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We have survived yet another year. But now that we are back online with no problems (knock on wood), plus we’ve just done some major upgrades on our system. Okay, so going to Windows XP may not be a major upgrade, but you try talking to some tech support people when something doesn’t work.


We have also made it through another Fangoria convention. This time in Brooklyn, as opposed to their usual Manhattan location. They moved it to Brooklyn due to lack of space. In that regards, it was a great move. The hotel was awesome, with plenty of room. But it seemed to be the only positive element of the show. There just didn’t seem to be that many people there. I’m sure there’s quite a few possible reasons for this. Some of the local dealers said that people from Manhattan won’t come to Brooklyn. Plus Fango didn’t advertise the show. Add to that the fact that they really didn’t have any major guests. Yes, they did have Robert Englund there, but no offense, he isn’t going to bring all the people in by himself. It also doesn’t help when several guests have canceled. There planned big Return of the Living Dead reunion consisted of Thom Matthews. Hopefully next year they get some better guests, that actually show up as well.


If you are a fan of William Castle, you will be thrilled to hear that three more of his films will be hitting DVD on March 12th from Columbia Tri-Star.

First up is my personal favorite Castle film, Mr. Sardonicus. The disc will contain a new making-of featurette and theatrical trailers, not to mention that it will be presented in anamorphic widescreen with its original mono sound.

Next up is Strait-Jacket, starring Joan Crawford as a woman recently released woman from an asylum after killing her husband 20 years ago with an axe. The disc will contain an anamorphic widescreen transfer and mono soundtrack, a screen test of the wardrobe and make-up test for Crawford, the axe test, as well as a featurette Battle-Axe: Making of Strait-Jacket.

Then the last title is Homicidal. This film is very similar to Hitchcock’s Psycho for the twist ending, which in viewing today, is pretty obvious right from the beginning. But it is pretty damn enjoyable, especially the “Fright Break” near the end where Castle gives the audience to leave the theater if they were to scared to discover the truth behind the mystery. The movie has been restored and presented in it’s original full screen video and monaural sound. It will also feature trailers and a featurette. Each of the titles will have an SRP of $24.95.

In other DVD news, VCI Entertainment have announced that they will be releasing Horrors of the Black Museum some time the first part of this year. This excellent film stars Michael Gough in one of his over-the-top performances. The disc will be widescreen and have a commentary by producer / writer Herman Cohen, with more extras to be announced.


We’ve recently added a little tale of our collecting hell that we’ve recently experienced in our Kryptic Rambling section. If you’re a collector, you understand just how it is. If you’re not, consider yourself lucky.

We’re hoping to have our Book Section updated, both in titles available, as well as the design of the page. Hopefully making it a little easier to browse and see just what we have to offer.


For some movie sequels news, Roy Scheider will be in the sequel to Dracula 2000, entitled Dracula: Resurrection. No word on just what his role in the film is. That film will be followed up with Dracula: Ascension, where Rutget Hauer will play Dracula “as a kind of Colonel Kurtz from Apocalypse Now“, states makeup artist Gary Tunnicliffe at the recent Fangoria show. I know that I thought the original Dracula 2000 was going to be terrible, but ended up enjoying it for the most part. But unless Hauer has dropped some weight, it’ll be interesting to see how his portrayal the count will come across.

Also at the Fango show, producer Richard Gordon said that there might be a big studio remake of his classic film Fiend Without a Face. Don’t know about that one folks.  I have a feeling that if Hollywood gets their paws on that one they should change the title to Fiend Without a Brain.

Director Dante Tomaselli was at the Fango show promoting his newest film, simply called Horror. He said that he is already working on his next project called Apparition, which he hopes to start in August of this year.

His newest film is set to star Felissa Rose, star of Sleepaway Camp. Once again, Tomaselli has a religious element in this newest film. Rose stars as a widowed church organist who is trying to cope with the loss of her drowned husband and son. And like his other films, this one will also be filled with his usual strange and nightmarish images. I’ve only seen his first film, Desecration, but Tomaselli does show that he knows how to create some great atmosphere and bizarre imagery.

While Christophe Gans’s epic film Brotherhood of the Wolf opened in selected theaters this weekend, he’s already talking about his next project. It will be about a “a young French reporter at the end of the ’50s in London and Burma, and he’s fighting against a Chinese secret society that uses witchcraft.” It is said to have an even bigger budget that Brotherhood, with a lot of the crew returning. They hope to start filming in about a year.


The HBO Series, Tales from the Crypt might be hitting DVD, starting in July.

And is some big news, on March 19th, Antonio Margheriti’s famous Cannibal Apocalypse will be hitting DVD from Image Entertainment. It will also be the first time the film is released here in it’s uncut version. It had been previously released on video under the title Invasion of the Flesh Hunters. The DVD is set to have tons of extras, such as:

  • New widescreen (1.66:1) anamorphic transfer
  • Cannibal Apocalypse Redux: an all-new 55 minute documentary about the making of the film, as well as the state of Italian horror which produced it.  It features interviews with the director Margheriti, as well as actors John Saxon and Giovanni Lombardo Radice (aka John Morghen).
  • Apocalypse In The Streets: A new hosted video tour of the Atlanta, Georgia locations seen in the film.
  • European trailer and Japanese teaser.
  • Extensive poster and still gallery
  • Cast and crew filmographies
  • Alternate US credit sequence
  • “The Butchering of Cannibal Apocalypse” – a new text essay comparing the US and the European cuts.
  • Much more!


After months of promoting that their newest special edition release of Evil Dead would contain the full version of the short film Within the Woods, it appears that it’s not going to happen. To be honest, that was the only thing that was making me consider buying another damn copy of the movie. But I’ll keep my other personal comments on this one to myself. Read for yourself. This was posted at the Mobius Message Board:

“As many of you out there know, we have a special Book of the Dead edition of The Evil Dead releasing on March 5th. Over the past year that we have been working on this release, we were always hopeful that the original short film, Within the Woods, would finally be included on an Evil Dead home video release.

Some months back, we were thrilled to be able to do just that, as we were able to clear the hurdle of the music rights issues that had prevented the release of the film for so long. A lot of work was done and everything was going fine. I myself was excitedly trumpeting this feature to attendees of the recent Fangoria Weekend of Horrors in NYC.

However on Monday, we were notified of an unfortunate legal obstruction that is going to prevent us from including Within the Woods on our DVD. This is not an attempt to hold the film back for another release of Evil Dead down the line, or anything of that nature. Needless to say this is very disappointing for us as I am sure it will be for the fans.

As a result of this, Within the Woods is being removed from our packaging and website details and will not be mentioned in any further ads or print material concerning our March 5th Evil Dead promotion. Unfortunately a few advertisements were already running that do mention Woods, however at this stage we weren’t able to recall everything.

We sincerely hope this will not dissuade anyone from purchasing The Book of the Dead edition come March. We still believe it is a terrific package with several new features such as Bruce Campbell’s Fanalysis and the new Discovering Evil Dead featurette which features appearances from producer Robert Tapert and Evil Dead actors Sarah York and Betsy Baker. Not to mention Tom Sullivan’s sterling work on the Book itself which has excited everyone we have shown it to.

In the end, we did everything we could to make Within the Woods happen, but, as many other studios have experienced, sometimes last-minute roadblocks can intervene when everything seems written in stone. We’ve never had an occasion where a feature of a DVD had to be dropped at such a late stage in the process, however we are 100% positive that this will not delay the street date, and that the Book of the Dead will still be a worthy and exciting release come March 5th.

If anyone has any questions or comments please let me know.

Michael R. Felsher”

Just a little added footnote, the SRP will still remain at $49.95. Even if they have it at Best Buy for $25.00, I will be passing on it. Maybe someday it’ll be in the discount bins for $15.00 like their Beyond tins. I hope they take a bath on this one.

In some other DVD news, Dark Horizon has reported that John Carpenter has finished recording audio commentaries for They Live (with Roddy Piper) and Prince of Darkness.

And it looks like the Special Edition DVD of Joe Dante’s The Howling is getting closer and closer. According to Dante, the edition will include a new documentary as well as the same commentary and extras as the Image laserdisc. It also may have some new deleted scenes as well.


Yes, we are really back this time.  Sorry for the downtime (if anybody noticed), but we were switching web servers and experienced some downtime. But everything should be fine now.  If you do see any problems, such as photos not being there or broken links, please let us know.


In the very new future, we will be conducting an interview with Tom Sullivan, the man responsible for the effects from the original Evil Dead. If there’s a question you’d like to know, send it to us. Depending on the amount of questions we get and the time we have, we’ll try and get everything answered.


You knew it was only a matter of time before this was going to happen, so don’t act all surprise. The story for the latest entry is that the family will be torturing a new family that has moved into the farm next door. Leatherface will be returning, along with Grandpa, some old woman, and a “new spin on the hitch hiker.” The script has been written by Leatherface himself, Gunnar Hansen, who will be playing Leatherface this time out. Apparently the script is a lot darker than previous entries, without the dark humor. According to the news brief, Trimark has bought the rights and have hired Jeff Burr to direct it. This will be a direct-to-video release sometime next year. The actual title is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre V: Terror in Texas. I’m wondering if this is actually a true news flash. Either way, I wouldn’t be surprised, or even care for that matter.


Patrick Bergin, who played Dr. Frankenstein in TNT’s terrible adaptation of Shelly’s novel, will be Count in another modern-day version of Bram Stoker’s novel. Giancarlo Giannini, from Hannibal and Mimic will be co-starring.


Just in case you forgot, this awesome film by Jean Rollin comes out tomorrow in a special edition release from Synapse Films. Here’s the details:
· Widescreen (1.66:1) Digital Transfer Enhanced for Widescreen Televisions
· Original French Language with Newly Translated Optional English Subtitles
· Original Theatrical Trailer
· Video Interview with Director Jean Rollin and Star Brigitte Lahaie
· Director Biography and Filmography
· Liner Notes by Nigel J. Burrell
· Photo Gallery


Coming in May, All Day Entertainment will release Vincent Price: The Sinister Image on DVD, which is a “celebration of the great Vincent Price, featuring a never-before-seen career-spanning interview.” The interview, which is a little over an hour long, was done in 1987 by David Del Valle for a pilot for a proposed TV series called The Sinister Image, kind of like the Inside the Actor’s Studio show, except for genre stars. Unfortunately, the idea was never picked up and the interview has never been aired before. But that’s not all the DVD contains. It contains much more:
The Sinister Image (1987) 62 minutes, color
Half Hour to Kill: Freedom to Get Lost (1958) 30 minutes, B&W
Shindig!: The Wild Weird World of Dr. Goldfoot (1965) 30 minutes, B&W
Escape: Three Skeleton Key (1958) 30 minute radio drama
• 40 minute audio interview of Vincent Price
• Gallery of over 200 rare and never-published stills of Price from the Del Valle Archives
The DVD will have a retail price of $24.99.


While no date has been set or announced, Warner Home Video is finally getting around to start working on releasing the two Hammer classics Curse of Frankenstein and Horror of Dracula on DVD. While there’s sure to be extras, nothing has been stated yet as to what they will be. The producers said that they would like to have Christopher Lee involved.


Also in the DVD news, Robert Quarry’s rare cult vampire / hippie film Deathmaster will be coming out on DVD thanks to Retromedia.  The print used is being mastered from the original 35mm negative, and will also have audio commentary by Quarry, as well as tons more rare extras.  Looking forward to this one as well.  One hopes that they spend the time and money and make this release something to really talk about.


When is the last time you seen a guest list like this at a Fango show? If you’ve never been to one of these shows, you are really missing out. They are getting better every year. You won’t want to miss this one.

H.G. Lewis, Reggie Bannister, Michael Berryman, Don Pedro Colley, David Hess, Ted V. Mikels, Yvonne Monlaur, Bill Moseley, Tom Savini, Tom Sullivan, and Roger Watkins (aka Victor Janus)


In case you didn’t notice, Best Buy has done it again and broke the release date for some much anticipated DVD titles (for me anyway). Not until 2/19/02, still another two weeks away, were we suppose to see the release of Michele Soavi’s The Church and Stagefright, and Bruno Mattei’s Rats: Night of Terror and Hell of the Living Dead. But while in two different Best Buy stores last week, I found all four titles. The first one I went to, I found The Church and Rats. I asked the clerk about the other two, but was told that they don’t come out until 2/19. Just out of curiosity, I asked when Rats and The Church were coming out, all the while hiding the titles that I was holding. Her reply: 2/19. So on the way home, I stopped at a different Best Buy and found all four titles available there. And all priced at a mere $12.99!

Sometimes I just don’t understand Best Buy. Most times, it’s several weeks before they get new horror releases (unless of course they’re big budgeted horror films). But then in these cases, they put them out way before the release date. I’m not complaining mind you, since BB is usually about $5 under the SRP. So if you are a fan of the Italian horror genre, my advice would be to run to your local Best Buy and pick up these four titles before they pull them off the shelf for another two weeks, or they’re bought.


Image is has once again announced some exciting titles for us collectors. First up is the Amicus film And Now the Screaming Starts. This is one of non-anthology films from the company that was trying to give some competition to Hammer. This film is jammed packed with stars, such as Peter Cushing, Stephanie Beacham, Herbert Lom, Ian Ogilvy, Patrick Magee, and many more. The disc will feature audio commentary by actor Ian Ogilvy, along with trailers and still gallery. The street date is 4/30, with an SRP of $24.99.

Next up is another wacky double feature from Something Weird, called Carnival of Blood / Curse of the Headless Horseman. Like all the Something Weird titles, it has tons of extras: Combo-Trailer plus two TV Spots for these films, plus Asylum of Satan, Crypt of Dark Secrets, The Dead One, House of Exorcism, Hunchback of the Morgue, She Freak, Three on a Meathook and Werewolves on Wheels; Side-Show Soundie Short Subject Carnival Show; 2 Horror Home Productions Short Subjects: A humped-one goes nuts in The Hunchback of Massapequa Park and a high-school kid gets gory in Hands of Justice; Gallery of Horror Drive-In Exploitation Art with Horrorama Radio-Spot Rarities. The street date is 4/16.

