Monsterpalooza – Part 2: Displays

monsterpalooza show

On Friday, we finally make our way over to Monsterpalooza. We were technically dealer “helpers” so we got in right away, and thankfully so because the line to get in was freaking huge each and every single day of the 3-day event. A little advice to those coming to this show, be prepared to be on your feet a LOT! With a concrete floor, it plays holy hell on your feet, legs, and back. At least I know it did for us. Plus, there’s not a ton of places to sit down either. Normally, as vendors, we get to sit behind our table more than wander around so it’s no big deal. But not being at a table, I really felt the effects of it by Friday night and really aching by the time Sunday was over. I think I need to take a vacation to recoup from this vacation!

flyRight away, I noticed these huge banners hanging from the ceiling in each aisle. They each had a different artwork from Basil Gogos of a famous movie monster, such as the Wolf Man or Bride of Frankenstein. That’s how the dealers were listed too, such as you were in the Frankenstein aisle. Something so cool and simple but yet really shows what this show is about… our monster heritage. Just loved it.

Something else really cool about this show, from a vendor standpoint, even though show did have a bunch of celebrity guests there that were selling their autographs, the vendor room seemed to be crowded the entire weekend. In fact, there were plenty of times where it was challenging even to get down an aisle. I loved the fact that it seemed that more people were there to see the vendors and the different demonstrations going on, rather than standing in line for an overpriced signature. Gives me hope. And trust me, there was plenty of great things to see in the vendors room. Some much talent on display there, from props from movies to busts and kits that were just unreal. Not being a vendor, one can get bored walking through a vendor room, but these incredible displays throughout the show really made it a lot of fun.

One of the things that sets this show apart from most shows that we go to are the displays. Not just the makeup transformations, but model kits and movie props. There is the Museum to walk through, which the line for that is just incredibly long, which really blew me away. Granted, once you get in there, you can see why. Unfortunately, my phone’s camera didn’t work too well since there wasn’t a lot of lighting in there but you can still get an idea. These were mostly life size replicas of different movies and they were amazing to see.

But outside in the main vendors room, there were a lot of busts, kits, and other eye-candy displays. While just about every piece was dead on in their reproductions, there were some that took it to a new level, such as this Pennywise bust. The head was full scale and was really good. But the base is what stole the show for me. As you look inside the little sewer entrance on the base, you see poor Georgie about to meet his fate.

One of the companies there had a bunch of props and replicas on display, including the notebook Martin Landau used when he was working on Tim Burton’s Ed Wood (1994), where he took home an Oscar for his performance as Bela Lugosi. Items like this isn’t something you’re expecting to see, but is very cool when you do.

Here are some other items on display at the show. Enjoy.

Next Up: Monsterpalooza – Part 3: Makeup!

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