Greetings from Castle Rock!

castle rock

Ever since the publication of Stephen King’s 1979 novel, The Dead Zone, the fictional town of Castle Rock would become a staple in a lot of King’s later stories. Now with Hulu, King, and J.J. Abrams creating a new series based on this little strange town, it seems the perfect time to celebrate the different stories that have a connection with it. And now thanks to the Music Box Theatre and Consequence of Sound podcast, Chicago area fans will have a chance to see 8 different films based on King’s work on the big screen.

dead zone

Taking place on Friday and Saturday, July 27th & 28th, the Music Box will be screening 8 films based on King’s work that have some connection with Castle Rock. The Consequence of Sound podcast are co-hosting the event, which will include a live podcast recording, not to mention themed drinks and snacks, giveaways, and vendors. The cost for the entire event is only $40, which works out to $5 a feature, which is a pretty damn good price!

Here’s the list of films and the order they are screening:

Friday the 27th:
Stand By Me (1986) – 7pm
Cujo (1983) – 9:15pm
Creepshow (1982) – 11:30pm

Saturday the 28th
The Shawshank Redemption (1994) – 11:45am
The Dead Zone (1983) – 2:45pm
The Loser’s Club – Live Podcast Recording – 5pm
The Mist (2007) – 7pm
Needful Things (1993) – 9:30pm
Pet Sematary (1989) – 11:59pm

For all the information, updates, and details, head over to the Music Box’s site HERE.

Music Box Theatre


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