Soundtrack Review: The Devil Rides Out

devilridesout1cdThe Devil Rides Out
Released in 2000 by GDI Records
28 tracks with a total running time of 1:01:26 minutes
Music composed by James Bernard

Any fan of Hammer films should know the name of James Bernard. If not, start taking notes. Bernard was one of the main guys responsible for making Hammer films sound like they did. He created the music that surrounded the incredible colorful images that we were watching. Probably his most famous score was that of Horror of Dracula (just Dracula in the UK) where he would use the name of the film to create the main theme. The music is one of the things that let audiences know they were watching a Hammer film.

Within the opening seconds of Bernard’s score for The Devil Rides Out, we can tell what kind of film we’re in for. It is as if the film is reaching out from the screen and entering your brain through your ears! That is the power of Bernard and his music, which helped Hammer Films make the impact they did, and still do today. Here, Bernard gives us another classic Hammer score, filled with loud thundering tones, along with the quieter sounds of pianos and horns, building up the tension when he needs to, or letting us breathe at times, but always accompanying the action on screen. Track 5, “Protecting Simon” is a perfect example of how he builds that tension with very little music but is still very effective.

While these CDs are way out of print and not the easiest to find, if you can find one, any Hammer Films soundtracks are a must for a serious collector and well worth your time and money.

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