The next title is Devil Doll, starring Bryant Haliday and Yvonne Romain, and is about a ventriloquist dummy who is more than what it seems. The disc will feature audio commentary by producer Richard Gordon and film historian Tom Weaver, a rare look at the alternate Continental version of the film, trailer, gallery of publicity and production photos, theatrical poster and promotional artwork. The street date is 4/30.


We’ve finally got some new reviews up, as promised (months ago). We still have quite a few more in the works.

We have also added another new page to our site.  It’s called PsychoBabble.  It’s a place where I like to show some of the stupid remarks and explanations that some people come up with about the horror genre.  Give it a look.


Shriek Show has got another two European classics coming out in the next couple of months. They will be releasing Andrea Bianchi’s Burial Ground: Nights of Terror (aka Zombie 3: Nights of Terror) and Marino Girolami’s Zombie Holocaust (aka Dr. Butcher M.D.)

Burial Ground: Nights of Terror will be Anamorphic 1.85:1, with extras such as Still and Poster Gallery, Trailers, Talent Bios, with more to be announced.  The SRP will be $24.95, with a street date of 4-30-02.

Zombie Holocaust will also be Anamorphic Widescreen.  The extras include  Dr. Butcher M.D. Reversible Cover, Interviews with Ian McCulloch, FX Maestro Trani, and director of U.S. Title scenes Roy Frumkes, Scenes from Tales to Tear Your Heart Out that were added to U.S. version entitled Dr. Butcher M.D. with commentary by Frumkes, Still and poster gallery, talent bios, and trailers.  Again, the SRP is $24.95, with a street date of 3-29-02

Great job, Media-Blasters.  Keep it up!


Thanks to everyone who voted in our poll. The results are below. While I really wasn’t surprised at the two companies leading the way, I was surprised to see not one vote for Super Video. Have we forgotten their release of Paul Naschy’s Night of the Howling Beast or Amando de Ossorio’s Horror of the Zombies? Surely that would of been cause for one vote?

31% – Wizard Video
30% – Gorgon Video
19% – Prism Video
10% – Magnum Entertainment
9% – Video Gems
0% – Super Video


It looks like both From Hell and The Others will be getting the 2-disc DVD treatment when it comes out. From Hell is rumored to have 23 deleted scenes, alternate ending, special remixed soundtrack and more. While The Others will have a 16×9 transfer, Dolby Digital 5.1, a 30 minute documentary called “A Look Inside The Others”, an original behind the scenes featurette called “Behind Closed Doors”, and even another featurette about the visual effects called “A World Without Sun”, a photo album, and trailers.

2-24-02 NEW REVIEWS!
Yea, I know. It’s been a long time coming, but we finally got a bunch of new reviews up. Some old, some new, and some cheesy. Check them out.


For some quick DVD news, Universal has announced that they will finally be releasing their special edition 2-disc edition of Ridley Scott’s Legend. There might more stuff that will be announced shortly, but this in the original announcement these following features were listed:
• Never-Seen-Before Director’s Cut
• Restored version with Jerry Goldsmith’s score in DD 5.1 and DTS Surround
• Original US theatrical version with Tangerine Dream score
• “Creating a Myth: The Making of Legend” featurette
• Commentary with Director Scott
• Storyboards
• Director’s guide in production planning
• “The Faerie Dance”
• Music and storyboards depicting the lost scene
• The original screenplay
• Theatrical trailer, TV Spots, Music video (Bryan Ferry’s “Is Your Love Strong Enough?”
• Still Gallery, production notes, cast and filmmakers bios
• DVD-ROM special features, including script-to-scene comparison

3-2-02  MAJOR NEWS!

We’ll start off with some DVD news. Fred Olen Ray’s RetroMedia, will be releasing quite a few cult titles in the very near future. But the one title that really caught our eyes was Garden of the Dead. Once again, this is one of those titles that you’d think “Hell…that’ll never come out on DVD!” Sure enough, proved wrong again. Check out the site for more details.

The Image release of Devil Doll just got even better. According to Tom Weaver, the disc will contain two separate versions of the film. It will have the domestic print, as well as a newly discovered “Continental” version. The domestic print will have the audio commentary by producer Richard Gordon.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Stephen Sommers will be write and direct Van Helsing. This new project will follow the vampire hunter who will head to Europe to do battle with not only Dracula, but Frankenstein and the Wolf Man as well. This is not a joke here, folks. Well…it is technically, but it’s really going to be a movie.

In some hopefully better news, the director who gave us the incredible Evil Dead Trap will return with Shadow of the Wraith, which is a two part chiller based on a comic book.  If it’s half as good as Evil Dead Trap, it’ll be worth the look.


Numenorean Music has announced their first movie soundtrack release on cd. It’s the soundtrack from George Romero’s Day of the Dead. It was composed by John  Harrison, who also worked on Romero’s Creepshow as well as directed Tales from the Darkside: The Movie. For real Romero fans, Harrison was the zombie in Dawn of the Dead who gets the screwdriver in his head when he attacks Scott Reiniger in the mall.

Numenorean Music have digitally remastered the suite of music made for the original LP, and have even added many special bonus “music and effects” tracks which have never been released in any form, including some “delightful zombie munching sound f/x”. This is a special edition of the soundtrack and is only official licensed release of the Day of the Dead score on CD. Each CD is hand-numbered to ensure the collector that only 3000 copies are in existence. It comes with a 12-page booklet which features liner notes from composer John Harrison and George Romero.


In an article in the New York Times, Lee made this comment about his feelings about being called a “horror veteran”.

“It’s the media that keep on saying `horror veteran,’ ” he said, “but by my own estimation I don’t think I appeared in more than 15 films that could be called horror movies. But everyone gets labeled.”

Only been in 15 horror movies, huh? I won’t even bother looking how many there are, but I can tell you there’s quite a few more than 15. When will he learn to except his fate, just like Cushing, Price, and the rest of them did.


We apologize for our lack of updates as of late. The real world keeps trying to interfere with us. Unfortunately, we will be out of town for the next week, so there will be any updates until (hopefully) next weekend.


Yes, we did survive our business trip last week, but will be very busy with dealing with the real world for the next couple of weeks, so updates might be a bit thin.

We will have a review up shortly for the recently released CD soundtrack for George Romero’s Day of the Dead. Stay tuned.

But in any case, here are a few news bits. It looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger will not be playing the lead in the new version of Richard Matheson’s awesome tale I Am Legend. The producers are looking to get Michael Bay to direct and Will Smith to star. Although it sounds to me like they might be going for more a sci-fi theme then straight horror. We’ll see.

For those fans of the Universal classics, if you haven’t picked up them on DVD yet, you better start doing it now.  Starting today, the following titles are now on moratorium:

Bride of Frankenstein
Creature from the Black Lagoon
The Invisible Man
The Mummy
Phantom of the Opera
The Wolf Man
Dracula’s Daughter/Son of Dracula Double Feature
The Ghost of Frankenstein/Son of Frankenstein Double Feature
Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman/House of Frankenstein Double Feature
The Mummy’s Ghost/The Mummy’s Curse Double Feature
The Mummy’s Hand/The Mummy’s Tomb Double Feature
Werewolf of London/She-Wolf of London Double Feature


As mentioned a little while ago, Numernorean Music has recently released the soundtrack of George Romero’s Day of the Dead. We’ve recently had a chance to listen to the CD and wanted to give you our thoughts on it. We’re still working on a special section for Soundtracks, but that still isn’t up and running. So in the meantime, we’ll start here.

The music was composed and performed by John Harrison, who should be know stranger to horror fans. Harrison’s score for Day is a kind of a cross between Goblin and John Carpenter. There’s no big orchestra here, but it still gives off some great atmosphere and mood, even with just a simple keyboard. The soundtrack is over 70 minutes long, with over 20 of that having sound bits from the movie playing with the music.

The booklet has a little background on how Harrison came about to doing the soundtrack, with also George Romero himself adding some interesting information.  Once again, there’s some really interesting stories on just how movies are made, even when it comes to coming up with the soundtrack.

You can obtain your own copy from Numenorean Music at their website. They are also looking for your help in deciding which titles they should do next. Here are the titles that they’re working on: Maniac, Maniac Cop, Tourist Trap, The Howling, Piranha, or Creepshow.

You can email them at and let them know which title you think they should release next.  While it’ll be great to see all of these come out, I know my vote is for Creepshow, which has always been one of my favorites, which also just happens to be done by John Harrison as well.


Variety is reporting that del Toro is talking to DreamWorks to direct At the Mountains of Madness, based on the novel by H.P. Lovecraft. del Toro will co-write the screenplay with Matthew Robbins, who wrote Mimic, and refers to the project as being his “epic horror film”. Hopefully DreamWorks lets him do the picture on his own terms and not interfere with him or the film. If they have any doubts, just watch his The Devil’s Backbone.


Variety also reports that not only is Universal Pictures plan to remake The Wicker Man with Nicolas Cage in the lead role, but also that actor Christopher Lee and director Robin Hardy are also working on a remake. Hardy, who directed the original, already has a script written called The Riding of the Laddie, which he wants to shoot in Glasgow. Universal’s version is set in the US and in contemporary times. It will be written and directed by Neil LaBute.


I know it’s a few days late, but I wanted to make a small mention about Howard Shore picking up the Oscar for Best Original Score for his work on Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. For those of you who are fans of the films of David Cronenberg are very familiar with Shore’s work.  He has composed almost every movie Cronenberg has done since The Brood, not to mention other films like Silence of the Lambs, Se7en, The Cell and, Ed Wood. It was nice to see a composer that I really like, and who has done some great work, come home with the Oscar. Some of my recommendations of Shore’s work is Crash, Existenz, Videodrome, and The Fly.


While on the subject of movie soundtracks, Percepto Records is a small label company that has been releasing some great titles on CD over the last few years, such as their great release of the Mad Monster Party? soundtrack.

Coming very soon from them are some more great titles. One title is the complete scored to The Night Walker, directed by William Castle, which stared Babara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor. The CD package will include over 60 minutes of the score by Vic Mizzy, plus in-depth liner notes by Castle historian Dick Thompson. This is to be the first of a series of audio tributes to William Castle. Castle’s work is where Percepto Records got their name from. It was the gimmick Castle used in his film The Tingler.

Also coming out this year, Percepto is releasing a deluxe 2-CD set of music from 1958 film The Fly and it’s two sequels, The Return of the Fly0 and The Curse of the Fly. The double CDS will feature the complete scores for all three films, fully restored and digitally re-mastered. The full color booklet will have liner notes by film historian Tom Weaver and film music specialist Randal Larson, along with dozens of never-seen-before photos, production art, poster and much more.


Here’s the upcoming DVD covers for the two Hammer films that really put them in the history books. No details on what the supplementary materials will be, but apparently Christopher Lee has declined to participate. These are two titles are one of these “Must have in the collection if you are a serious fan of the genre!” Great films, all the way through. I’m just glad to see these two staples of the horror genre make their way on to DVD.

In other DVD news, rumors are that director Dan O’Bannon and production designer William Stout have recorded a commentary track for the upcoming DVD of the much anticipated Return of the Living Dead, from MGM. Let’s hope this is more than just a rumor.

Media Blasters have recently picked up the U.S. rights to Versus, the Japanese film that is a cross between an action film and zombies. Lot’s of style in this one folks. It’s worth checking out.

Synapse Films have updated their news section with some details on their upcoming releases.

First and foremost, one title that I’m really looking forward to, the special edition of The Deadly Spawn. The disc will have new effects and credits added to the opening sequence, but the original opening sequence will also be included on the disc. Commentary has been finished, as well as something else special is still being worked on. They are looking for a Halloween release for this title.

Here’s some other titles that are in the works:

  • Flavia the Heretic – Uncut and uncensored. Due Fall of this year.
  • Blue Sunshine – CD Soundtrack is almost finished. Commentary is finished. Also due out this Halloween.
  • Entrails of the Virgin / Entrails of the Beautiful Woman – Both are still being subtitled.
  • Street Trash – They are still getting together all the supplemental material, which should be enough for a 2-disc set.

For details on these, and more of their upcoming titles, check out there website by clicking on the link above.

And in some casting news, I’m sure we all heard about the newest remake that happening, that of the 1971 film Willard. In the title role is Crispin Glover, with R. Lee Ermey, Jackie Burroughs, and Laura Harring have also recently joined the cast.

Apparently the song ‘Ben’, which was featured in the sequel of the original and sung by a young Michael Jackson, will also be in the remake. Nobody from the original are to have cameos in this version. The rat FX are to be a combination of real rats and CGI effects.


Now that both of these films are coming soon to DVD, let’s see which one our readers prefer. As for our last poll, as expected, Curse of Frankenstein was the leader with 30% of the votes. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (my personal favorite) came in second with 22%, with Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell right behind it with 20%. Frankenstein Created Woman came in with 15%, and Revenge of Frankenstein was last with 13%.  Thanks for participating.

4-9-02  JOHN AGAR – R.I.P.

Fan favorite B-Movie actor John Agar has passed away. He has made several famous movies in his career. Classics like Tarantula, Revenge of the Creature, The Mole People, The Brain from the Planet Arous, as well as more recent films like Nightbreed and John Carpenter’s Body Bags. He will be missed.


This news is again from our buddies at DVD Drive-In. It seems that Christopher Lee will be involved in some way on Warner’s release of Curse of Frankenstein and Horror of Dracula. No details yet, other than both discs will have featurettes on them. They were originally going to be released in August, but have been pushed back until October for the Halloween season.


Received an email from Ken today to tell me about the new guest that he recently added to this year show. To go along with his headliner, H.G. Lewis, none other than the star of Blood Feast and Two Thousand Maniacs (not to mention being a Playboy Playmate), Connie Mason will be there. This is first convention appearance, so once again, this is a show that is not to be missed.


Bill Rebane, the man responsible for bringing us such classics as Invasion from Inner Earth, Rana: The Legend of Shadow Lake, Demons of Ludlow, and The Giant Spider Invasion, is running for Governor of Wisconsin.


VCI Entertainment has some awesome titles coming out soon. Classic cult films like Crocodile and Kiss of the Tarantula, along with the great Italian giallo Watch Me When I Kill, as well as Horrors of the Black Musuem, Target Earth and Satan’s Cheerleaders.  These titles are expected to be out within the next couple of months.


