Soundtrack Review: A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place soundtrack

A Quiet Place
Released by Milan Records, 2018
16 Tracks with a Total Running time of 48 min.
Music by Marco Beltrami

The thing that struck me right away was that for a movie with “quiet” in the title, this score does not follow that thought. Even in the opening track, It Hears You, it starts with low pounding that starts to increase in volume, to jumping to a much higher range, making its presence known. I had sort of expected a much lower tone and feel to this movie since I was guessing (haven’t not seen the movie yet) that there wasn’t a lot of noise in the movie, so the music would be more quiet and subdue. That is not the case.

There are tracks like that, such as the second track, A Quiet Family, with a nice, quiet little piano piece with some strings in the background. Not overly moody or anything, but peaceful. But then as we go on, we do start to build the tension pretty quickly, with this use of a rhythm of either a pounding, electronic buzzing or pulses, letting us know that there definitely is something dark out there.

I enjoy the “quiet” tracks a lot more here, since I think those build more emotion than the louder and faster paced tracks. Granted, maybe it’s just that I’m a sucker for a good piano piece and more atmospheric music, but the other ones are still very effective for what they are trying to do. The track Labor Intensive is a great example of where we start off slow and quiet but then slowly picking up the pace, with the darker and scarier sounds starting to creep in, raising the tension and feel of what is going on. You can almost picture the action on screen during this.

While I mainly enjoyed the more somber tracks, this definitely an effective score. Looking forward to seeing the film now even more.

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