathan Breck into the Creeper
  • “Digital Effects by The Orphanage” – This featurette shows the creation of the film’s digital effects from the beginning, from concept to creation, which includes showing how the Creeper was able to grow wings and fly.
  • “Creeper Composer” – This featurette is about the composer Bennett Salvay and his process of scoring the film, featuring footage of the recording session.
  • “Ventriloquist Creeper” – A 3-minute menu-based storyboard with 3 minutes of audio commentary.
  • Photo Gallery and trailers.

Make sure you add this title to your Christmas list, or be at the stores on 23rd to pick up this great movie, and what sounds to be a great addition to any horror collection. You can check out the official Jeepers Creepers 2 website.

Now for the contest, this is going to be an easy one. All you need to do in send me an email by clicking here. I’m not sure what I’ll be getting for the give-away from MGM, but could be anything from a soundtrack, posters, or DVDs of the Jeepers Creepers movies. So once I get the prizes, I will draw names from the emails to pick the winner. Pretty easy, huh?


For you poor bastards that weren’t able to pick up one of those limited edition DVDs of this cult classic, you are in luck. Fangoria Magazine plans to launch a new line of classic DVDs next year. And the first title in that line will be David Durston’s I Drink Your Blood. Not sure if that disc will have all the same features as the previous release, but I would image so. But apparently they will only be available through Fangoria’s website. But even so, at least you’ll be able to get your hands on this great little movie.


After an 11-year old boy started to write a horror story for his English class, he ended up getting suspended for it. It’s amazing at how the world has gotten so scared of itself over the last few years. It is nice to see that the kid and his family is getting some help from the ACLU in dealing with this. What is this teaching our kids? That you can only have imagination as long as it’s not threatening to anybody in anyway?


If you are fans of the Cinema Wasteland shows, you might want to check out this convention. A. Ghastlee Ghoul, a horror host from Ohio, has decided to try his hand at a movie convention. And we have decided to go and give it a try. With the guest of honor being none other than Sid Haig, we figured we had to be there. Other guests include Tom Sullivan and his traveling Evil Dead Museum, Joe Estevez, Conrad Brooks, and Krya Schon, the little girl from original Night of the Living Dead.


We had planned on having this update done way earlier this week, but between my work in the real world and the holiday season rapidly approaching, things kept getting push back and back. But since we are in the holiday season, please click here for a special season’s greeting from us here at the Krypt.


A couple of news bites for fans of Mr. Naschy. Our buddies at Mondo Macabro USA will be putting out Naschy’s rare film Latidos de Panico on DVD. This film has never been release over here, unless you count the always grainy bootlegs. This is somewhat of a sequel to Naschy’s Horror Rises from the Tomb (Now when is that coming out???). With the quality of the discs that Mondo Macabro have been putting out, we are very excited to see this one. They have always done an excellent job, not only on the film itself, but all the cool extras that they pack in there as well.

And in other Naschy news, Midnight Marquee will be re-issuing Naschy biography, Paul Naschy: Memoirs Of  A Wolfman, with a new cover. So if you weren’t lucky enough to pick one of the first printings up, you better make sure you don’t miss out on this one.


Tremors 4: The Legend Begins comes to video on January 2nd. I have to say, that while the 2nd and 3rd film weren’t as good as the first one, they were still entertaining and well worth the watch. I’m expecting the same on this new one. They have always come up with some good stuff to keep you watching. That’s a lot more than I could say for a lot of these sequels lately. The DVD will feature audio commentary with the director S.S. Wilson, an on-the-set documentary, deleted scenes and outtakes, miniature production, a early student film from the director, and something called Dirt Dragons.


I’d like to take a moment to recommend a DVD that I think that all horror fans should have in the collections. Image Entertainment have released Heroes of Horror on DVD. This is the five episodes from A&E’s Biography program that feature Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney Jr., Peter Lorre, and Vincent Price on a great 2-disc set. This would be a great item for some horror fans Christmas list. I had picked this up about a month ago, but hadn’t really sat down and watched it yet. So today, while wrapping some holiday packages, I popped in the Karloff and Chaney Jr. episodes. Even though I had seen both of them when they originally aired on A&E, they were still very entertaining to see again.

Fans of horror should know the basics. And it doesn’t get any more basic than these five actors who did so much for the genre. For a price under $20, you can make a horror fan very happy with this gift.


A friend of mine sent me a link to Kung Fu Cinema, a site that covers Asian marital arts films. It is strictly a review and informational site. They don’t sell movies at all. But earlier this month, they were hit with a “cease and desist order by Miramax Films in regards to the unlawful sale of import versions of Zhang Yimou’s Hero.” So while they don’t sell movies, since they had links of places where import versions of these titles could be purchased, they were accused of being an accessory to the crime. Give me a fucking break!

Now Miramax is well known for releasing butchered versions of the import movies that they pick up for American distribution rights. And I do agree that they have the right to protect their property. But for them to say that I can’t purchase a legally made DVD of some Asian film from Japan or wherever, that they have purchased is a crock of shit.

I know this doesn’t have that much to do with horror, but I think it’s still a pretty important news for us fans of imported movies, whether it be martial art action films or horror.


For fans of trailers of cult films, here is some great news. Ban 1 Productions is working on a trailer DVD for next year that will have 40 different trailers for some great cult movies. Titles like Deadly Spawn, Mutations, Chatterbox, School Girl Bride, and many more. Since we love trailers as much as the films, we are really looking forward to this one.


We had planned on announcing this a few months ago, but completely forgot about it.  Go figure. But we did want to say that back in October, we hit our 5 year anniversary. Can’t believe I’ve been doing this for that long. But we are hoping that next year will be even a better year for us, as well as you the viewer…or reader…or what have you.

We hope to continue the contests and prizes that we have been doing the last half of this year. I know we have gotten some great responses from you out there and really do appreciate it. Plus we always enjoy testing those little brains out there. We work hard to bring you something to possibly enlighten you, maybe even educate, but at least if nothing else, to entertain.

So I want to thank everyone out there who visits here on a regular basis. We always love hearing from you, so keep up the emails. And for those newer visitors, glad that you found your way here, and visit often. Got questions? We got answers…somewhere around here…

Have a safe and Happy New Year!


For those who do see this update before tomorrow, the Mystery Channel will be showing some great Price movies tomorrow.  So check your listings to catch some classic films with Vincent Price.


It seems that the script for Zombie’s sequel to his directorial debut has been approved, and they are planning to start production and casting early next year, with a proposed release date some time next summer. According to, Zombie says “It’s a very different film. It’s much darker and more serious. It’s a gritty crime movie like [the 1973 Terrence Malick film] Badlands. There’s nothing campy or wacky at all.” The film to take place a couple of months after the first film, with the Firefly house being raided by a SWAT team.

And in some other Zombie news, it seems that his music career has not been put on hold as we once thought. He plans on writing his next solo album early next year. He hasn’t started anything yet, but Zombie says “I really want to make a much heavier, darker record. I’m not worrying about radio or television or anything. I just want to make a really scary record.” He doesn’t seemed to be in a hurry about it though, planning on getting some new band members and experiment. Nice to see that he’s not giving up the music career. Looking forward to it.


After an unsuccessful battle with cancer, Hong Kong actress Anita Mui passed away a few days ago. Though she wasn’t really known in the horror genre per say, but when I was really into the HK actions films a few years ago, this lady was one of my favorites. Probably my favorite of her films was Heroic Trio, where she played the crime fighting Wonder Woman. She also starred along Jackie Chan in Drunken Master 2 and Rumble in the Bronx. She was only 40 years old.

She will be missed.  Rest in Peace…

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