Mystery Photo 3-12

Holy crap…almost forgot to post this week’s photo! Been a crazy day, but that’s no excuse! Our last photo was from the 2001 Lovecraft-based film from Stuart Gordon, Dagon! Been a while since I’ve seen it but I remember enjoying the hell out of it. Besides, seeing the lovely Macarena Gómez in one of her first movie roles is worth the time right there! Kudos to the following for sending in the correct answer: Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, Craig Clark, Kuba Haczek, Troy Howarth, Ken Johnson, Lori Ann Kuchta, Leon Marcelo, Phil Meenan, Kristin Wicks, William Wilson, and Greg Wojick. Nice to see so many names!

Okay, before the day’s over, let us get to this week’s photo. It is from another favorite of mine. Just look at how this frame is shot! Just brilliant! As always, PLEASE remember not to post your answers here but instead send them in an email to Good Luck!


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