Movie Review: Monster! Martians! Mad Scientists! Horror in the Atomic Age!

Horror in the Atomic AgeI love documentaries on the horror / sci-fi genres, especially when you get to hear from the people that were directly involved with them. There are ALWAYS great stories that we usually never get to hear unless you catch one of them at a convention, or maybe an extra on DVD or Blu-ray. So when I first heard of this new 3-disc documentary called Monster! Martians! Mad Scientists! Horror in the Atomic Age!, it had my interests. When I discovered the price was only $15, I did have some doubts because it was so cheap, especially for 3 discs, but I figured at that price, it was worth taking the chance.

I’m glad I did!

The 3 discs are divided into time frame categories. The first one, entitled The Atomic Age, starts in the early ’50s and gives us a look back at that time and the films that were coming out. While this is about the movies, we get to hear and understand what was going on at that time period, with the constant threat of atomic destruction hovering over their heads, and how that effected the movies. The second disc, entitled A World Gone Mad, covers the second half of the ’50s with the big-bug movies, alien invasions, 3-D movies, and more. The last disc, called Fade to Red, covers the early ’60s and how times were changing, due to the Vietnam War, the Civil unrest, and how the films were reflecting that with more realistic gore and terror.


Between the 3 discs, you get over 5 hours (!!!) of interviews, intercut with trailers and clips from all these different movies that we love. Even if you didn’t grow up in that time, these are so much fun to watch, as well as learning a lot about the making of them. You’ll hear from close to 50 different people involved with our favorite classics, getting to hear some amazing and funny stories, from new interviews with Julie Adams, Brett Hasley, Laurie Mitchell, William Schallert, Colleen Gray, Victoria Price, James Best, Robert Dix, Bob Burns, James Karen, to a few archival interviews with Roger Corman, John Carradine, Bert I. Gordon, Ricou Browning, Sam Arkoff, and more. Ron Adams, the genius behind the Monster Bash Conferences and Monster Bash Magazine, appears throughout the discs, offering up not just a fan’s point of view, but making very valid points about the films discussed. With all the interviews from the actors, writers, and directors, it comes back to Ron and his comments, bringing us back to reasons we’re fans in the first place.


I had so much fun watching these discs, making me want to revisit so many titles covered, and even now needing to check out a few that I haven’t see yet! And for this set, with 5 hours of entertainment and information, will set you back a whopping $15!!! I couldn’t believe at that price for all that you’re going to get. Just like some of the titles from the movies covered, this set is Amazing and Colossal! I would have paid double the price and still been completely happy!

Check out the trailer for this set below. For ordering information, head over to Operation 13 Production’s site HERE for all the details and information. Order your copy now. You won’t be disappointed.


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