Book Review: Gods of Grindhouse

Gods of GrindhouseGods of Grindhouse
BearManor Media, 2013. 169 pages.
Edited by Andrew J. Rausch

I know everyone out there knows the name of Roger Corman. But what about Ted V. Mikels? Or Ray Dennis Steckler, Jack Hill, or Bill Rebane? These gentlemen, plus a few more, are the names covered in this very important book. The guys are from the filmmaking industry that I feel are much more important than the likes of Michael Bay. Why? Simple. There movies are something you will remember and will stand the test of time. Each generation will discover and be entertained by them. Without the talented craftsmen discussed in this volume, there would be no Quentin Tarentino. So while their movies may be the jest of places like MST3K, that doesn’t take away from what their films are about, as well as the people that struggled to get them made and distributed.

I know I preach over and over on this site about how important it is to know your history when it comes to the genres, but I wouldn’t keep saying it if I really didn’t believe it. So many younger filmmakers, such as the previous mentioned Tarantino, grew up watching the films from these guys, being inspired to make their own mark with their films. So yes, it is VERY important to know these guys and their work. And this book is a great way to start.

Editor Raush has compiled interviews with 16 important figures in the world of grindhouse cinema, some of them older interviews, some of them new, but all of them are entertaining and informative. You will get an insight on what these guys have had to struggle through to get their films not only made, but seen as well. This is a great book to use as a study guide for a novice film fan, that will give you plenty of films to add to your “Need to See” list.

Our only real complaint here is the size of the book. With only 169 pages and a price of $19.95, it is a small little soft cover book. But then again, when you think that we’re paying around $10 for a 80+ magazine, it really isn’t that bad of an investment. Plus, with this one, I think you’ll have a lot better of a history lesson.

You can order this title from the publisher directly through their website HERE.

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