Discover the Horror Now Available

Book Cover Art 22819Discover the Horror is now available to the world! You can order your copy on Amazon now (just by clicking HERE) or you can order it directly from us. Just click on the BUY THE BOOK link at the top of our site, right below the banner for all the details.

It will be about a week before we have physical copies in our possession, so depending on how long you want to wait, and if you want it signed, you could always get it quicker from Amazon. Your choice!

Also remember, that if you’re in the Chicago area, we are having our official Book Launch Party at the Music Box Theatre on Saturday the 27th! There will be a special screening of The Giant Claw at 4:45pm, and then there will be a short Q&A with me afterwards, before we move out to the lounge area where you can buy your copy of the book and get it signed, if you so desire! And no, there will no charge for the signing. Not now. Not ever.

We have a Facebook event posted for this HERE or you can get information from the event page at the Music Box and buy your ticket for the movie HERE.

2 thoughts on “Discover the Horror Now Available

  1. Hey Jon,

    So all the copies of your book at Amazon are signed?

    I wasn’t sure if I read that right Thanks David


    • Sorry David, maybe I miss worded that. If you buy it from Amazon, it is not coming from me, so it won’t be signed. If you want it signed, you have to order it from me, or I would gladly sign it at any convention I’m at.


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