Soundtrack Review: Absurd

Rosso Sangue CDAbsurd aka Rosso Sangue (1981)
Released by Severin Films, 2018
Music by Carlo Maria Cordio
23 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 69 min.

The movie this score is from has been called more than a few names in its history, from Monster Hunte, Anthropophagus II, to Horrible, to the title it has been recently released here in the states under, simply Absurd. The original title of the film is Rosso Sangue and was directed by the one and only Joe D’Amato, with George Eastman in the lead role, as well as writing the film. Plenty of gore and a nonsensical plot, it is a fun ride for those fans of European cult cinema. But this soundtrack, by Carlo Maria Cordio is way better than it has any right to be, especially when it is for a film like Absurd! If fact, if you are a fan of Goblin then you will pretty much enjoy this score since Cordio follows the same musical path. Call it ripping off, homage, paying tribute, or whatever you want to, but it is still a great score.

With a very Goblin-ese feel to it, Cordio has created a score that hits many different levels. Right from the opening track, we get this combination of a piano and keyboard that works beautifully together, one building a haunting piano theme while the other gives us that strange ’80s synth sound but it blends together wonderfully. This piano theme comes back throughout the score with little twists here and there to keep it interesting.

The titles that Cordio worked on aren’t known for their cinematic achievements, such as in Ator and 2020 Texas Gladiators (both 1982), Aenigma (1987), Zombie 5: Killing Birds (1987), Shocking Dark (1989), Beyond the Door III (1989), and Troll 2 (1991), to name a few. But as much as I’m enjoying this score, it is making me want to seek out some of his other work to see if this talent transcends some of actual films he was scoring!

Previously released by Beat Records with a running time of 58:45 minutes, when Severin released Absurd on Blu-ray, the first 2500 copies including a copy of this score, the score runs 69 minutes. We’re not really sure what the difference is, but if there was ever a reason to order the Blu-ray of Absurd from Severin, now would be a good time. Just make sure they still have the soundtrack editions available. This release is a must for fans of the European films, and just for film score lovers as well.

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