Mystery Photo 4-1

Don’t worry… no April Fool’s joke here. Even if I thought about it, been way too busy to even have time to come up with a good one. So instead we’ll just concentrate on our Mystery Photo this week. Last week’s photo wasn’t from a movie, but instead a TV series from the early ’70s, Sept. 15th, 1972 to be precise. The TV show was called Ghost Story and this particular episode was called The Dead We Leave Behind, starring Jason Robards and Stella Stevens. This episode in particular really gave me the creeps back then, and I think it still holds up to today as well. If you get chance to see any of these old episodes, especially this one, I would recommend it. Hoby Abernathy and Michael Shields were the only one to send in the correct answer. But don’t feel bad, this was a tough one.

So let’s go with something maybe a little easier. Maybe. Give it a peek and see what you think! As always, please don’t post your guess here so others can have a guess. Just send them to me via email, to Good Luck!



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