Book Review: Horror!

horrordefinitiveHorror! The Definitive Companion to the Most Terrifying Movies Ever Made
Published by Carton Books, 2013. 360 pages.
By Kim Newman & James Marriot

Let’s start with the good stuff, shall we? With an original retail price of only $24.95, this book covers some of the best the genre has to offer. Starting at the very beginning of horror movies and moving its way through the more recent films in the early 2000’s, covering 340 different titles. The reviews give a very brief synopsis without giving too much details away, concentrating more on the facts and thoughts about the title, which we really enjoyed. Newman and Marriot really know their stuff.

This is the kind of book that is great for a newer fan that is just getting into the genre since it is a perfect place to start, using it as a checklist to slowly go through. Even a seasoned fan might want to double check to see if they’ve missed any of the classics covered here, or maybe some they might want to go back and re-visit. Not to mention possibly learning a bit more about the genre and the films.

But before you run out and buy it, you might want to make sure you don’t already have it. This is just another re-issue of a book that was originally published back in 2006, under the title Horror! The Definitive Guide to the Cinema of Fear. Then it was published again in 2010, this time being called Horror! 333 Films to Scare You to Death with a whole new cover. And then a short 3 years later, it gets a new cover, a twist on the original title, and released to the public like it is a new book altogether. Yes, there is a whopping 8 new pages which consist of 14 new titles being covered. But besides those 8 pages, the book is identical. The shame of it all is that it is a great book and a must for the library. Just not sure why the publisher seems to be pulling a fast one on the fans. But none the less, if you don’t have any version, I would recommend this title.

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