Monsterpalooza – Part 5: Celebs and Goodbye!

We never bothered with going to the celebs that were signing outside in the hall, mainly because they were ones that have been convention regulars, plus the fact that I had no interests in paying for an autograph. But there were more than a few “famous” people wandering around the vendor room throughout the weekend. On Saturday, as Dawn, Scott, and me were wandering around, we were coming up to the Severin table and I see this hat from the back. I looked over at Scott and said, “That’s Richard Stanley! I can tell by the hat.” And I was right. In 1990, I was got to see Stanley’s first feature film, Hardware, in the theater. It was an incredible experience, filled with colors, images, and music, all intertwined together into this futuristic, post-apocalyptic tale of humanity, barely holding on. His second feature, Dust Devil (1992), was another visually stunning film. His latest film, Color Out of Space, is in post-production and I can’t wait to see it. Stanley is one of those directors that I had never met before, but always wanted to at least shake his hand and thank him for his work. And now, I got to do just that. Another one off my bucket list.

Richard Stanley

I also got the chance to meet Greg Cannon, who is a true icon in the makeup industry. Starting out as an un-credited assistants on films like The Incredible Melting Man (1977) or The Fury (1978), he has gone on to produce some incredible makeup effects, acquiring ten Oscar nominations, and winning on four of those occasions. His first win was for Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992), which remains one of my favorites. His work in creating the many different looks for Gary Oldman shows he rightly deserved that award and recognition.

Greg Cannon

There were several other faces that we’d see while walking around, people that I’ve met before so I was just pointing them out to Scott, such as Anthony Gardner, Kevin Yagher, Greg Nicotero, and Tom Savini. I also got to meet and chat with film historian David Del Valle. Always great to meet another friendly fan who promotes the genre!

David Del Valle

Of course, never in my wildest dreams would I ever thought I would get to meet this guy! I’m sure he was there to try and take some of the hype from this new King of the Monsters movie coming out! Even though he’s a friend to all children, he was pretty friendly to me!


We also got to see some pretty interesting and entertaining costumes, including the undead Evil Knievel, though I wonder how many people even knew who he was! Another fun one was Reggie the Ice Cream Man from Phantasm. Hot as love, man. Hot as love!

Frankenstein and meBut before we knew it, the weekend was over and it was time to come back home. Aside from a lot of walking, which took my body some time get back to normal, it was such a fun time at the show. We got to hang out with some our usual friends, like Don, Chris, Damien Glonek, as well as Scott and his wife Lisa. We got to eat at some different restaurants, and have our usual late night discussions of all things horror. How could that not be a fun time! Yeah, probably spent a little too much money when you throw in the air fare, the hotel, and all the cool things I picked up. But at the end of the day, isn’t it about just having fun and enjoying life? Might as well do what we can to relish these moments and make some lasting memories. Not sure if we’ll make this a regular stop on our tour each year, but I’m we’ll be back at some point. You just never know. 

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