Discover the Reviews!

LSoH43Thanks to Richard Klemensen for this great little review of our book, Discover the Horror, which appears in the latest issue of Little Shoppe of Horror, which has a great cover story on Peter Cushing’s Blood Beast Terror! Here’s what Richard wrote:

“As the cover blurb puts it – “One Man’s 50-year Quest for Monsters, Maniacs, and the Meaning of it All”, I’ve known Jon Kitley for more years than I care to think about. Ran into him again and chatted at this year’s 2019 Monster Bash. My wife bought zombie pillows from his wife at Wonderfest a few years back.

So – what we have here is something I absolutely gravitate to – one monster fan’s trip to monsterdom and how he done got there! Growing up in a large family – his parents divorcing – finally ending up with his dad in a town where he knows no one. Moves to several different schools and ends up with few friends. How he grew; how he learned to love reading, then movies. His wonderful, understanding wife, Dawn, enters his world. He indoctrinates his son into his world of Gods and Monsters – and lots of other cool stuff.

Two hundred fifty very dense pages. Some neat, personal photos and images. So… all I can say is onward and forward Jon Kitley. For the rest of you… latch on to this opus of love for our movies from the heart of Jon Kitley.”

LSoH8I’ve been reading Little Shoppe of Horrors since I picked up my first issue back in the early ’80s. It featured a big spread on The Vampire Lovers so I was immediately hooked and have been buying each and every issue since. And to think some 25+ years later, I’d get to see the infamous “Klem” praising my work… well, let’s just say that it is more than an honor.

Also, if you have already picked up a copy of my book and have read it, PLEASE do me another favor and post a review on Amazon. It doesn’t have to be a huge review or anything, a few sentences would be great. It helps bring up the circulation in other similar searches.

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