We have recently finished up our interview with Tom Sullivan, the man responsible for creating the Evil Dead, and will be also doing an interview with Ted V. Mikels this weekend. So hopefully we will have these up on the site very shortly.


In some follow up news from VCI Entertainment, for their release of Horrors of the Black Museum, they are working on doing either a commentary or interview with producer / writer Herman Cohen. They are also trying to get something with Michael Gough. Horrors is one of my favorites of Gough’s film, and it would be great to see some sort of involvement with him.  It’s scheduled for a late September release.

In some other great news, Image Entertainment will release six films, most of which have been some of the most sought-after titles for many years. First off is Al Adamson’s Brain of Blood, starring John Carridine. The disc will feature the trailer, along with audio commentary by producer Sam Sherman.

Next up are five different Philippine titles. The Blood Drinkers, which will feature the trailer. Blood of the Vampires aka Curse of the Vampires, will be the authorized complete and uncut version from an original negative, and will come with a trailer.

And the next three, which I have been waiting for a long time, is the Blood Island trilogy: Brides of Blood, The Mad Doctor of Blood Island, and Beast of Blood. Mad Doctor will feature the trailer and the “Green Blood” prologue. Beast will have the trailer and an interview with Celeste Yarnall. The discs will also include a new Eddie Romero documentary / interview, and special trailer reels.

Here are the details for Columbia’s DVD release of Guillermo del Toro’s The Devil’s Backbone. It will be presented in anamorphic widescreen, and Spanish 5.1 surround. The extras will include audio commentary by director del Toro and cinematographer Guillermo Navarro, a making-of featurette, storyboards, and trailers. The SRP is set for $27.95. This is another great film that should not be missed. This is what happens when a talented director can make a film outside of the Hollywood system.

4-27-02  UPDATE COMING???

We apologize for the lack of updates over the last week. We have a few projects that we’ve been working on, such as the interviews with Ted V. Mikels and Tom Sullivan. We hope to have these up within the next few days. We also have a bunch of new reviews almost completed, including Mikels’ latest Mark of the Astro Zombies. Stay tuned.

And of course, I sure the fact that I bought an XBox for my son has nothing to do with the few updates.  Really, I haven’t been playing.


Image Entertainment, continuing their excellent work releasing some great titles on DVD, have listed a few more titles that you might want to add to your want list:

Horror of the Blood Monsters – Directed by Al Adamson, this is another drive-in classic with John Carradine starring this time out. The disc will have audio commentary by producer Sam Sherman, Trailer, Philippines Tagani Trailer (source of stock footage used in Horror of the Blood Monsters), Trailers for the “Island Series” and more, “House of Terror” Live Horror Show Promo. The movie will be in Full Frame format.

A Cat in the Brain – Lucio Fulci’s strange tale of a director, played by himself, who has visions of killing people. Unfortunately, somebody is being killed. Fulci questions his own sanity in this weird tale. Unfortunately, the disc doesn’t come with any extra features than a trailer and filmography.

The Corpse Grinders 2 – For those who had so many unanswered questions from Ted V. Mikels original classic, now’s your chance to find out. This DVD will feature audio commentary by Ted V. Mikels himself, along with “Raw Meat” Outtake Footage.

Doctor Dracula – Yet another classic film by Al Adamson coming to DVD. Shame he did get to see his film hit a whole new audience with all these DVD releases. This disc features an alternate trailer (Lucifer’s Women), plus trailers for other classics such from Independent International.

Graveyard of Horror – Directed by Miguel Madrid, this is one hell of a cheezy movie. Very bizarre. I had sought after the Super Video pre-record of this for years. Now that I have it, Image puts it out on DVD. Bastards. The special features are the list of same trailers that are on the Doctor Dracula disc.

Monster-A-Go-Go / Psyched by the 4-D Witch Double Feature – Another great double feature from Something Weird Video. The extras they put on these discs are sometimes worth the cost alone. The special features include: Crackpot Horror Trailers for “Monster-a-Go-Go,” “Blood Bath,” “Bourbon Street Shadows,” “Creature of the Walking Dead,” “Eyes of Hell,” “Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster,” “Insect-o-thon Midnight Show,” “Something Weird,” “Tales of the Bizarre” and the combo “Witchcraft” and “The Horror of It All!”; Homemade Horror Short: “Bedtime Booga Booga”; Trippy Short: “Psyched by the 2D Dot”; An evil psychiatrist, a lesbian maid, and a room full of monsters scare a Manhattan socialite in the 36-minute featurette, “Driving Miss Daisy Crazy”; Gallery of Horrorama Drive-In Exploitation Art with Radio Spot Rarities!


Warner Bros. will be releasing the classic sci-fi / horror film Them!. It will be released in full frame and come with a trailer.

They will also be releasing the 156-minute version of Irwin Allen’s The Swarm, in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen. There is also a behind-the-scene documentary, audio commentary by Michael Caine (his first ever), “Genre Notes” on big bug movies, and trailer.

Plus, also being released in the rare 117-minute version of Exorcist: The Heretic, which will be in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen. It will include an alternate ending and the trailer.

Wolfen, the 1981 film with a different take on werewolves, will also be released in August. It will be in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen, and will contain audio commentary bye Albert Finney, Diane Venora, and Edward James Olmos.

We have just put up our interview with the man behind the Evil Dead, Tom Sullivan. Click here to go directly there, or go to our Interview Section. Enjoy.


Spectrum Films has picked up the H.G. Lewis sequel, Blood Feast 2: All You Can Eat. Nothing has been confirmed, but it will probably be out later this year.


Here’s some details on two titles to be released at the end of the month.

Watch Me When I Kill – Directed by Antonio Bido, this title is in widescreen format, and is a Italian giallo thriller about a young woman who witnesses a murder. Her lover helps her track down the killer before he comes after her. Filled with lots of style and atmosphere. The disc features horror trailers, original 30 & 60 second Radio Spots, and a bio of director Antonio Bido.

Kiss of the Tarantula – This is the uncut version, which will have a digital 16×9 anamorphic transfer from the original 35mm negative. It will also have the original theatrical trailer. The film is the story about a young woman who’s only real friends are her pet tarantulas. When she finds out that her mother is plotting to kill her father, she makes sure it doesn’t happen…with the help of her furry little friends. Classic drive-in cinema from the 70’s that you won’t want to miss.


Mark your calendars, folks. August 27th. That is the day I will be investing some of my hard earned money into my DVD collection.

They have announced their next set of titles in their Midnight Movies series, but this time, a bunch of them are going to be double sided double features.

First off is the Vincent Price / Christopher Lee films The Oblong Box along with Scream and Scream Again. Scream also stars Peter Cushing, even though he’s only in one scene. Then again, Price and Lee only have one scene together, but that’s besides the point.

Next up, two eagerly awaited titles, Deranged and Motel Hell. For those few out there that haven’t seen two classics, you are missing a lot. Deranged is probably the closest we’ll ever get to the real story of Ed Gein. And if you are someone who grew up or lives in a small rural town, it’ll be even creepier. And of course, everyone loves Farmer Vincent’s Fritters!.

Then we have What’s the Matter with Helen paired with Whoever Slew Auntie Roo.

Then one that I am really looking forward to, The Attic, and the much underrated Crawlspace. Klaus Kinski is simply awesome in Crawlspace. This was made back when Charles Band was making cool movies. Hell, it even has Sergio Salvati as the cinematographer. If you don’t remember the name, he worked on few Italian films with a guy named Fulci. All of those titles will be 16×9, and 1.85:1 ratio.

Then for the fans of Edgar Allan Poe and Roger Corman, there is Masque of the Red Death and The Premature Burial. Both of these titles will be 16×9, and 2.35:1 ratio. The later disc will include a new video interview with director Roger Corman.

Most of these double features will come with the original trailers. The SRP is set at $14.95. How can you go wrong?

Then to top it off, MGM will also be releasing the following titles individually.

The Fog: Special Edition – 16×9, 2.35:1 SRP of $19.98. It will include a new documentary, original featurette, commentary by John Carpenter and Debra Hill, Outtakes, trailers, and TV spots. Sounds like most of it is from the laserdisc, which the outtakes are great.

Last House on the Left: Special Edition – 16×9, 1.85:1 SRP of $14.95. This is a new transfer made from the only complete, uncut element known to exist (not to be a downer, but this doesn’t sound like it’s the official uncut version), and will also include a new documentary, commentary by Wes Craven and Sean Cunningham, rare outtakes, and a trailer.

And of course, the much anticipated Return of the Living Dead. This will also be 16×9, 1.85:1, with a SRP of $14.95. The release is stating that it is from a new transfer using a pristine inter-positive struck from the original negative. But there is a lot of press on the internet about them using a different print. I’m not sure what really to believe at this point. In any case, the DVD will also feature a new sound mix, commentary by director Dan O’Bannon and William Stout, a featurette “Designing the Dead” also featuring O’Bannon and Stout.

While the details haven’t been confirmed, MGM will also be putting out The Believers, Edge of Sanity, Needful Things, and Vampire’s Kiss (the long version).

We’re hoping to have several new reviews up before the weekend, including a few William Castle titles, Sugar Hill, and a few more.

We have a few conventions lined up in the new few weeks, so if there’s a lack of updates (even more than late), than that is probably why. Below is a list of shows that we will be at. If you are planning on attending, please stop by our table and say Hi. We always like to hear from you.

Cinevent – May 24-27.
The Chicago Fantastic Film Festival – June 1-2
Monsters Among Us – June 8-9

It looks as if Rob Zombie’s directorial debut will be hitting the theaters after all. Expect to see House of 1000 Corpses in theaters this Halloween, with an R rating.

Apparently they liked what he did for the Chucky franchise, since now director Ronny Yu is slated to direct the Freddy VS Jason movie. Although as many names I’ve heard connected to this project before, I wouldn’t be so sure.

And in other directing news, it looks like it will be Frank Oz doing the remake of The Stepford Wives instead of previously reported Tim Burton.

Before we start our babbling, in case you didn’t know, yesterday was Peter Cushing’s birthday, and today is both Christopher Lee and Vincent Price. So in honor, throw in one of their many flicks and enjoy some great actors. Three Cheers!

Yes, we are back after a long weekend at the Cinevent show in Columbus, Ohio. I have been to many conventions in my life, but never one like this one. The show was for four days, Friday to Monday. Each day the dealer would open around 9am and stay open until 11pm that night! That’s 14 hours each day! Now they told us that you can always cover your table up and leave for a while if you need to. But who really wants to leave their table basically unattended for even a few minutes. But we did have a pretty good time after all. We met a lot of cool collectors and dealers. It just seemed to go on and on and on…

Plus I learned that I really am a small time collector after meeting some of the other dealers there. I met Ron Moore, the man who directed the cult classic Future Kill. But now he’s a poster dealer/collector. He’s the guy who paid close to $200,000 for an original Frankenstein poster a while back. While at this show, he paid $11,000 for a poster in the auction. And I was sweating on whether or not to pay $65 for a Lady Frankenstein poster?

We realize this might have some older news, but just wanted to make sure in case you didn’t hear or read it elsewhere.

Columbia TriStar have announced that this August, they will be releasing some great titles to DVD.

The Brotherhood of Satan will be released in 2.35:1 widescreen Anamorphic. The Return of the Vampire will be a full frame transfer. Hammer’s Revenge of Frankenstein, starring Peter Cushing will be 1.66:1 widescreen Anamorphic, but will also feature a photo gallery. Columbia will also be releasing Jacques Tourneur’s awesome classic Curse of the Demon as well. More details and artwork to come later.

Some fans may be excited about Paramount releasing the last two in the Friday the 13th series (that they owned), both Friday the 13th 7: The New Blood and Friday the 13th 8: Jason Takes Manhattan will becoming out late September. Both will be in 1.85:1 Anamorphic widescreen, with trailers.

But I’m pretty excited about the news of them releasing My Bloody Valentine, also in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen. Along with April Fool’s Day, which will be in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen and a newly remixed 5.1 Dolby surround, with trailer. The SRP’s will be around $25 each.

The Deathmaster, starring Robert Quarry, is presented in a brand new, fully restored digital master from the original 35mm negative. There will be both a letterboxed version, as well as a full frame version. There is also a 5.1 Surround sound. There are tons of extras such as the original 35mm trailer, a still gallery of behind-the-scenes, making of shots, as well as a gallery of official stills. There will also be an audio commentary by Quarry himself. This is not to be missed if you’re looking for one tripped out vampire movie!

Retromedia will also be releasing the rare film Queen Kong, starring Robin Askwith, Rula Lenska, and Hammer’s Valerie Leon and Linda Hayden. It is also coming from a restored print from the original 35mm negative, and will include commentary by the director, Frank Agrama.

These will have a SRP of $19.95 and will be out in October.

Retromedia have also announced they will be releasing the Fangs of the Living Dead (aka Malenka the Vampire), directed by Amando de Ossorio.

For those who have multi-region players, here’s a few titles that might interests you. There is a new DVD label in the UK, called Mondo Macabro. In July, they will be releasing these titles: Alucarda, the strange (and naked) nun flick; Awakening the Beast, another bizarre film from Coffin Joe; and best of all, a new anamorphic print of Paul Naschy’s Dr. Jekyll vs the Wolfman, which also stars Jack Taylor.


To go right along with my last Kryptic Rambling, it seems that us Americans aren’t the only ones getting upset over celebrities charging outrageous amounts of money for a simple autograph. This little news bite was taken from the Internet Movie Data Base:

Star Wars actor Anthony Daniels – aka robot C-3PO – has been accused of ripping off fans of the epic sci-fi film series. The English movie star, who has played the golden droid in the three original movies and the recent The Phantom Menace and Attack On The Clones, disappointed hordes of young fans when he charged them $32 for his autograph. Teenagers and children left an East London collectors fair empty-handed because they couldn’t afford Daniel’s expensive scribbles. Andrew Davy, 16, who traveled all the way from Lancashire, north England to meet the actor, moans, “I was disgusted. The queue was a mile long and we waited there for well over an hour with our autograph books ready. But when we go to the front of the queue, we were told it would cost us £23. That was just for the autograph on a piece of paper. Some of the younger kids were crying.” Another fan Andrew Hunter, 17, fumes, “Anthony Daniels must have made a fortune from Star Wars so I can’t understand why he need to do this.”


