Soundtrack Review: Malenka / The Feast of Satan


Malenka / The Feast of Satan
Released by Quartet Records
30 Tracks with a total running time of 65:39 min.
Music composed by Carlo Savina

Savina’s score for Amando de Ossorio’s 1969 film Malenka (aka Fangs of the Living Dead) is a real treat and a great way to step back in time to one of those gothic vampire pictures that we grew up with on late night television. Using primarily an organ for this score, it creates a multi-layered effects that just seeps with atmosphere. He creates this ghostly or almost other-worldly feeling, if that makes any sense, developing different sounds and melodies to enhance the gothic feel of the movie. Even as a standalone piece of music, you can’t help but be transported back to the 40 years ago, to an old run down castle, with the fog slowly covering the grounds, where you are told not to venture out at night.

Some of the tracks feature the organ that is over laid with different organ sounds. You will have the sound of a harpsichord, playing a little melody, but then have some mysterious, almost ghost like sounds echoing in the background. The score also features the main title theme, Malenka, by Giulia Rei on the score.

This release also features the score for The Feast of Satan (1971), which we were not that familiar with. But since Savina is using the same methods and styles for this score, we immediately fell in love with it. There is more of a jazz feel on some of the tracks on this score, but are still entertaining.

It is so great to see companies like Quartet Records spending the time and effort to put out soundtracks like this obscure title so fans like us can enjoy them for years to come.

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