Dust-to-Dawn Horrorfest at the Midway Next Weekend!


Next weekend we will be heading out the Midway Drive-In for their annual Dust-to-Dawn Horrorfest, and this year they have one hell of a lineup. Then again, they always do! This year’s lineup consists of the following titles:

  • The Thing (1982) – John Carpenter’s incredible remake that has never lost its impact!
  • The Blob (1988) – Chuck Russell & Frank Darabont’s excellent remake of this great classic, and one that still holds up.
  • The Funhouse (1981) – One of Tobe Hooper’s lesser known films but that is a great chapter to his long career.
  • Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1988) – With a title like that, can you tell it was directed by Fred Olen Ray? Starring Linnea Quigley, Michelle Bauer, and Leatherface himself, Gunnar Hansen. As the ads say, “They Charge an Arm and a Leg!”


I can’t wait to see these on the big screen, not to mention at a drive-in! If you haven’t experienced the fun of being at a drive-in, especially the Midway, then now is your chance for a night of great movies, tasty treats from the concessions, and being with a ton of like-minded horror fans.

horrorofitallAnd once again, we will have a table set up out in front of the concession stand with a bunch of goodies, right next to our convention buddies Lix! Since we’ve been cleaning and purging the Krypt over the last month or so, we have a lot of stuff that is going to the table this year.

One of these items that we have uncovered was a hidden crate (okay… a corrugated box) containing a several copies of The Horror Of It All, the book by Chicago’s own Adam Rockoff (author of Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Films, and screenwriter of the I Spit on Your Grave remake) that we’ll be selling for only $10! Only a limited supply, so don’t wait too long or they’ll be gone.

Add that in with our usual items, such as more horror reference books, hand-made pillows and tote bags, there will be plenty of great stuff for everyone. Or just come out and talk movies with us!

We also have discovered a bunch of mini promo posters that we’ll be giving away for FREE! We have titles like The Host, Terminator Salvation, Daybreakers, Drag Me to Hell, and many other great titles. Get their early so you can get something good!

free posters

This is taking place NEXT weekend, Saturday Sept. 22nd, at the Midway Drive-In, located in Dixon, IL. The doors open at 5pm and the first movie should start around 8pm. Get their early to make sure you get a good spot, and have plenty of time to come shopping and hang out for the fun! For all the info, head over to the Midway’s website HERE.


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