Soundtrack Review: I Kill Giants

I Kill Giants ScoreI Kill Giants
Released by Varèse Sarabande
, 2018
Tracks with a Total Running Time of 53 min.
Music by Laurent Perez del Mar

While this might be a little off the usual horror path that we’re on, I am a sucker for soundtracks, and this is a movie about giants, so it kind of fits, right? I had never even heard of the title before getting this to review, but I did make the mistake of watching the trailer before listening to the score, because then I knew I couldn’t get a fresh take on it. But I have to say from what I seen in the trailer, the music that Laurent Perez del Mar created is just beautiful. Right from the first track, Barbara, we get that magical feel of this unique little girl. This firs track is quiet and somber, but almost gives off a sense of wonder.

For most of the score, it is very melancholy and peaceful, with some wonderful melodies. The track Under the Water has a really nice operatic part to it that I really enjoyed. Once we get to the Fight the Forest Giant track, it starts to pick up a faster paced, darker and more sinister sound, but not going overboard. There are a few more upbeat pieces through the rest of the tracks, but it really does remain more quiet than not. A real nice and effective score.

There are two exclusive and unreleased tracks on this score, Under the Stars by London Grammer and the original song Something So Strong by Rasmus Walter.

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