At the MTV Movie Awards, Rob Zombie stated that he had to edit his movie, House of 1000 Corpses, to an R rating for MGM. In case you don’t remember, Universal dropped the movie because it was too violent and disturbing. “That’s as tame as I could get it,” Zombie said. “I just had to edit some scenes, some stabbings, some murder, some mayhem..”

No word on just how much footage was cut, but I’m sure it’ll end up on DVD in it’s uncut version.


We survived our second of three conventions in a row, which is why were blaming the lack of updates. Last weekend we were at the Chicago Fantastic Film Festival. In the next day or so, we have our report with some photos from the show. This weekend is the Monsters Among Us show. Looks like it should be a good show. Come on out and have some fun!


His name might not of been well know, but the movies he produce are very well known. He made several films throughout the 50’s, but it wasn’t until he produced I Was a Teenage Werewolf that he found his little spot in Hollywood. He followed that picture with (what else) I Was a Teenage Frankenstein. He continued to produce other horror titles such as Blood of Dracula, Horrors of the Black Museum, The Headless Ghost, Konga, Berserk!, Trog, and Craze.

He passed away on Sunday, June 2, from throat cancer. He was 74.


This Halloween, get ready for a DVD full of trailers of giant monsters, oversized bugs, and anything else that’s big and mean. The disc will have trailers for films such as Kronos, Konga, Gorgo, Yog – Monster from Space, Night of the Lepus, It Came from Beneath the Sea, and many more. This DVD will also include a behind-the-scenes featurette from The Land That Time Forgot, and a rare atomic safety film short from the US Government. Now that’s got to be fun!


Coming from Anchor Bay this summer is a shitload more titles. Such as Nightmare City (aka City of the Walking Dead) in a 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer. It will also feature the “Tales of the Contaminated City” interview with the director Umberto Lenzi, along with a bio and trailer.

Then there is The Antichrist (aka The Tempter). This will be the first time this film has been release uncut in this country. It will be in 1>85:1 anamorphic widescreen, a featurette called “Raising Hell”, a still gallery.

Retail for both discs are $19.95.

Anchor Bay has also announced the great vampire film Near Dark to be released at the end of September.

Details coming soon!


In honor of the Godfather of Gore, we have updated our little poll. Please cast your opinion on your favorite bloody film by Lewis.


Sorry for the delay in the report. Also, didn’t have a chance to take too many photos this time, other than this quick shot of everyone’s favorite beast from An American Werewolf In London, David Naughton. But after doing three shows in three weeks, I must say I was glad when this show was over. It was starting to get to me. But that’s not to say that the show wasn’t a good one. In fact, it was really good. There was a hell of a lot more people there at this show then the last one.

But I must make mention of something that I seen at the end of the weekend that just blew me away. Regulars to this site know about my distaste for celebs charging for autographs. But I saw something that makes that look like small change. The Monsters Among Us show was being held right next to another convention called Vamps, which was basically for pinup girl wannabees, who are selling photos of themselves naked or close to it. As I was starting load up the old Kryptic van, I heard some yelling. I go out into the hallway to see one of these young ladies yelling, damn near screaming, at some guy who had taken a picture (with his own camera) of her while she was behind her table without paying her for it! She was telling him that it’s not fair to her or the other girls when jerks like him are taking ‘free shots’. Well, excuse me lady, but when did this change from being the free country I woke up in? And here I thought charging for an autograph was pathetic, but to tell someone that they have to pay you to take their picture! You got to be fucking kidding me! And they best part is that these women aren’t even celebrities! They are just one step up from working at the local Hooters.

But none the less, we had a great time at the show, and hope that Mike and company decide to do it another one here in Chicago next year. If so, we’ll be there.


Here is the poster for the new film from Dark Castle Entertainment, called Ghost Ship. And then here is the artwork for the 1980 film Death Ship. Gee, see any similarities??? Come on Hollywood, from what I thought, your business was that of a creative sort.


Apparently, Joe Dante was so displeased with MGM’s original basic release of his werewolf film, that he has insisted to they put out a SE of the movie. Dante said he didn’t like the transfer, and that they should do another one. He also says that it has a documentary, plus most of the stuff that was on the laserdisc, including the original commentary. The new doc has old footage from the behind-the-scenes from the laser, and new interviews from the participants. The release date has not been announced yet.


Here is the DVD cover for this great sci-fi classic movie about giant ants. It will be released on August 6th, and will come with a featurette containing footage and a montage of showing just how the giant ants were created and operated. It will also have the original trailer.


June must of been the birthday for directors known for their gory films. So break out House by the Cemetery, The Beyond, or maybe even Zombie!


Sorry for the lack of updates as of late. From battling the stress of the day job, and having little bouts of vertigo (not the movie), it’s been pretty tough to get some updates here. But hopefully we will have some more cool things to add in the very near future.

We are currently working on several new projects. We are putting the finishing touches up on two new entries into our Hall of Fame section. Also, in conjunction with Video Junkie, we are also working on a new Message Board, which should be pretty interesting. But for now, here’s some great DVD news to hold you over.


Anchor Bay has announced some great titles that they will be releasing this fall. One of the best titles announced is Kathryn Bigelow’s Near Dark. It will be a THX-Approved 2 disc set, which will feature a 16×9 widescreen, DTS & Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound. But it will also have an audio commentary by the director. It will also have a new 47-minute documentary, which will contain interviews with the cast and crew, including Bill Paxton, Lance Henriksen, Adrian Pasdar, and more. Other features include a deleted scene with commentary by Bigelow, storyboards, poster and still gallery, a behind the scenes still gallery, trailers and more to come. If you have a DVD-ROM, you’ll be able to view the screenplay as well.

Anchor Bay also comes through with another entry in their Hammer films series. This latest is To the Devil A Daughter. Besides a trailer, it will feature interviews with actors Christopher Lee, Honor Blackman, Anthony Valentine, the director Peter Sykes, writer Christopher Wicking, producer Roy Skeggs, and others.

Brian Yuzna’s very bizarre Society will also becoming out with in a completely uncut print with a 16×9 transfer, Dolby Digital audio, with audio commentary by Yuzna.

These titles are scheduled to be released at the end of September.

Anchor Bay is also working on The Initiation, Neon Maniacs, and Two Evil Eyes, the latter featuring an uncut print and interviews.

And following up on their Evil Dead series of releases, they will also be re-issuing another version of George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. This time out it features a newly (of course) remastered 16×9 widescreen transfer, with new DTS and DD surround sound, all new cast and crew interviews, all new audio commentary tracks, trailers, posters, and more. There is also a box set coming out with the different cuts of the film.

Romero’s Day of the Dead will also be re-issued in a deluxe version with audio commentary, interviews, and behind-the-scene footage.

In other DVD news, Shriek Show has announced the details on a couple of their upcoming titles.

Zombi 3 – Features interviews with Bruno Mattei (co-director, depending on who you ask), and writer Claudio Fragasso, as well as Ottaviano Dell’Acquq and Massimo Vanni (stars and stunt co-ordinator), and Marina Lori. This was the film that Fulci started then walked off the set after a couple of days, and Mattei stepped in to finish.

Sweet House of Horror – Features interviews with Robert Valdi, Lino Salemme, and an introduction by Cinzia Monreale.


According to Fangoria’s website, the original producer of 1978 film, Tony Didio has decided to update this cult classic. “The original Toolbox Murders came out around the same time as Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and when I saw that being remade, I figured it was time to do Toolbox over again too,” Didio says. “We’re just putting it together now and expect to begin shooting in Canada this fall, most likely Vancouver. We plan on hiring mostly Canadian talent.”

The original version is set to be released on DVD later this year.



It looks like there trying to sneak this one out of DVD / VHS. On September 24th, Vampires: Los Muertos will be released. This is the sequel to John Carpenter’s Vampires, with Jon Bon Jovi in the lead role. No real word or news about this film, shortly after it started production. That’s not a good sign folks.=

House of 1000 Corpses = Texas Chainsaw Massacre 5 ???

We’ve recently read the screenplay of Rob Zombie’s directorial debut. As much as I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt, he really should of just called this one Part 5 in the TCM series and left it at that. Hopefully he fills the movie with enough style to really set it apart. We’ll have to wait and see.

And while on the subject of Zombie and his movie, after he had cut down his movie to an R rating, which is what he was contracted to do, he went and re-shot a couple of new scenes, which he says, “probably pushed it back up to an NC-17. It’s a constant battle. I just can’t let go of the NC-17. It’s a tough one for me.”

7-4-02 HAPPY 4TH!

In the meantime, here’s a bunch of covers that will be coming out this fall from Image Entertainment. It looks like this Halloween season is going to be a costly one for us horror fans. There is some incredible stuff coming out.

Blood Drinkers

This disc will feature audio commentary by the producer Sam Sherman; trailers for The Blood Drinkers, the alternate title The Vampire People, the Blood Island Trilogy of Brides of Blood, Mad Doctor of Blood Island, and Beast of Blood, along with Brain of Blood and Blood of the Vampires. It will also have Blood Island stills and artwork gallery.

Blood Freak

“The world’s only turkey-monster/anti-drug/pro-Jesus/gore film!”

This is one of the strangest flicks I’ve ever seen. It has to be seen to believed. The extras along on this disc is worth the price. It has a 28-minute skin-noir featurette from 1969 called The Walls Have Eyes, featuring Steve Hawkes, one of the stars of Blood Freak. It then has a short film called Brad Grinter, Nudist, who talks about the virtues of being a nudist. Grinter is the co-director of Blood Freak. And even more, it also has a short films about narcotics, religion, and everything you wanted to know about turkeys!

But wait there’s much more. It also has trailers for Blood Feast, The Blood Spattered Bride, Bloody Pit of Horror, Color Me Blood Red, The Dorm that Dripped Blood, I Drink Your Blood, Night of the Bloody Apes, and Flesh Feast.


Like all releases from Something Weird, this disc will have tons of extras. It will contain 3 minutes of gory outtakes from Night of the Bloody Apes, along with theatrical trailers and TV spots for both NIGHT and Flesh Feast

It will also have trailers for Face of the Screaming Werewolf, The Flesh Eaters, Flesh Feast, Invasion of the Flesh Hunters, Blood Spattered Bride, I Dismember Mama, Tender Flesh, Werewolf in a Girl’s Dormitory, Corridors of Blood, plus more.

It also contains some strange and bizarre short films like Gorilla and the Maiden where a gorilla goes for a stripper in this Burlesque novelty short film. Rita Martinez takes on Clara Mortensen in The World’s Championship Women’s Wrestling Contest. Plus many more ape related shorts.

All three of these have a release date of 9/24/02.


This double feature disc will have audio commentary by Majestic International FIlms’ Jeffrey C. Hogue and William Girdler biographer Patty Breen. It will also contain 7 minutes of rare “Asylum of Satan” behind-the-scene footage. Trailers for Asylum of Satan, Don’t Look in the Basement, Dr. Tarr’s Torture Dungeon, Horror High, House of Missing Girls, House of the Damned, The House that Vanished, Mansion of the Doomed, and Murder Clinic.

There is also some interesting short features. Such as Satan’s Dance, starring Burlesque Queen Lorraine Lane. In the 30-minute featurette The Soul Snatcher, Satan offers a woman everything in life is she promises to wear a pair of Satanic Shoes!

And lastly, there’s a ghastly gallery of Ghoulish Comic Cover Art with horror audio rarities, a collectible booklet: Girdler, the Devil, and Asylum of Satan by Patty Breen.
This has a release date of 9-3-02


Something Weird has dug up these two rare films for one great double feature DVD. The best of the bad.

The disc will feature trailers for Bloodsuckers, The Body Beneath, Caged Virgins, Daughters of Darkness, The Legend of Blood Castle, A Taste of Blood, The Vampire and the Ballerina, Vampire’s Coffin, and The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy.

It will also have Two Adult Fanged Featurettes. The first one is called Dracula and the Dirty Old Witch, where gets a pre-Viagra love potion. The second one, called Sex and the Single Vampire, stars John Holmes as Count Spatula, who learns about lovemaking. This has a release date of 9-10-02


This strange British film was originally released in 1966 under the title Naked Evil, and is about a two gangs battling it out. When one gang turns to Jamaican Black Magic, a demon is released, and the real trouble stars.

Then in 1973, shortly after the release of The Exorcist, this film was released with new footage added to it, calling it Exorcism at Midnight. Lawrence Tierney stars in the new footage. This version of the film also features surreal “Multi-Color” visual effects.

The disc will have extensive promotional and production photo gallery, and Midnight Marquee article by Bryan Senn. This has a release date of 9-10-02


Eddie Romero and John Ashley’s first entry in the Blood Island Trilogy. This disc features a newly re-mastered print with its original tinted footage presented correct and intact for the first time..

The disc will also feature audio commentary by producer Sam Sherman, a Special Brides of Blood Ring promotional trailer. As well as theatrical trailers for Brides of Blood, Mad Doctor of Blood Island, The Blood Drinkers, Beast of Blood, Brain of Blood, and Blood of the Vampires. Along with Blood Island stills and artwork gallery, Beverly Hills pin-up Gallery, and “House of Terror” live horror show promo.


This is the second feature in the Blood Island Trilogy. This film is also presented newly re-mastered from the original film elements. It also contains the classic prologue where the audience is instructed to drink a magical green potion as they recite the Blood Oath.
It will also contain audio commentary by producer Sam Sherman, as well as the trailers as on Brides of Blood.


This Paul Naschy film has been newly re-mastered from the original negative, and will feature16 minutes of “rarely-seen, ultra hot erotic footage, as well as an alternate main title, and trailer.

All of these three titles have a release date of 9-24-02


This rare slasher film from the 80’s, featuring Tom Savini’s trademark splatter effects. This disc will feature the film completely uncut and uncensored. It will also feature audio commentary by Producer / Director Joseph Zito and Tom Savini, along with behind-the-scene gore footage from Savini. It will also have the trailer, and poster and still gallery.


This classic film featuring Peter Cushing, John Carradine, and Nazi Zombies, has been transferred from the director’s own vault print and digitally restored for this release. The features will consist of audio commentary by Director / Co-Writer Ken Wiederhorn, Makeup designer Alan Ormsby, and filmmaker Fred Olen Ray. From Flipper to Shock Waves: An Interview with Luke Halpin, Trailer, TV and Radio spots, Poster, Still and production art gallery.


