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As you’d expect, this is a busy month for us. With events going on every weekend, not to mention coming into Chicago every Monday for something as well, the days are just flying by. Not a bad thing, mind you, but really tough to squeeze in some good horror flicks with all this going on. But this is the path we choose, right?

my bloody valentine1


Last weekend, we were in Strongsville, OH for the 18th year at Cinema Wasteland. Hard to believe it has been going on that long and still continues to be a great time. The draw this year was for a reunion for a favorite of mine, the original My Bloody Valentine (1981) and the Q&A was very informative and entertaining. Although I must admit being a little depressed when they asked a packed room right before the screening of the film, just how many people there have never seen the film before, and about two thirds of the room raised their hands. I would have thought this would have been key film to watch during your slasher education. Or at least, if you were going to a convention that the main guest lineup was a cast reunion from a film you hadn’t seen…that you’d watch it before the show! Sorry…Old Man Kitley is coming out again. Times for my meds.

I Drink Your Blood posterBut one little piece of news about Cinema Wasteland’s April show next year, they have announced a reunion from one of the all time cult films, I Drink Your Blood (1970). While we have lost more than a few people involved with this film, such as director David Durston and star Bhaskar, there will be four actors attending the April show: Lynn Lowry, Elizabeth Marner-Brooks, Rhonda Fultz, and Tyde Kierney. I can’t think of any other convention that these guests would be more than welcome to than at a Wasteland show. Really looking forward to this one.

Our next regular convention will be next weekend, as we travel to Mars, PA for the Monster Bash Conference. We always have a blast there so we’re looking forward to it once again. There is always plenty to do there, with an amazing dealer room, a wide array of films playing damn near 24-hours a day, and just a fun show.

MB Oct 2018

This last Monday, we headed to the Music Box Theatre for a book signing with filmmaker and now author Don Coscarelli and a screening of his film Bubba Ho-Tep (2002). I got to chat with him for a few minutes and am amazed just how down to earth Coscarelli is, not to mention how damn nice he is. I’m about 50 pages into his book, True Indie: Life and Death in Filmmaking, and already and am loving it. Highly recommend picking up your own copy!

horrorofitallSpeaking of the Music Box, in two days from now, we’ll be at Chicago’s best 24-hour horror movie marathon, The Music Box of Horrors. We’ll be set up in the lounge area of the theater, pimping our usual wares of horror reference books while my wife/partner-in-crime Dawn (aka Horror Slave) will have plenty of pillows and tote bags for sale. The pillows can come in very useful about 3am in the theater during the films. Just a suggestion. And since you’ll be picking up some books to learn more about the horror genre, what better place to put them then in one of her handmade horror totes! Also, we still have a few copies left of Adam Rockoff’s The Horror Of It All that we will have on sale for only $10!!!

Once again, Ryan and Will have lined up another great list of films for us die-hard fans to see. So make sure you come on out and come out early for the fun. But make sure you stop our tables in between the movies to say hello. Hope to see you there! For all the details, updates, and more, just click HERE!

MBoH2018 marquee1


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  1. Sounds like it’s finally time to cave on the Rockoff book. Just picked up Coscarelli’s book today.

    And seriously, who hasn’t seen My Bloody Valentine?

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