Discover the Horror Book Launch!

DtH 1

Last Saturday, we had the official book launch party for my book Discover the Horror, at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago. I also had the wonderful opportunity to introduce the film The Giant Claw (1957) before the signing in the lounge area. Now honestly, going into this, I was hoping the film would have a good turnout, but expected it to be 4 or 5 of my friends that were coming out to support me. In reality, there was quite a bit more than that! In fact, we had several people there that had never seen the film before, so we knew they were in for a real treat.

DtH Giant Claw

After I introduced the film, I sat in the theater and not only enjoyed seeing it in a beautiful 35mm print, but to hear the audience roaring in laughter throughout the picture, is probably one of the best memories I will ever have in my life. If you had a good time with the movie and maybe would like to see other Turkeys screening there, send a little note to the Music Box saying how much fun you had and that they should do more. Never know.

Major kudos and thanks to Ryan and the Music Box Theatre for making that dream come true! They were so generous and helpful throughout the event!

Afterwards, my good friend Dr. AC guided me through a little Q&A about my book, before moving out to the lounge for the signing. I was pleasantly surprised on many levels. So many of my friends and horror family came out to support me, as well as a lot of new friends I made that came to pick up a copy of my book! So thankful and grateful to all of you. But PLEASE remember that once you read it, please go onto Amazon and post a review. Even if it is just a few lines, every review helps it appear more in searches and helps get it out there. Here’s some of the photos from the event.

If you missed it on Saturday, you can see the Q&A below, thanks to our new/old friend Cati Glidewell (Check her out on YouTube under The Blonde in Front) for recording it! But before we get to that, this coming weekend, we will be at the Flashback Weekend Convention, where we will of course have more copies of Discover the Horror (that I will gladly sign for FREE!), as well as doing a Q&A on Saturday at 12:30pm. So come out to the show, have fun, spend money on the dealers, meet up with other like-minded horror fans, and just have a great time. And if you’re bored at 12:30pm on Saturday, come to the Q&A room and ask me some questions about the horror genre! Oh yeah, if you’re looking for something to read, I might be able to suggest a title…

Flashback 2019

Okay, let’s get to that Q&A…


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