This great Cameron Mitchell film is presented uncut, and fully restored from its original negative. It will feature audio wit Producer Tony DiDio, Director of Photography Gary Graver, and stary Pamelyn Ferdin. An interview with star Marianne Walter called “I Got Nailed in The Toolbox Murders”. As well as trailer, TV and Radio spots, poster and still gallery, and Cameron Mitchell bio.


Director of such classics as The Manchurian Candidate (and the abortion remake of Island of DR. Moreau) passed away today at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center of a stroke due to complications following spinal surgery, said his business manager, Patti Person.

Early last month, he had dropped out of the directing chair of The Exorcist prequel due to having back surgery. I can just hear the rumors and stories about his death being caused with his connection to the film.


The Encore Channel will add George Romero’s name to the list of their documentary series The Directors. His show will include film clips and interviews with actors such as Ed Harris, Adrienne Barbeau, Hal Holbrook, Amy Madigan, and Stanley Tucci. It premieres August 1st. The series will also cover the careers of Tim Burton, Ridley Scott, Roger Corman, and Peter Jackson in the future months.


It looks like Ronny Yu did such as great job with his Chucky sequel, that he is the newest name to be attached to long-awaited project. Hopefully Yu will bring the style that he use to have in HK, and was able to show a little of it in Bride of Chucky.


This report was sent to us from our local RotLD expert Will Wilson. Will tells us that the print that was used apparently was the new transfer, since it not only sporting the MGM logo, but that it was the best looking print that he has seen. And knowing Will, that’s saying a lot.

But one little problem. Just as the scene cuts to the intro to the punks, a different song is used. The song “Dead Beat Dance” by The Damned is gone and replaced with another punk song. We’re guessing this is the same print that is to be used for the upcoming DVD.


Here’s another one passing that does bum me out. Steiger was not only a great actor, but never afraid to go over the top in some pretty low budget films. No matter what the type of film, he always gave it his all. Some of my favorites of his work is The Amityville Horror and The Kindred. Steiger passed away today from pneumonia and kidney failure.


Get ready for Tremors to hit the Sci Fi Channel in a one-hour show next January. Set in the famous town from the first and third movies, the show has the residents battling the underground monsters and other strange creatures, as well as the U.S. Government sticking their noses in. The series will be ‘guided’ by the movie series Brent Maddock & S.S. Wilson (writer/directors) and Nancy Roberts, (executive producer).


Boy, is that a lame lead in, or what? Anyway, director Dante Tomaselli’s (Desecration, Horror) next film project will be Satan’s Playground, which is described as a “all-out scarefest with a vacationing family lost in the woods with the Jersey Devil lurking around. Ellen Sandweiss, from the original Evil Dead, is set to star, along with Sleepaway Camp star Felissa Rose.


After he does the sequel to Spiderman, it looks like Raimi will tackle the movie adaptation of the comic book, 30 Days of Night, by Steve Niles, which is about a town in Alaska that each year goes a month with no sun. Which makes it a target for a vampire invasion. At first Raimi was just to produce the film, but now, according to Cinescape, he will in fact be directing the movie. It probably will be some time before we see this film, since the Spiderman sequel starts rolling next January.


In other directing news, Paul Anderson will write and direct the Alien vs. Predator movie for 20th Century Fox. The story is about a scientist who is hatching Alien eggs to drawn the attention of Predators for study. As many times as we’ve heard about this one being made, I wouldn’t be counting on it just yet.


And of course, what’s another week without news about a remake. This time it’s David Cronenberg’s Scanners that is getting the treatment from Artisan, who apparently still have some money left over after the Blair Witch sequel mess. No director has been announced yet.


For those in the Chicago-land area, in the Midwest, or hell in the US, you may want to head to the Windy City the first weekend of August for the Flashback Weekend Convention. They have one the best guest lineups for any show that has been in Chicago in quite a long time.

Headlining the show, in the Godfather of Gore himself, H.G. Lewis! Then, if you’re fans of some cult film called Evil Dead, damn near the all the major cast will be there as well. Here’s the complete list of who is scheduled to be there:

H.G. Lewis, Bruce Campbell, Betsy Baker, Ellen Sandweiss, Sarah York, Tom Sullivan, J.R. Bookwalter, Robert Z’Dar, Ben Chapman, Richard Kiel, and Felissa Rose

Then, in case that wasn’t enough, they will also be showing movies as well. How about seeing Two Thousand Maniacs, being introduced by the director? How about seeing Evil Dead and having a Q&A with the stars? And of course, my personal favorite, seeing the Rankin/Bass classic Mad Monster Party? on the big screen! They will also be screenings of Evil Dead 2, Moonraker, Sleepaway Camp, Cannibal Holocaust, and a special 3-D version of The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Yes, we will be there, enjoying the sites and sounds of the show as well. If you are planning to go, which you shouldn’t been putting any thought to, stop by our tables and say hello!

7-26-02 MGM DROPS 1000 CORPSES

According to Rob Zombie, a comment he made during an interview on MTV’s Movie House, made MGM decide to drop the movie. When he was talking to Ben Affleck about Universal dropping his movie, he said that Universal said the content was morally objectionable. Then about MGM picking it up, Zombie joked, “Apparently they have no morals over there. They’re happy for some blood.”

But then…”MGM got wind of it and got so pissed off they shut us down the next day,” Zombie said. “We went into editing, and they were like, ‘Get out.’ … They went berserk. And literally, they never called me or any of the producers. They had assistants call the editing room and they were like, ‘Get out.’ It was over in a second, we couldn’t get any resolve on it. It was very strange.”

The following Monday, MGM said that they had never planned to distribute his movie. An spokesperson from MGM said “It was falsely announced in Variety that we had the project. We never had a deal with Rob Zombie. We were in negotiations, let’s put it that way, or we were thinking about it.”

But according to Zombie, “MGM came on board. It kind of never really got out, but they were paying all of the bills, they were editing, it was all on their dime, they were investing. So once the studio’s paying their money, you know they’re into it.”

So now Zombie is back to the beginning, except now he owns the film. He stated that he has hired a company to do the prints and the advertising, and he is going to release it himself.

Does this mean that it’ll go back to the original unrated version? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


The original Japanese novel by Koji Suzuki that started the newest Japanese horror craze will be coming out in an English translation in September. I’m sure they won’t released the original movie to theater or DVD until well after the American release is out. Don’t want the general public to have anything to compare it to. Well, those of you out there that have seen it, know that they are going to have one hell of a movie to live up to.



CINEMAGIA/WTF, a Brazilian company, will be releasing a box set that will contain six Coffin Joe DVDs, all in full-fledge special editions. The titles are:

  • At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul
  • This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse
  • Awakening of the Beast
  • The Strange World of Coffin Joe
  • The End of Man
  • Hallucinations of a Deranged Mind

These will be All-Region NTSC, with English subtitles, as well as Spanish and French. The DVDs will also feature tons of extras, such as interviews with screenwriter R.F. Luchetti, other artists, musicians, and actors involved with the films. Also expect commentary tracks by Coffin Joe himself, along with documentaries, trailers, rare photos, comic books, and more. Stay tuned for more details.


An independent distributor, Hen’s Tooth has announced a widescreen release of Neil Jordan’s cult classic twist of Little Red Riding Hood, The Company of Wolves. It will feature a newly re-mastered anamorphic widescreen transfer (1.78:1). The only extras are still gallery and trailer. It’s due out in the middle of October, with a SRP of $24.95.


Warner Home Video has announced that come October 1st, Pennywise the demented clown monster will be hitting DVD, with full-length commentary by director Tommy Lee Wallace and several of the cast members.


Elite Entertainment (are they still around?) will be releasing an uncut European version of this rare film. It will feature audio commentary by director Richard Franklin, still gallery, filmographies, and trailer. The SRP will be $24.95, and will be coming out on October 22nd.


Tomorrow, the Italian Master would of been 88 years old. In honor of this, break out one of his many classics, such as Black Sunday, Black Sabbath, Baron Blood, Lisa and the Devil, or even Blood and Black Lace. A talent like him is sorely missed…more today than ever.


Sorry for the lack of updates as of late, but we were trying to get ready for the Flashback Weekend Convention this weekend. Well, it’s over now and had to be one of the best shows that I’ve been to in almost a year. Not since the Cinema Wasteland shows have I had this much fun. Within the next few days, expect a major update, with tons of photos from the show, with a report on just why this was a great show.


As promised, we have one hell of an update this time out. Read below for details about the Flashback Weekend, new reviews, some misc. news, and also our Trivia Giveaway Prize. Read on.


As mentioned before, we were at this great convention last weekend and had a hell of a time. You can check out our report by either going to our Celebrity Photo section.


At this convention, we got to see Blood Feast 2 and Bubba Ho-Tep. To read our review, check out our Review section.


Are you a fan of H.G. Lewis? Think you know a lot about him and his movies? Want a free copy of the McFarland book Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore signed by Lewis and David Friedman? Click here to be taken to the contest rules and questions!


Apparently he’s in line to direct the latest remake from Universal. This time it’s a newer version of The Creature from the Black Lagoon. I’d like to believe this would happen, but I’ve heard del Toro’s name attached to so many projects that never seemed to take off. So I’ll just wait and see on this one.

But some definite good news for fans of del Toro’s work, Lions Gate Home Entertainment will be releasing a deluxe DVD edition of his first film, Cronos. It will feature a new video transfer, a commentary track, “huge excerpts” from his short films, interviews, and much more. There will be a regular edition, along with a limited collector’s edition box which will come with a replica of the Cronos device from the film, along with the CD soundtrack. Mark me down for one of those.


Peter Bogdanovich’s first film Targets, starring Boris Karloff as an aging horror film star comes to DVD next year. This is a great little film, and is pretty disturbing, even by today’s standards. Plus Karloff is excellent. The disc will probably contain extras, such as commentaries and others.


If you are like me and are a fan of movie soundtracks, you definitely want to check out Screen Archives. This places has tons of cool soundtracks, some of them pretty damn rare. And most of them are at great prices! For those fans of Hammer films, instead of paying $25 to $30 for those new soundtracks put out by GDI Records, you can get them from Screen Archives for only $15!

I’ve just received my first order from them and am very happy with what I got. Titles like The Changeling, Q-The Winged Serpent, Scars of Dracula, and The Resurrected, and more. I even just placed another order with them for this newly released special 2-CD set of the original The Fly movies.



Shriek Show have recently announced some more titles that they have acquired the DVD rights to. Look for Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals (aka Trap Them and Kill Them), Killing Birds, Patrick Still Lives, and The Virgin of Nuremberg (great news, since is a personal favorite). But to hold us over, next month they will be releasing Zombi 3, and at the end of October Zombi 4: After Death will be coming out.


While this long awaited film starts going before the camera next month in Vancouver, it doesn’t look like Kane Hodder will be donning the ol’ hockey mask this time out. Even though Hodder has played the character in the last four movies, New Line is apparently is rethinking the character. They want to make Jason more sympathetic and more equal to Freddy in a physical standpoint. According to New Line, they are looking for someone “who can emote pain and anguish over the loss of a loved one…someone with poetic eyes.” They are looking to change him into a “sad, pathetic, Phantom of the Opera type character.”

Excuse me, but just what the hell are they talking about? Why don’t they just create a whole new character to battle Freddy? They want to take a character that is so well established in the horror genre, but then they want to make him into something completely different? Fine. Then don’t use Jason and create something else. Jason…sad and pathetic…who can emote pain and anguish? Give me a break.

The only good part out this whole thing is that it seems that they will be going back to the days of rubber makeup applications as oppose to CGI effects.


For fans of this awesome series from the early 70’s, in case you didn’t already know, Starz Encore’s Mystery channel has been playing the original series every weekday at 6pm EST, and then replaying them in the middle of the night, in case you happened to miss it.

But this labor day, the Mystery channel will be having a 24-hour marathon of The Night Gallery episodes. Part of this marathon celebration, will be an original documentary called Art of Darkness: A Night Gallery Retrospective. This will be shown on September 2nd, at 8pm EST, and will be hosted by Leonard Nimoy.


It seems that everybody’s favorite drill sargent, R. Lee Ermey will be joining the cast of the new remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He will be playing Sheriff Hoyt. Funny, don’t remember any sheriffs in the movie…

8-28-02 TOO MANY DAMN DVDS!!!!

We’re blaming the lack of updates due to all the awesome titles that have been coming out these last few weeks. We are anticipating having quite a few new reviews up in the next few days.


Last weekend, director Joseph Zito made an in-store appearance at the Virgin Megastore in Chicago. He was there to promote the upcoming release of his film The Prowler. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem that too many people knew about it. And that was a real shame, since Zito was a hell of a nice guy, and was very friendly and very eager to answer any questions we had about The Prowler, or even Friday the 13th 4: The Final Chapter. The Prowler will be released next Tuesday. It is another title to add to the “Must Have” list.


Fans of the early German silent films will be very excited to hear this news. On September 24th, they will be releasing a 4-disc box set that will contain restored and re-mastered editions of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, The Golem, and Waxworks. All titles also feature new and improved English subtitle translations and will be available separately at @24.95 each. The box set retails $89.95. Although if you go to Kino’s website, you can get them at a discounted price. Here’s the details:

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
Transferred and restored from a 35mm print, featuring the original color tinting and toning. The disc also includes a 43-minute condensation of Robert Wiene’s Genuine: The Tale of a Vampire (1920), behind-the-scene footage of Wiene on the set of I.N.R.I., two different musical scores to choose from, still gallery featuring photos, posters, and production sketches.

Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror
This print is mastered from a color-tinted 35mm negative. The disc also contains large excerpts from other films by F.W. Murnau, such as Journey into the Night (1920), The Haunted Castle (1921), The Last Laugh (1924), Faust (1926), and Tabu (1931). This also has two different musical scores to choose from, still gallery, scene comparison: novel, screenplay and film.

The Golem
His disc features an excerpt of Julien Duvivier’s 1936 film, Le Golem. Scene comparison, featuring excerpts of Murnau’s Faust (1926) and Chayim Block’s book The Golem (1925), still gallery of photographs and artwork.

The disc includes Paul Leni’s 1926 short, Rebus Film I, and excerpts from Douglas Fairbank’s The Thief of Bagdad.


