Soundtrack Review: The Haunted Symphony

Haunted Symphony

We have been fans of Nox Arcana from their very first release, and 20 titles later, nothing has changed. They continue to create incredible soundscapes that are perfect for the Halloween season, or if you’re like most that are probably reading this, great for all year round!

With this latest release, The Haunted Symphony, Joseph Vargo has created an eerie and epic journey through this creepy composition. It reminded me of the old LP, The Vampyre at the Harpsicord, released in 1974 by Electric Lemon Records, except Nox Arcana goes way beyond this, creating a much fuller sounding orchestra, with violins, piano, vocals and so much more. Each track creates a certain kind of mood within the listener, either dark and brooding, or just creepy and chilling, it tells the tales of these ghosts that dwell within the music.

This is something that Nox Arcana excels in so much, telling dark stories within the notes of their music. And which is why I always look forward to their next release, another journey into the unknown.

You can purchase their latest through their website HERE. I would also check out their previous releases, some of which are on sale for only $5! 

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