More Hammer Horror on Blu-Ray

Curse of Werewolf Blu-rayTrust me, I’m not one for double and triple dipping. But when it comes to Hammer Films, when they are released on Blu-ray, usually looking just freaking stunning in all their glorious color, it really is hard to pass up. Even more so, when they have a special offer to get a limited edition poster print of the cover art by Mark Maddox! Which is exactly what they have announced for their release of The Curse of the Werewolf (1961)! Just look at that amazing artwork, which would look just beautiful hanging on any Hammer fan’s wall. But don’t wait too long because this offer is only until the supply of posters runs out. Just click HERE to pre-order yours now. You may think it is a bit pricy but considering the poster you’re getting, it is one hell of a deal. The Blu-ray is set to be released on April 21st, with no extras announced just yet. But I’m sure Scream Factory will do their usual stellar job.

While on the subject of Hammer Horror, they have announced two other titles coming to Blu-Ray: Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter (1974) and The Lost Continent (1968). What is really interesting about those two titles is that they seem to get a bad rap because they are so different, but I’m here to tell you they are both damn entertaining flicks. Captain Kronos is a very unique vampire film but brought something completely different than what we’re used to seeing, especially from Hammer. With this great cast, it is a damn shame it never spawned any sequels. This has a released date of April 14th, but no word on any extras.

As for The Lost Continent, this one is just bat-shit crazy! From pirates, to killer seaweed, to giant octopus and scorpions, to a cult worshipping some massive mouth pit-creature, there is more horror and outrageous adventure within this movie’s running time. Just so much fun. This has an April 28th release date, and again, no word on extras.

But if you’re a Hammer fan, you already know you’re going to have to add these to your collection.

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