In case you haven’t noticed all the titles that came out this week from MGM on their Midnight Movies label, you can check them out now on MGM’s own little website offshoot, about these little gems.


If you have picked up the recently released The Fog by MGM Home Entertainment (and if you haven’t, you should do it right away), there is some additional footage hidden on the disc. Here is how to find it.

From the disc’s Main Menu go to the ‘Special Features’ section. Once you get there, press the ‘Right’ arrow key on your remote control twice and you will highlight a pair of eyes. Now, press the ‘Enter’ button on your remote control and you will see some behind-the-scenes footage about the creation of the special effects, complete with music from the film’s score. Thanks to DVD REVIEW for the info.


This news comes from Don May and his Synapse website, about their future releases of the famous Japanese films Entrails of the Virgin and Entrails of the Beauty on DVD. Apparently he has gotten quite a few emails asking if the films were going to be uncut and also un-fogged. Here’s what he had to say:

“I figured I should take a moment to explain something. The two Entrails movies have never and will never be presented without the digital “fogging”. During the making of the films, the actors wore small patches over their genitals to cover up their public hair. So, even if the films weren’t “fogged”, you’d see the actors on screen with white tape over their private parts. There was never any version of either of these films with full nudity that wasn’t obscured.”

He then also adds that both films will be uncut.


For fans of this strange and bizarre man known as Coffin Joe and his films, this is going to be an incredible release. The films to be in the box set are At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul, This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse, The Strange World of Coffin Joe, Awakening of the Beast, The End of Man, and Hallucinations of a Deranged Mind. Each disc is filled with tons of extras from documentaries, brand new interviews, scream tests, and much, much more.


Before we get to the News and Reviews, just a couple of reminders.


Tomorrow is the birthday of the man responsible for tons of awesome movies such as Horror Rises from the Tomb, Hunchback of the Morgue, Night of the Howling Beast, and also Curse of the Devil. So this would be a great time to see back and put in your favorite Naschy Werewolf movie while wishing him well.


There is only one more month left before the Cinema Wasteland show in Ohio, during the first weekend of October. This is the show that you don’t want to miss! Just check out their site for all the details. And as always, if you are going, stop by and say hello.


It seems that maybe our three little questions were too hard for you out there? Well, sorry about that people, but with a prize that’s probably worth over $75 on ebay, those questions are going to stay there until someone gets them. We got that book to give away on our site, and by God were going to do that….It just may take some time. If you haven’t check out the questions, just click here.


Here are three awesome titles that Image has announced to be released in November.

  • Beast of Blood – Audio Commentary by Independent International’s Sam Sherman; Lost Scenes; Theatrical Trailers for Beast of Blood, Mad Doctor of Blood Island, Brides of Blood, Brain of Blood, Blood of the Vampires, The Blood Drinkers, Horror of the Blood Monsters, Raiders of the Living Dead and Curse of the Vampires; Illustrated Liner Notes by Jim Arena; Blood Island Image Gallery; Interview Documentary with Director Eddie Romero; Celeste Yarnall Interview with Sam Sherman
  • Blood of the Vampires (aka Curse of the Vampires) – Audio Commentary by Independent International’s Sam Sherman; Theatrical Trailers for Beast of Blood, Mad Doctor of Blood Island, Brides of Blood, Brain of Blood, Blood of the Vampires, The Blood Drinkers, Horror of the Blood Monsters, Raiders of the Living Dead and Curse of the Vampires; Illustrated Liner Notes by Jim Arena; Blood Island Image Gallery; Interview Documentary with Director Eddie Romero
  • Brain of Blood – Audio Commentary by Independent International’s Sam Sherman; Interview Documentary with Director Eddie Romero; Theatrical Trailers for Beast of Blood, Mad Doctor of Blood Island, Brides of Blood, Brain of Blood, Blood of the Vampires, The Blood Drinkers, Horror of the Blood Monsters, Raiders of the Living Dead and Curse of the Vampires, Blood Island Image Gallery; Illustrated Liner Notes by Jim Arena; Rarely-Seen House of Terror Live Horror Show Promo


We are happy to announce that Hoby Abernathy has won our little trivia contest. He will be receiving his copy of Randy Palmer’s excellent book Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore, signed by both Lewis and David Friedman. Congratulations Hoby, you earned it.


Well, we’ve all read the announcements / rumors of what John Carpenter’s next project is going to be. From doing a sequel to The Thing to a remake of Curse of the Demon. Well, here’s my two cents worth.

As much as I’d love to see a sequel to The Thing, especially with Carpenter behind the camera, it would really have to have a huge budget. If they were going to go with the style of effects as in the first one, you know they would be going with a lot of CGI. And for that to look good, we need money… Jurassic Park kind of money. What could be worse than seeing a Thing-creature looking something like from American Werewolf in Paris. Now, maybe there wouldn’t be a lot of the gore effects, and he’d go with more atmosphere. Then I think he’d disappoint a lot of fans looking for just that.

Personally, I’d love to see him tackle the Demon remake. I think he could take that great film and put a nice newer version together. But in either case, until I really hear that the camera have started rolling, it’s hard for me to get excited about it.


According to Fangoria, Spanish superstar Santiago Segura has joined the cast of the newest entry in the Re-Animator series, which has already begun filming in Spain. For those of you who are not familiar with Segura’s work, he was in Alex de la Inglesa’s Accion Mutante & Day of the Beast (and many others) as well in Blade 2.

This is another movie that I would really be happy about…but…I still have lingering memories of Brian Yuzna’s Faust. Even with Combs in there, and Screaming Mad George doing the effects, it still didn’t help that piece of crap.

And as much as I love the character of Herbert West, I have some really bad feelings about this. I hope to hell that I’m wrong. But it just seems like they might be writing West out of the series and starting with a new and younger doctor. Like Carpenter’s next movie, we’ll just have to wait and see.


Speaking of Blade 2, Dark Horizon reports that Luke Goss might be reprising his role of the mutant vampire Jared Nomak in the third Blade film. “I don’t know how I reappear in the movie – it’s possible I emerge from the embryos that you see at the end of Blade 2. I’d like to appear in less make-up. Writer David Goyer is thinking about a Planet of the Apes type of twist – it’s very, very interesting,” Goss says.

For you fans out there of Blade 2, I highly recommend highly going out and picking that DVD release up. It’s got a second disc just filled with extras. We’re hoping to have a review up in the next few days, but don’t wait for that. Go buy it.


For those in the Chicago area, the Music Box Theatre has announced it’s fall season, and it’s packed full of classic films for it’s matinee and midnight showings. Below is a listing of what is playing and when. If you can, go out and support one of the best Art House theaters in Chicago!

MATINEE SHOWS – all shows at 11:30am

  • Psycho – Sept. 21, 22
  • The Haunting – Sept. 28, 29
  • Jaws – Oct. 19, 20
  • The Exorcist – Oct. 26, 27
  • Nosferatu (1922) – Nov. 2, 3
  • The Bride of Frankenstein – Nov. 9, 10
  • Night of the Demon – Nov. 16, 17
  • Freaks – Nov. 23, 24
  • Village of the Damned (1960) – Nov. 30, 31
  • The Night of the Hunter – Dec. 7, 8


  • Psycho – Sept. 27, 28
  • Halloween – Sept. 27, 28
  • Jaws – Oct. 18, 19
  • The Exorcist – Oct. 25, 26
  • Evil Dead – Nov. 1, 2, 8, 9
  • Evil Dead 2 – Nov. 15, 16, 22, 23
  • Army of Darkness – Nov. 29, 30


It seems that due to the expensive legal fees that Forrest Ackerman has accumulated during a lawsuit against a former partner, he is selling his house, and his extensive collection is going up for auction. Now, while I’m not the biggest fan of Ackerman, I do appreciate what he’s done. And his collection has to be one of, if not the largest in the world of movie memorabilia. The fact that this is going to be auctioned off, or may even end up in the trash is just pathetic.

What’s even worse is that all of these people that Ackerman has inspired or helped in the industry, people like John Landis, Frank Darabont, and even some guy named Steven Spielberg, you’d think that maybe they could pitch in some cash and have this stuff made into the museum that it ought to be. Come on, they couldn’t afford a few $$$ and have an official Ackermansion Museum opened up? Shit, you know if they did it right, and charged a nominal entrance fee, you know people would go there by the droves.

Coming from being an avid collector myself, news like this just depresses the hell out of me. The stuff in his collection is a part of movie history that should be recovered, restored, and saved, just as much as an old movie.


We have also gone through our Links page and changed a few things. Added a few, got rid of quite a few cob-websites, and also categorized them as well. Hopefully it will be a little easier on the eyes.


We’ve updated our Mini-Poll to question your favorite of another great low budget filmmaker, Don Dohler. Cast your vote!

As for the H.G. Lewis poll, the winner was of course Blood Feast with 43%. But I would like to know why no one bothered to ask me why Two Thousand Maniacs wasn’t included in the poll! I just noticed it myself when I was changing it over. I’m sure that would of given Blood Feast a run for it’s money. Second place went to Gore Gore Girls with 25%.

We’ve finished our review up this disc that shows you just what a special edition DVD is.


At the Toronto International Film Festival, David Cronenberg’s newest film, Spider, took home the award for Best Canadian Feature. The film stars Ralph Fiennes as a mentally ill person who has been institutionalized for over 20 years having schizophrenia.

I’m sure with Cronenberg behind the camera, we are once again going to be in for a hell of a treat.


Larry Cohen, director of the original 70’s film about a killer mutant baby, is going to be meeting with Warner Bros. about a possible updated remake. As reported to Fangoria, Cohen states, “I think it would translate very well today, what with all the stuff about cloning, and the predetermination of one’s traits and the hunting down of those creatures that are abnormal. Many of my films, especially It’s Alive, have been very prophetic that way.”


Yea, we’re a little late on these little news bites, but figured might as well. Once again, we’re blaming it on all the damn DVDs coming out as of late. Add that with us trying to get ready for the convention of the year (that would be Cinema Wasteland) next weekend. Once again, we can’t praise this show enough. Okay, so Ken makes sure we have a nice table with all this praise, but that’s besides the point.


Well, you can stop paying those high prices on eBay for that out-of-print DVD from Anchor Bay. It looks like they will be releasing another version, this time a 3-disc set?!?! Apparently they have found the once thought lost original negative and will be releasing it the first half of next year. Not really sure of the extras, but with 3 discs, one would think it would be quite a bit.


Hugh Jackman has signed on for Stephen Sommer’s latest project. I’m wondering if he’s going to make this the same type of film that his Mummy movies have been?

In the latest issue of Fangoria (#217), editor Tony Timpone starts off his editorial by stating his sadness for Hodder for not being able to be involved in his “dream project” Freddy vs. Jason. It seems to me that Tony was jumping back and forth over the fence, first crying foul, then defending the studio’s reasons for the change, then back again, praising Hodder.

Sorry guys, but nothing against Hodder and his performances as Jason, but come on. Like Tony said himself, “we’re not talking Hamlet here!” To think that he is the only guy that is able to give a good performance of Jason is just plain stupid. Maybe next time Hodder won’t tell the director just what Jason will or will not do. I’m sure that had nothing to do with the studios dropping him.


Probably one of the most sought after Hammer films, next to Twins of Evil, has to be Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter. Which is pretty strange when you think about it. The film didn’t really do well when if first came out. But over the years, the fans of the film seemed to grow steadily in numbers.

Not really sure who will be putting the disc out, but Blue Underground recently recorded an audio commentary for the disc, which includes writer/producer/director Brian Clemens and actress Caroline Munro. Fans of Hammer should be thanking George Reis of DVD Drive-In for his undying determination to get these Hammer classics released. Also, according to George’s site, they will be announcing another Hammer title to hit DVD very soon.

It seems that Roger Corman is developing a TV series to be simply called Roger Corman Presents. According to the New York Post, it will be an anthology series where Corman will act as the onscreen host. Sounds a lot like Hitchcock’s old show. Not really sure what type of genre the series will deal with, but with Corman at the helm, I’m sure it’ll be entertaining. Although, these last remakes that he’s been involved with…..


Well, I’m sure there were more than that at the Cinema Wasteland convention this past weekend. We are still recuperating from show, but are hoping to have our report and photos up in the next few days. In the meantime, we have some news bites, and some other items to hold you over. Once again, it was nice to see some of you at the show, stopping by the table to say hello. It’s always nice to see the faces on the other side of the monitor.


We have finished our review for S.F. Brownrigg’s Don’t Open the Door. You can find it in the REVIEW Section. We should have our review for Crocodile up as well in the next couple of days.


We also hope to add another section on our Review page, covering Movie Soundtracks. I have always been a fan and collector of soundtracks, enjoying the feelings and memories of the movies that the music brings back. It’s still under construction, but hopefully won’t be too much longer.


Yea, I know our Merchandise page hasn’t been updated in quite some time. Our excuse is that every time we would get around to getting it almost updated, we’d have another convention to do, and then would have to start over again. Lame excuse, I know. But we are going to make a conscious effort to not only get it updated. But also revamp the look of it, and keep it updated with new stuff when it becomes available, as well as taking off the stuff that has already been sold.


For those few of you out there that are fans of some little movie called Evil Dead, you may want to check out the newly opened website of Tom Sullivan, creator of the makeup effects and more for that film. Click here to be taken there.


Well, the American remake of Hideo Nakata’s Ring hasn’t even hit the theaters yet and already deals are being make for a remake of Nakata’s first film Don’t Look Up (aka Ghost Actress). Made back in 1996, the film deals with some filmmakers being bothered by a ghost of a murdered actress. Distant Horizons have picked up the rights and are looking for a screenwriter.

There are also questions being asked about a sequel to the American version The Ring. It sounds like the producers are holding off until they see how the first one does, and if a sequel could be worth doing.


According to, NECA have the license to produce collectables based on all six of the Hellraiser films, which include the new film that hasn’t been released yet. The figures will be in 7″ scale and could feature Cenobites from any of the six movies. I would think that the original four will be the first ones to come out, but we’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully the details of these will be as nice as the Tortured Souls figures, or the original McFarland figures.

They are also working on a “high end” Lament Configuration prop replica as well.


