Sounds of the Season!

I swear, if it’s not all the new books coming out that is trying to get my money, it is the soundtracks! Between the scores I already ordered for titles like The Last Shark, The Witch and The Lighthouse (even before I’ve seen it?!?!?), I came across these two that I had no choice but to order! I mean, how can a lover of Italian horror and classic Universal monsters not have these two in your collection?

The first one is for Michele Soavi’s film La Setta (1991), also known as The Sect, or The Devil’s Daughter, depending on which release you got a hold of. With the score by Pino Donaggio, part of this was released on an earlier version by Cinevox, this release now contains 9 more tracks that have never been released before. It also focuses on Donaggio part of the score, where he even plays violin on it. This release is also limited to 500 copies, so if you’re a fan of this movie and/or the composer, I wouldn’t wait too long. The price is $19.95 and is available through Screen Archives Entertainment.

The second release is from one of the most famous of the Universal Monster Classics, The Bride of Frankenstein (1935), with the incredible score by Franz Waxman. La-La Land Records and Universal Pictures continue to put out some incredible releases of some classic soundtracks, which movie music lovers, like myself, are just eating up.

This is scored mainly from original acetates that were housed at the composer’s archives at Syracuse University, as well as additional elements discovered by album producer Mike Matessino, brings the most complete version of the score to the fans for the first time. It is not the entire score, but 43 minutes of it is still the majority of it and has all the notable moments of it. It also contains in-depth liner notes by Frank KI. DeWald, as well as John Waxman, the composer’s son. This release is limited to only 3000 units and can be ordered through Screen Archives or through La-La Land Records directly. 

Either way, I know both of these titles will be in my music library very soon!

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