Celeste Yarnell & Venantino Venantini – Rest in Peace


I was just commenting the other day that either I have missed them or the number of our genre stars that we’ve been losing has been much lower than previous years. And then we lose Stelvio Cipriani last week, and now there are two more.

While I probably first saw Celeste Yarnell on Star Trek, it wasn’t until Eddie Romero’s Beast of Blood that I really remembered her. And even though her only real horror film was the artsy The Velvet Vampire (1971), she definitely lead a full life. She was a model, spokesperson, championship cat breeder, radio show host, as well as working in commercial real estate and even getting her Ph.D in nutrition. But in 2014, she had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Venantino Venantini is an actor that most might not know or recognize, but you do know the films that he appeared in, especially in Lucio Fulci’s City of the Living Dead (1980). He also appeared in Seven Deaths in the Cat’s Eye (1973), Contraband (1980), Cannibal Apocalypse (1980), Cannibal Ferox (1981), as well as a couple of post apocalyptic films such as Warriors of the Wasteland (1983) and The Exterminators of the Year 3000 (1983), as well as a few Emanuelle films.

Our thoughts go out to their friends and families. They will be missed, but never forgotten.

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