Night of the Living Dead 50th Anniversary Screenings!



That’s right, folks. It was 50 years ago that George Romero changed the face of horror cinema when he released his zombies onto the world in his little indie film Night of the Living Dead. I’m pretty sure all horror fans out there have seen Night, probably more than a few times. But have you had the chance to see it on the big screen? No? Then now is your chance.

notldTaking place on Oct. 24th and 25th, you will now be able to not only see this classic on the big screen, but now this version has been restored from the original camera negative by the Museum of Modern Art and the George Lucas Family Foundation, making it “more visually striking and terrifying than ever.” Granted, this is one film that I feel the grain and old look to it helps the grittiness of it, but that’s just me.

But if you haven’t had the chance to experience this on the big screen, you really should. No matter how many times you’ve seen it on your TV, seeing it the way it was originally intended is simply a must for all horror fans.

Just click HERE to go to the Fathom Events page to see where it is playing in your neck of the woods. Make plans to head out on one of those two nights and help celebrate not only the horror genre, this great classic, as well as the man who gave it to us. A great way to pay tribute to Romero.

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