Wasteland Survivor


For the last 18 years, we’ve been heading to Strongsville, OH for the Cinema Wasteland convention. And this last weekend was no different. Each and every time we set up there, we have a blast. Picked up more than a few Blu-rays from Diabolik DVD (which I think a lot of people coming through the door were), but came home with some great titles that I can’t wait to pop in and watch! There was a real nice crowd this year, and even though they just weren’t the book-buying crowd, we still had a blast. And that is because of these people below, plus plenty more that I didn’t get photos of.

I’ve mentioned before of our convention family and these people are part of that. They truly are one of the best part of these little gatherings. We get to talk about the recent films we’ve seen, older ones we’ve discovered, and all eager to hear other’s opinions on them. Sure there is always a little ribbing going on, but when done amongst great friends, it’s taken for what it is. And having the difference of opinions makes the conversations even more interesting. I’m sure most of us go away with a few new titles on their Need-to-Watch list each and every time.

So this is a little shout out to some of my favorite people below. I missed getting some pictures at the show, like of Dave & Deborah Kosanke, Don & Nina England, Steve Bejma, Chris Kuchta, and I’m sure a few more.

CW 4-18-3

This motley crew consists of (from left to right), Scott Bradley, myself, Vanessa & Billy Nocera, Leon Marcelo, and Sophia. Scott is the crazy fellow fanatic we met a couple of years ago at another convention, telling him that Wasteland was the show he needed to go to. And he’s been coming ever since! His knowledge of the genre is astounding and is such a treat to talk movies with him. Billy and Vanessa are the two masterminds behind Evilspeak magazine, with myself & Leon contributing some ramblings here and there. Damn proud to be part of it too.

CW 4-18-4

I don’t know how long I’ve actually known Ryan Olson, but it’s been quite some time. He’s one of those guys who’s passion for horror is always out there and even though we don’t always agree on certain titles, I still consider him a great friend.

CW 4-18-5

I didn’t get a shot with him, but I at least got one of him with his brand new giallo pillow from Horror Slave! This is James Schmeichel, another character that we met a few years ago at Wasteland, and were once again blown away by his passion as well, especially for the Italian flavor! Always a joy talking with him about films.

CW 4-18-1

These guys….Once again, left to right, we have Scott, Gregg and Jill from Lix, myself, my wife Dawn, and then down in front, where he should be, is Matt Putrid Carr. What can I say about these guys. I first met Jill at the very first Cinema Wasteland, way back in September of 2000, where she was right across from us selling some awesome T-shirts.  I’ve lost count how many cons we see each other at, but she always has a smile (and free cookies) and is so much fun to be around. Her husband Gregg, while not having the greatest taste in movies (hehehe), is another passionate fan that is a true joy to talk movies with. And of course, Putrid, who we also met at a con over a decade ago, is one of the most talented artists I’ve ever known. What he creates just boggles my mind, and I’m honored to call him a friend.

CW 4-18-2

This guy keeps creating some amazing t-shirts that keeps pulling money from my wallet! Craig Merritt runs Pallbearer Press and is constantly coming up with some amazing designs on both t-shirts and long sleeve ones. Amazing stuff. Though, he was tempting me all weekend with this little figure below. One of these days, Craig. One of these days…

Naschy Figure

We’ll see you at the next one, where the fun and conversations will continue on into the night.

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