Lion’s Gate Entertainment (why do we keep hearing that name?) will be releasing the 1970 horror anthology film The House that Dripped Blood next August. This was one of the many awesome anthology films produced by Amicus in the 70’s, always with a great all star cast. This was is no different with Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Ingrid Pitt, Denholm Elliot and many more. This was also another film that was written by American horror writer Robert Bloch.


DVD Drive-In have reported some more awesome news for us fans of Hammer Studios. Paramount Home Video will be releasing the last Hammer / Frankenstein movie that started Peter Cushing, Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell. Blue Underground has produced the audio commentary with stars David Prowse and Madeline Smith this last September, which will released next year. No word yet on if it will be the uncut version or not. One can only hope.


For fans of Lewis and his movies, and might not have been able to make it to the Cinema Wasteland show last weekend, now is your chance to pick up a nice addition to anybody’s collection. We have a few copies of the excellent book by Randy Palmer called Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore for sale. This book retails at about $32.00. Just check on Amazon. But our copies have been signed by both Lewis and star of Blood Feast and Two Thousand Maniacs Connie Mason! The price for this rare collectable is $50.00. Drop us a line if you’re interested. Don’t wait, limited quantities available.


For Chicago area fans, director Guillermo del Toro will be at the Gene Siskel Film Center on Friday, October 18th, at 8:45pm. There will be a screening of his film The Devil’s Backbone with a Q&A with the director. We are going to try and be there, but being on a Friday night, it’s going to be tough. In any case, if you haven’t seen this film, I would highly recommend going to see it on the big screen, since I found it very entertaining.


Now that most of us had already purchased the first release of Black Christmas, it seems that this December a new special edition will be coming out with a few interesting extras (Those bastards!).

The new release will have digitally mastered audio and video, along with an all new documentary that will feature new interviews, called Black Christmas Revisited. It will also have two different audio commentary tracks. The first one will be with director Bob Clark, while the second is with John Saxon and Keir Dullea. Also included will be original English and French trailers, original TV and radio spots, alternative title sequence, interview with John Saxon, and reversible cover sleeve, including the original 1974 artwork. Like I don’t have enough DVDs to buy, I have to start buying the same title again. Who’s putting this out anyway, Anchor Bay?


First of all, not only have we finally gotten around to updating our Books For Sale section, but we’ve also reformatted it, to hopefully make it a little easier on the eyes. We are constantly getting new titles in and hope to updated that page, as well as the other Merchandise ones as well on a more regular basis. Promise! Anyway, check it out in our Merchandise section and let us know if there’s any questions.


It seems that werewolf movies are the new rage. First up, it’s Angelina Jolie who might be growing a little more hair soon. She is suppose to star in a new werewolf film based on the novel Bitten by Kelly Armstrong. It’s about a woman who has learned to control her lycanthrope tendencies to live among humans. But she has to return to her Canadian pack when they start bringing in criminals in. But this may be a while before we see it, since Jolie still has a few pics on her plate, including Tomb Raider 2.

And then who else to plagiarize any genre than Kevin Williamson. After Wes Craven’s remake of the Asian film PULSE got put on hold, he and Williamson will join forces together to “re-invent” the werewolf genre with Cursed. Set in Los Angeles, production will be starting there right away, for a release next August.


Okay, so let’s say your going to make a movie about two girls that are kidnapped and murdered by a gang of escaped criminals. So why not get David Hess and Marc Sheffler, stars of Last House on the Left, which seems to have a very similar plot, and call it The House in the Middle of Nowhere. The film will also co-star Sage Stallone, Deborah Lacy and Chantal Berry.


Shock Rocker Marilyn Mason will be doing the score and background music for the new remake. Andrew Bryniarski will be playing Leatherface. And according to Internet Movie Database, Andrew Prine will be playing “The Old Man”. Whether or not this is Grandpa or not, we’re not sure, or even if that’s accurate.


Fans of these awesome British animated characters will love the news of there next project. Creator Nick Park says that the first feature film featuring his most famous characters will be called Wallace and Gromit: The Great Vegetable Pot, which are looking for a 2005 release. Park says “I can tell you that in the way we often borrow movie references (Ealing comedies, Hitchcock, etc.), this one borrows most from B-movie horror and British horror. But it’s also about vegetables, so we often describe it as a vegetarian horror movie. The rest you’ll have to imagine” It’s just too bad that we have to wait until three years for this.


Apparently Media Blasters is updated a couple of their recent releases, adding more stuff to them. Zombi 3 will have an additional audio commentary track with star Beatrice Ring and Deran Sarafian. It will also contain a new interview with makeup FX artist Franco Di Girolamo.

The other title is Two Vampire Orphans. They will re-issuing this with a new PAL conversion that will take care of the “ghosting” that the first release had problems. No extras to be added on this one.

In both cases, you be able to exchange the previously purchased editions of the disc for the new ones. The upgrades should be out by the end of the year.


For the last week or so, we’ve been going through our video titles, slashing the prices to an all time low. We’re looking to move these folks, so if you are interested, pick them up now while you can. There are a huge number of titles for only $3.00 each. At these prices, they shouldn’t last long.

Our next project is inventorying the rest of merchandise, like posters, pressbooks, and other misc. items that will be up on the site soon. Stay tuned.


We’ve added a new topic for our poll. This one should get a few more people involved. It will also be interesting to see what people are using the most. Please take a second and post your thought.

As for our last poll, there doesn’t seemed to be the huge Don Dohler fan base out there, which is a real shame. If you get the opportunity, you should check out some of his work. It is worth the time, and hell, you might even be entertained.

But for this poll, Dohler’s first film, Alien Factor took home the prize, with 44% of the votes, which I think was a total of 8 out of 12 votes. Come on people, I know you’re reading those. Take a few seconds and give your opinion.


Our membership fee is coming up for our Message Board. No, unlike other sites, we don’t ask for money to help run the site. But we don’t want to spend the extra money if nobody is going to use it. Let us know (or not). We’d love to hear your opinions on what’s going on out there, what you’ve seen, and whatever you would like to ramble about. But if we don’t get any use out of it, we’ll close it down. Just remember, you’re opinion (while may be heavily criticized…just kidding…kind of) it won’t be censored or deleted…unless you’re a really bad speller…


Tomorrow night, the Mystery Channel is having a documentary on George Romero, and then on Thursday, one on Wes Craven.


In the latest attempt at forgetting how to create something original, Paramount is going to be doing a remake of the 1975 film The Stepford Wives, with Nicole Kidman in the lead role, originally played by Katharine Ross. Except, to make matters more confusing, this version is suppose to be a “sophisticated black comedy”. Frank Oz is directing. Can’t say I’ll be looking forward to this one.


Shiri Appleby and Winona Ryder (unless she’s doing time) are in talks about joining the cast of Stephen Sommer’s Van Helsing, along with cult favorite Udo Kier.


The character of Herbert West, wonderfully portrayed by Jeffrey Combs, is one of my favorite horror characters to come out of the 80’s. At one point, I wouldn’t of cared how many Re-Animator sequels they made, as long as it had Combs in his bloody white jacket, I’d have no problems with it.

But after reading some of the latest news about the film, and that Brian Yuzna is directing, I’m having second thoughts about it. First of all, I did enjoy Yuzna’s Bride of Re-Animator. But after seeing some of his last projects, especially Faust, I’m not too thrilled as of late. Then in the article from Fangoria’s website, “Yuzna adds that as so much time has passed since the last film, the first part of the new movie has been shot to have more in common with recent genre hits like Scream (girls in panties menaced by anonymous phone calls, teens being slaughtered by an unseen killer) than with the first two installments. The story then kicks into prison-movie mode and ends up with West back to his old tricks.”

One can only hope. But on a good note, the film will also co-star (hopefully in a bigger role than in Blade 2) will be Santiago Segura.

Screaming Mad George is doing the effects. Once again, SMG has done some great things, and is one twisted artist. But then look at some of the stuff from Faust…

Lions Gate will be distributing the film in the States.


Andre De Toth, who is best know to us horror fans as directing Vincent Price in the 3-D classic film that started Price’s career rolling, passed away according to Variety. He was 89 or 90, depending on which report you read.


Once again, DVD Drive-In comes through with some great news for us Hammer fans. We all knew that MGM was going to be releasing Vampire Lovers in the future, with extras such as commentary. But now, it looks like they will be releasing it as a double feature DVD with Countess Dracula! This title will also have audio commentary by it’s star Ingrid Pitt, as well as the director Peter Sasdy and screenwriter Jeremy Paul. The release date will be some time next August. I guess we can wait. It’s not like I don’t have enough other titles that I need to watch after these last couple of months.


Dark Horizon is posting a little news bite about the Ladies of Evil Dead were mentioning at the Chiller Show last week that they are in talks with Raimi and Campbell about a possible new Evil Dead film.

Strange how Campbell has been saying at the last few shows that there’s no way in hell that Raimi is going to do another one. He’s too busy working on the next Spiderman movie. And with Spiderman making a shitload of money (almost $200 million on DVD / VHS sales just for this last weekend), I just don’t see Raimi going back to the trenches to make a low budget film like that. And I really believe that he doesn’t really want to be remembered for making those movies. Besides, if he did go back, it would be an all out Stooges-like comedy, not even resembling a horror film. Of course, that’s just my feelings.


We have lost another great director, Antonio Margheriti. Sometimes known as Anthony Dawson, Margheriti is responsible for some classic films, working in many different genres.

Some of our favorites are Cannibal Apocalypse, Killer Fish, Castle of Blood, and an incredible film called The Virgin of Nuremberg.

Margherit passed away on Monday of a heart attack in Monterosi, near Rome. He was 72 years old.


“You know the drill: An announced “guest” doesn’t appear … and visitors blame the missing guest, not the show.” – H.G. Lewis

I’ve been going to Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors shows for almost 15 years, with the last 5 of those as a dealer. As of late, they’ve seemed to have started getting a reputation again of having celebrities that are scheduled to be at their shows not showing up, due to whatever reasons. Now I’ve heard rumors that some of these guest were never even contacted about doing the shows, such as Rob Zombie at the last Manhattan show. But that was always second hand news, or basically hearsay, so we were never really sure that was really happening. Until now.

The last two shows I’ve been to (Flashback Weekend & Cinema Wasteland) had H.G. Lewis there, who is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. Well, as you can tell by Fango’s website, they also have him on the guest list for their Brooklyn show in January. So I asked Lewis about doing the upcoming show. He knew nothing about it, and said that nobody from Fangoria has contacted him about doing the show. He was even more surprised when I emailed him the full page ad in the latest issue of Fango, showing his name and face as one of the headliners.

In his reply, he said the above quote, and couldn’t be more right. Now doesn’t this make you wonder? Is Lewis the only one that doesn’t know about the show? Is it worth spending the money on hotel and travel to go to the show, hoping that they actually talked to the guests before hand? This year they are billing David Cronenberg and Luigi Cozzi, both making their first convention appearance at Fango. But it’s not worth it for me to take that chance that they actually going to be there? Not for me, not anymore.

Now I did give Fango a chance to answer in on this. I sent both Tony Timpone and Michael Gingold and email, asking them about this situation. That was about 3 days ago, and I still haven’t gotten a reply. I would have thought that they would have wanted to say something in their defense. But apparently not yet at least.


I had planned on adding another entry in my Kryptic Ramblings about my buddy John Russo and his latest venture. Then I realized that me ranting on about Russo is about as repetitive as Anchor Bay’s Evil Dead releases. So instead, I’ll just sum up a few thoughts on his latest scam.

In the last issue of Fangoria magazine (#218), I came across the scariest thing that I have seen in that magazine in many years. On page 37, there is an advertisement for the John Russo Movie Making Workshops. The ad reads “Learn it all, writing, directing, shooting, distribution and profit sharing from the master of low budget Film making.”

In all honesty, I do have to give Russo credit for this scheme. Let’s think about this for a minute. If he gets 20 people to join this seminar, paying (I’m assuming) $1000-$2000 each, that’s $20,000-$40,000 to finance his new movie. Then he’ll have the “students” do all the work, that way he doesn’t have to pay for a crew.

Then, he is also having a Screen Writing Workshop, that the best screenwriter will get to co-produce their film the at the following year’s Movie Making Workshop. In other words, you write a great screenplay, and he’ll make the movie next year, using the student’s money, your screenplay that you paid him for you to write. I just don’t get it.


Well, we finally did get a response from Fango editor Tony Timpone, and here’s what he had to say:

“You are right: Fangoria and Creation would never list any guests without confirming them first. It’s the talent that cancels. We always have plenty of guests so I don’t have to list bogus ones.

Regarding H.G. Lewis, both the producer and director of his new film told me that they had contacted him and that he agreed to come. I didn’t contact HG myself, as THEY were planning on flying HG in for the event, not us. Though we are of course excited to have him. I’ll clear it up with HG personally.

The best place to check for convention updates is It is updated all the time so fans can check before purchasing tickets.

Thanks for your concern.

So, in the first paragraph, he says that they would never list any guests without confirmation. Then he states in his next paragraph that they never spoke to Lewis personally, but the director and producer of his new film said he agreed to come. Okay, but then why aren’t they advertising the director and producer at the show along with Lewis? Once again, they are going by what somebody is telling them with no real confirmation. So does that mean that someone else has told them that Cronenberg will be there?

Plus, as for the little comment about checking Creation’s website for updates, a couple of years back, they didn’t post that Rob Zombie wasn’t going to make it until exactly a week before the show .

I guess Fango should join company with John Russo as far as my bitching about them. They are not going to change, and I think I’m getting tired of complaining about them both to no avail.


Yea, I know I said I’d stop bitching, but that was before I received this last email. I had emailed the Official Jeffrey Combs website on a whim, just to see if they knew about his scheduled appearance at the NY Fango show. For what it’s worth, this was their response:

“Thanks for your question and it is a very good one. Right now, Jeff is undergoing negotiations with Fangoria and a final contract has not been signed. He is aware that he is listed which is a common practice amongst the convention organizers, but is a practice Jeff does not appreciate.

All I can tell you is to stay tuned to the website and or the message board for updates.

Wish I could be more help, sorry,


So once again, guests are advertised without being confirmed. This has been my point all along. I could really care who is to blame, be it Creation or Fangoria, the facts still remain of what they are doing. They want to get fans and dealers to come out to the show with the hopes of all these guests will actually be there. Okay, that’s it….I promise.


