What a Time to be Alive!


Twenty years ago, when us deviant fans of European horror films that were near impossible to find over here in the states, you were lucky as hell when you were able to find a 5th generation copy of Joe D’Amato’s notorious 1980 film Anthropophagous, and even more so if it had the famous fetus eating scene intact. Sounds demented, I know. But when you’re trying to find the a version that was completely uncut, if that scene was in there, you knew you had a big score on your hands.

Anthro-PlushNow close to four decades years later, not only will you be able to acquire this infamous film on Blu-ray, from a 2k scan from the original 16mm negative, but you can actually get an official Anthropophagus Plush Figure!!! If you were to tell me all those years ago that not only would this film be available this easily, looking as great as it will, but that there would be Anthropophagus merchandise, I would have thought you sat way too close to your Atari game for way too long! But thanks to the amazing and demented folks at Severin, that is all going to be a reality.

Anthropophagus was one of those titles on the gray market that horror fan worth their weight in intestines wanted a copy of. And now you’ll get not just the feature, but also several featurettes on the discs as well, such as interviews with writer/actor Luigi Montefiori (aka George Eastman), actor Saverio Vallone, FX artist Pietro Tenoglio, editor Bruno Micheli, actress Zora Kerova, plus much more.

But that’s not all! To double your fun, you will also be able to get the crazy follow up that D’Amato and Eastman came up with the following year. Absurd is also known under many titles, such as The Grim Reaper 2, Zombie 6, Horrible, and Monster Hunter, all in varying degrees of completeness. But now you’ll get to witness this former ‘Video Nasty” title in all its uncut glory. In another 2k scan from the original negative, this one also comes with a bunch of extras, including an alternate cut of the film under the title Rosso Sangue. There is also interviews with Eastman, Michele Soavi (who had an uncredited role as a biker), and an archive interview with director Aristide Massacessi (aka Joe D’Amato). The first 2500 copies will also include a bonus CD soundtrack as well!


All of this greatness will be available on Sept. 25th. So why not place your pre-order now! Just head over to Severin’s site by clicking HERE and don’t be left out!

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