Mystery Photo 4-29

If it was already obvious, our last photo was a little shout out and tribute to Rondo Hatton, mainly because the annual Rondo Awards was just finishing up the voting last Sunday. And now (hopefully) tonight the results of the voting will be announced. Of course, we can talk about the Rondos without giving thanks to David Colton for keeping the Rondos going with all this hard work! As for the photo, it was from House of Horrors (1946), where Hatton appeared in his second to last film. Congrats to the following that sent in the correct answer: Hoby Abernathy, Todd Barwick, Cate Cameron, Aaron Christensen, Rick Hayden, Troy Howarth, Erik Martin, Gavin Schmitt, Michael Shields, Todd Warren, Kristin Wicks and Greg Wojick.

Now this week’s photo is a tribute to someone else, but not that it ties in with anything other than he help mold my childhood. So take that as a hint, if you can. As always, please don’t post your answers here so others can have a chance at guessing. Instead, just send your guess to us in an email, to Good Luck!


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