We are finishing up the last touches of our latest interview. This time out, we have talked to the wonderfully demonic actress / musician Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni, who starred in such classic films as Dario Argento’s Opera and Phantom of the Opera, and Lamberto Bava’s Demons 2, among others. We’re hoping to have it up in the next couple of days.


According to Tom Sullivan’s website, Tom and Patrick Reese will be working on Hellboy, the next movie from Guillermo del Toro. They are not really allowed to give any details of what exactly they are working on, but are very happy and excited about the new project. I know we are looking forward to what Sullivan can contribute to this new project.

As reported on the Fangoria website, Synapse Films will be releasing the cult film Lemora: A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural on DVD sometime next year. According to Don May Jr., “We’re doing a high-definition, 16×9-enhanced anamorphic transfer from the original negative, supervised by Richard, who of course is also doing an audio commentary. We are treating it with the utmost care; believe me, no one has ever seen the film look like this.” May also says that there will be a dedication or tribute to Cheryl (Rainbeaux) Smith, who recently passed away.


According to Entertainment Weekly, Rick Baker will be doing the makeup effects for Cursed. This is the new werewolf movie from Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson. I’m sure this will also re-invent the whole werewolf genre too. Craven will still be doing the American remake of Pulse after this film.


Well, after frustrating hours, we have finally gotten our Poster Gallery revamped, making it a lot easier and sharper looking (at least we think so). We have also added a few new posters in there, including some more donations. Thanks again, Brett. Keep them coming! Click here to check out the Gallery.


We have also finished out much delayed interview with the Demon Lady herself, Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni. She talks about her roles in Italian horror, as well as working with the likes of Argento and Bava. Click here for our Interview section.


Yea, it has been a while since we’ve gotten some new reviews up. While we’re still working on quite a few, including the Blood Island Trilogy, we do have one new one to check out. It’s for All Day Entertainment’s All Monsters Attack!, which is a great collection of monster trailers. Check out our Reviews here.


They have recently announced some more interesting titles that they will be releasing in the future. One title that we are looking forward to is Gary Sherman’s Dead and Buried. This was released in the U.K., but not here. They also announced Fight for Your Life (aka I Hate Your Guts), Bloodrage, and Venom, which stars both Klaus Kinski and Oliver Reed! How could you go wrong with the two of them in one film!

Also, Lynn Lowry has been interviewed for a featurette about her career that is going to be on DVD for George Romero’s The Crazies which will also be coming from Blue Underground. If you don’t know the name, you’d know the face. Lowry was in a few cult films of the 70’s. Besides The Crazies, she was in I Drink Your Blood and Shivers. She even had a bit part in Paul Schrader’s remake of Cat People as the hooker who finds a cat under her bed.


I’m still confused by this one. According to Fangoria’s website, the poster for the new movie May, which was going to have a limited theatrical release from Lion’s Gate in January before going to video, was banned by the MPAA. Is this a first time for that, or has this happened before? I wonder what they would think about some of the poster art that was used years ago? Plus the fact, from this artwork, I don’t understand what was so objectionable? No gore or nudity? What’s their problem?


Greetings folks, and sorry for the delay in updates. I celebrated Turkey like any horror movie fan did and spent the weekend watching movies. Some good, some bad, and all entertaining. I was even able to crank out some reviews over the last few days as well. Recently added to our Review section is our findings on the Blood Island trilogy from Eddie Romero and John Ashley. These discs by Image are a must for any serious horror fan. We also have a review up for Dog Soldiers and Deathmaster (another must!).


Now, I know that I don’t make it out to the theaters as much as I’d like to. There are films out there that I’d like to see, but just never seemed to get around it. But over the weekend, I tried to go see the new version of The Ring, and couldn’t believe my eyes. At some point in time, the ticket prices here in Chicagoland have hit $9.00. To be honest, I think I remember them breaking $8, but even that is a little blurry. But lucky for me the showing of The Ring was sold out, so I was able to get a refund.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew that the tickets were getting expensive, but for some reason, it’s the first time that I noticed that it was at $9.00.  Well, I figure why pay that much to see it in the theater once, when I can wait a few months and pick up the DVD for usually less than the cost of two tickets, and watch it as many times as I want, not to mention all the extras the DVD might have! $9.00 for a ticket! That is just plain ridiculous. No wonder why these movies are grossing more money than ever. I guess that just made my future movie going options a lot easier to decide.


Jack Pierce…the name that any serious horror fan would know. Probably as much as the actors, this man was a huge part in the creation of Universal’s Monsters. Pierce created the makeup for Frankenstein’s Monster, the Mummy, the Wolfman, and tons of others.

Well, this February, he will receive an Honorary Makeup Academy Award at a Beverly Hills ceremony. The plan is for Sara Karloff, Bela Lugosi Jr., and Ron Chaney to accept the award for Pierce, who passed away in 1968. This is something that should have happened years ago.

Plus, also next February, the U.S. Postal Service will be issuing a series of commemorative stamps to honor cinematic artistry.  Pierce applying the makeup on Karloff for Frankenstein will represent the “Makeup” stamp.


Okay people, listen up. For fans of Mario Bava, this will be a mute point, since you already know. But for you out there who aren’t that familiar with Bava’s work, and live in the Chicagoland area, here is your chance to check out some of this best work in the place where it was meant to be seen… in a theater.

Starting next month, the Gene Siskel Film Center will be having a retrospect of Mario Bava featuring 12 of his films. Some of the titles include Black Sunday, Black Sabbath, Twitch of the Death Nerve, Kill, Baby Kill, Lisa and the Devil, The Girl Who Knew Too Much, and Kidnapped (aka Rabid Dogs), a recently rediscovered “lost film”.

I know we will be trying to make as many of the films as possible, so hopefully we’ll see some of you out there. This is an opportunity that you won’t want to miss. For more information, check out the site for the Gene Siskel Film Center. There are no dates yet, but should be up pretty soon.


We hate to keep bringing this up, so this will be the last mention. It seems that not to many people want to use our little message board to speak their thoughts and opinions. And that’s fine. No big deal. When the next renewal of the board, we will not be continuing it. For it to cost us money for something that no one is using, it’s just not worth it. And we don’t want to get like these other sites and ask for money to help pay for the site. We will never do that. We do this for the fun of it. And when it stops being enjoyable, then we will shut it down. But until then, if you do want to see the Message Board continue, we need to hear from you people.


According to, the new series of 7″ collectables from the Hellraiser movies by NECA will not be issued in order by movie, but by a particular look.  Series 1 figures will include Chatter from the first and second film, CD-Head from part 3, and Pinhead, as well as a non-Cenobite creature will be in the group.

In other collectable news, McFarland have announced the next lineup in their Movie Maniacs series.  This time out, they will all be characters from the Alien and Predator films. The lineup consists of the Dog Alien from Alien 3, the Warrior Alien from Alien Resurrection, Predator the Hunter from Predator 2, and also a regular Predator, also from Predator 2. There will be a box set that will consist of the Alien Queen from Aliens, which will have a full custom base and other extras.


According to Dark Dreams website, the title of Argento’s next film will be The Card Dealer and should start filming in March. Stefania Rocca is set to star.


Among the other half a dozen projects that Guillermo del Toro is working on is a remake of Universal’s 1954 classic Creature from the Black Lagoon. He talked to Fangoria at the recent 2002 Sitges Festival about this project. “I’d rather direct Creature from the BLack Lagoon than watch someone else screw it up. That was my thought when Universal called me in for talks. I’ll be given carte blanche to develop the story, although I will bring in another writer. I want to set the story in Victorian times during the exploration of the Amazon. The original Creature was essentially King Kong, but I want to make it more a ‘beauty and the beast’ fable. I want the look and feel to be akin to Jules Verne’s tales like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I want to increase the horror edge and make it really scary, because my archaeological explorers will discover an area of the Amazon that has been kept on a tangential track of evolution alongside mankind. So there will be giant carnivorous squid, prehistoric sharks and weird alternate lifeforms that shouldn’t really exist in such a fresh-water environment. The Creature will be the Man of this exotic world. He will be very smart and able to turn the tables on his human hunters. I have a scene where the hunters find fossil remains and realize that the Creature’s brain cavity is larger than a human one. He’s not the lumbering, roaring monster of Ricou Browning’s day, but a sophisticated Gill Man that will come to life through a mix of CGI and a man in a suit. In the original film, the Creature falls in love with the Julie Adams character. The twist in my version is that the girl will also fall in love with him. I want her to almost get it on with the Creature!”

There was also talk about it possibly being in 3-D, like the original.  But according to del Toro, “but the problem is that such as process would severely limit the number of venues in which it could be released. And you cannot use 3-D as an afterthought, because it’s quite a cumbersome and complex technique.”

He also sees Benicio Del Toro in a major role in the film, but nothing has been discussed as of yet.


Mike and company are once again working on bringing another great show next year to the Chicagoland area next spring. Actually, they will be putting on two different shows.

First, on May 9-11, there is the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fan Event. So far they only have James (Spike) Marsters, but will have more Buffy guest to be announced. Marsters’ band Ghost of the Robot will also be there as well as performing.

Then on June 13-15, Flashback Weekend 2 takes place. The guest lineup so far consists of: P.J. Soles, Kevin McCarthy, Judith O’Dea, Linda Harrison, Michael Berryman, J.R. Bookwalter, Ken Foree, and Tom Sullivan. More guests to be announced.

Once again, there will also be movies being played at the Picwick Theater. Last year, not only did they show classics like Evil Dead, Two Thousand Maniacs, but also sneak peaks of Blood Feast 2 and Bubba Ho-Tep.


For fans of horror soundtracks, this is some great news. In January, Numenorean Music will be releasing the complete scores to both Re-Animator and From Beyond on CD. This is the same company that had previously released the soundtracks for Day of the Dead and the 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead. This bit of news comes from the Gorezone website. We’ve emailed Numenorean Music for more info, but haven’t heard back from them yet. From Beyond has always been one of my favorite scores. I used to have the LP many years ago, so am looking forward for this release.

While on the subjects of soundtracks, Perseverance Records will be releasing a couple of titles that may interests horror fans. The first one is Dr. Phibes Rises Again by John Gale. The second one is Denny Zeitlin score for the 1978 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Each disc will have an 8-page booklet that will contain stills and artwork, as well as comments from the producers, directors, and composers, and liner notes by film music critic Paul Tonks.


At the end of next April, Anchor Bay will be releasing their second release of George Romero’s Day of the Dead. This time out, it will be a 2-disc set that will feature a brand new THX certified 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer, remixed Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround EX and DTS 6.1 ES surround tracks. It will also feature an audio commentary with Romero, 2 featurettes, still galleries, the complete screenplay, trailers, and a collectible booklet.

Anchor Bay is also releasing yet another version of Army of Darkness. This will be another 2-disc set, called the “Boomstick Edition”. No real details have been announced yet, other than it will contain both cuts of the movie (theatrical and the extended version). It will be out next March.


The second feature from the very promising Dante Tomaselli, simply called Horror!, will be coming out on DVD from Elite during the first part of next year. Tomaselli showed some great style and imagery in his film Desecration, and we are looking forward to see what he has come up with for his second feature, which by the way stars Felissa Rose (from Sleepaway Camp).

The disc will feature a bunch of extras like audio commentary by the director, behind-the-scenes footage, still gallery, and an anamorphic widescreen transfer.


I’m sure you’ve noticed the lack of updates lately. Of course, some of this has been caused by the holiday season creeping up on us again. So we’ve been pretty busy buying all those little movies on DVD for our friends and family. I mean, what would make someone more happier than opening up a DVD of Mad Doctor of Blood Island on Christmas?

The other main reason is that it seems that once again, I have contracted some sort of sinus infection. Nothing major, but just enough to make me feel miserable, and not feeling like doing anything like watching movies or working on this site. Sorry about that folks. Hopefully in a week or so, we’ll be back to our normal wonderful self. No promises though.

So before we get onto the little bit of news that we have, I just wanted to wish everybody a very Happy Holiday from us at Kitley’s Krypt to you and your family. Hopefully Santa will be nice to you and deliver some great DVD titles as well.


The Gene Siskel Film Center has posted the films and times for the first part of their festival featuring the works of the great Mario Bava. Below are the dates and times for the first five films to be shown, starting in the first weekend in January.

  • Black Sabbath – Saturday, Jan. 4th at 8:00pm and  Monday, Jan. 6th at 8:00pm
  • Black Sunday – Friday, Jan. 3rd at 8:00pm and Jan. 6 at 6:15pm
  • The Girl Who Knew Too Much – Saturday, Jan. 11th at 6:15pm and Wednesday, Jan. 15th at 8:00pm
  • Kill Baby Kill – Saturday, Jan. 18th at 6:00pm and Monday, Jan. 20th at 8:00pm
  • Knives of the Avenger – Sunday, Jan. 12 at 4:00pm and Wednesday, Jan. 15th at 6:15pm

Then also at the Gene Siskel Film Center, they will be have another series of lecture / screenings called The Cinema of Horror, from January 24 to May 6. These screenings will take place on Tuesdays and Fridays, but the lecture part will only be on the Tuesday screenings.  he lectures are by Tom Gunning, Professor of Cinema & Media Studies at the University of Chicago and author of The Films of Fritz Lang. According to the site, “Prof. Gunning will investigate the ways in which the combination of horror and cinema brings us to the extremes of experience, as illustrated by such chillers as Nosferatu, The Bride of Frankenstein, Cat People, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Psycho, and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.”

I don’t know about you people, but that sounds pretty damn interesting. First of all, getting to see these films, such as Texas Chain Saw Massacre on the big screen is cool in itself. Then second of all, to be able to hear one of these film professors give a lecture about it makes it even better. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a lot of more quotes for my Psycho-Babble section.

The first film is going to be the 1922 film Nosferatu, with live piano accompaniment by David Drazin. It will be shown at 6:30pm on Friday, January 24th, and at 6:00pm on Tuesday, January 28.

I strongly recommend going to these screenings if at all possible. What this does is show the institute just how many serious fans of these movies are out there. Plus, if you attend the lecture, who knows, you just might learn something that you didn’t know before.

When we get more info on the other films and showtimes, we will post them here.

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