Mystery Photo 9-17

Just as I expected, we didn’t get too many correct responses from our last photo. Had a few good guesses, but the only one that came through was Hoby Abernathy. It might make you feel better by knowing that according to author Caelum Vatnsdal, he stated that this film “just might be the rarest Canadian horror film ever made.” The film is Corpse Eaters and came out in 1974. It did get a DVD release some time ago, but even those are pretty tough to find. It is available on YouTube though, so I would suggest checking it out. Don’t expect a lost classic, but it is cheesy and fun.

So let’s get to this week’s photo, which I will say might be a wee bit easier than that last one. As always, please remember not to post your answers here so others can have a chance at guessing. Just send your answers to us in an email ( Good Luck!


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