Dark Delicacies Fundraiser!

dark delicacies banner

For those not in the know, Dark Delicacies is a book store in Burbank, CA, that has been open for over 20 years. But due to the raising rent, they are being forced to relocate. While I have never been (YET!) to this magical store, I have bought many items from them online over the years. The fact that not only is it a bookstore, but one that specializes in horror, fantasy, and sci-fi makes it even better. They are always having signings and other special events.

dark delicacies

Next month, they will be having a relocation fundraiser to help with the move. They will have a ton of items for sale and up for auction on Feb. 2nd, at 7pm. You can place your bid for the auction items online if you can’t make it to the actual event. For all the details, head over to their website HERE.

dark delicacies1

Even if you’re not going to participate in the auction, browse through their online store and you will find some amazing items that you can purchase now. As horror fans, especially ones that love their books, let’s help and support these guys that have been waving the torch for over two decades. Let’s help them continue that!


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