Soundtrack Review: The Phantom of the Opera (1989)

Phantom of the Opera 1989 SoundtrackThe Phantom of the Opera (1989)
Released by Restless Records
20 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 36 min.
Music Composed and Conducted by Misha Segal

I was one of those fans eagerly awaiting for this film to hit the theaters. I knew Robert Englund was much more than just Freddy Kruger so I was excited to see a new version of one of my favorite horror characters. I was not expecting the music to have an much of an impact on me as it did. So much so that I was drying for the score to get a release on CD!

Let me start off with saying that the track Graveyard Violin is one of my favorite pieces of gothic music, with such a haunting sound and melody, eerie and sad at the same time, that just like in the movie, it puts you in a trance. The rest of the score follows with some amazing pieces, including the haunting vocal piece of the Don Juan Triumphant. Even with the opening track, we’re filled with a mysterious theme, sounding big and loud, but keeping this dark and ominous theme throughout it.

Even with some tracks being a little louder and bigger than you’d expect for a gothic tale, it still brings the heart and soul of the Phantom’s character. The music is still there to enhance what we’re seeing on screen and Segal’s music does quite well, giving us a whirlwind of emotions, from terror to tragedy. It still remains one of my favorite scores all these years later.

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