Merry Axe-Mass & Happy Horror-Days!


From everyone here at the Krypt, we wish all of you and yours a very Happy Holidays. No matter what you believe in, or don’t believe in, the one thing that we all should is the simple act of being kind. I’ve always said that as a species, humans suck for the most part. The way our government works, the medical system, everything about getting to the top, no matter who you’re stepping on to get there. Damn shame really. But until our Lord Cthulhu shows up, there are still those out there that really do try and tilt the scales, showing that we do have the capacity to do good and to care for our fellow man.

So thank you to those that go the extra mile to help a friend in need, even if that means lending a caring ear. Those that donate time and money to a worthy cause. Those that spend time with their families. Or those that are just kind to one another. Those are the people give me hope, and are constant reminders of who I want to be. 

Here’s to you and yours… wishing you a Very Scary Christmas from the Krypt!


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