Music Box of Horrors 2019

Music Box of Horrors 2019The Music Box of Horrors has unleashed its final lineup for this year’s 24-hour marathon. And as always, they have gathered together one hell of lineup with some amazing titles in there, as well as a couple of great guests. Director John Hancock will be on hand for a screening of his highly underrated film Let’s Scare Jessica to Death. Very creepy and a must see. They will also be screening Dog Soldiers, one of the best werewolf movies to come out in the last two decades, with director Neil Marshall in attendance!

Taking place on Saturday, Oct. 19th, starting at noon and running to noon on Sunday the 20th. As we mentioned before, this will be the very first Music Box marathon that we will be missing and it really bums me out. But I’m guarantying those that come out to this will have a great time, just like the previous years.

Another great thing about this marathon is that all but 3 of the films are being screened from a film print. Two are being screened from DCP and one from Blu-ray, one from 16mm and the rest from 35mm. It shows the hard work the Music Box goes through to track down and acquire the prints of all these films, as opposed to just popping in a Blu-ray and projecting it on the big screen. So kudos to them for going the extra mile.

Demons 2

Here is the complete lineup and scheduled times:

12:00pm – The Man Who Laughs (1928) 35mm – Featuring a live musical score by Maxx McGathey
2:00pm – Office Killer (1997) 35mm
3:45pm – Let’s Scare Jessica to Death (1971) 16mm – Director John Hancock in Attendance for a Post-Film Q&A
5:45pm – A Tribute to Larry Cohen
6:00pm – Demons 2 (1986) 35mm
7:55pm – Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell (1992) Blu-ray
9:15pm – Dog Soldiers (2002) 35mm – Director Neil Marshall in Attendance for a Post-Film Q&A
11:45pm – Event Horizon (1997) – 35mm
1:30am – Retribution (1987) – UCLA 35mm
3:30am – Alligator (1980) – 35mm
5:15am – Tetsuo: The Iron Man (1989) – DCP 
6:45am – Halloween II (1981) 35mm
08:30am – The Fly II (1989) 35mm
10:30am – Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) DCP

dog soldiers

If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, just head over to the Music Box’s website HERE and pick them up now. It will save you a little extra $$ that you can spend on one of the many vendors that will be setup there!

Just don’t have TOO much fun without me…

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