Mystery Photo 8-20

Is the summer over yet??? Really can’t wait for fall to get here, and not even for the obvious reason of the Halloween season. Just want this damn heat to end! Okay…done with the personal ranting…let’s get down to business. The photo from last week was from The Hanging Woman, aka Beyond the Living Dead, Dracula the Terror of the Living Dead, Return of the Zombies, The Orgy of the Dead, Zombie 3: Return of the Living Dead, and in Australia it was even called Bracula: The Terror of the Living Dead! So we did have a few that might have known the correct movie but had sent in a title that wasn’t one of the above. But we did have a few that did send in a correct one and those were: Hoby Abernathy, Troy Howarth, Michael Shields, and Tal Zimerman. Kudos, my friends.

Oh…did I mention that one of the co-stars of this film is Paul Naschy? If you know me…anytime I can mention this icon of horror, I’m going to!

So let’s get to this week’s photo, shall we? Might be another tough one. You’ll just have to look and see what comes to that gray matter between your ears. PLEASE remember not to post your answers here. Just send them to me in an email ( that way everyone can have a chance at guessing. Good Luck!


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