Mystery Photo 10-15

I know it’s late on Monday, but I couldn’t go two weeks without a Mystery Photo. Just got back from Chicago from a screening of Frankenstein (1931) but knew I had to get this updated before I crash. So let’s get to it! Our last photo from two weeks ago was in tribute to the recent Cinema Wasteland convention, My Bloody Valentine (1981). I did find it interesting that a few people were sending in guesses with an Italian giallo, which really shows that the slasher film is the American cousin to them. Sure, a distant cousin, but definitely related. Kudos out to the following for sending in the correct answer: David Friedman, Angela Hermann, and William Wilson.

And now, this week’s photo! As always, please don’t post your answers here so others have a chance. Just send us your guess in an email, to Good Luck!


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