Movie Review: Cat O’ Nine Tails

cat o nine tails 4

The Cat o’ Nine Tails (1971)
Directed Dario Argento
Starring James Franciscus, Karl Malden, Catherine Spaak, Pier Paolo Capponi, Horst Frank, Tino Carraro, Rada Rassimov, Aldo Reggiani, Carlo Alighiero

This has always been my favorite of Argento’s Animal Trilogy. Even though the reveal at the end of the film doesn’t have the big “It’s You!” payoff that a good thriller might have, this is a giallo after all so it comes down to many other things. But having a blind puzzle maker as one of the main protagonists is something that I’ve always thought was a cool idea, and Malden does an excellent job here.

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Mystery Photo 2-19

Welcome to that wonderful time of the week again. Monday? No…I was referring to the Mystery Photo. Last week’s photo was from one from Hammer Studios, as they were desperately trying to stay afloat. The film was The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires (also known as a few other titles as well). Sure, its not one of their better ones, but it still can be a little fun. Kudos to the following that sent in the correct answer: Hoby Abernathy, Troy Howarth, & Bryan Ruff. Well done!

Now onto this week’s photo. See if you fair as well this time out. Maybe you’ll know this one. Maybe not. But give it a look and see what you can come up with. And as always, please remember not to post your answers here so others can have a chance at it. Good luck!


Fango…Up from the Ashes

fango banner

There is no horror fan older that “grew up” in the genre in the ’80s and wasn’t thankful for Fangoria magazine. Since they were one of the few around that really covered all aspects of the genre and did it so well, we fans learned a lot. Granted, the last few years of their existence was pretty shaky and downright depressing. I had my subscription for close to 30 years, maybe longer, before I finally stopped since they just stopped delivering, not just the quality, but the issues themselves.

fangoria9But now, all that has changed and a new owner and Editor-in-Chief gives horror fans and Fango fans hope for a new start and a new regime. I, for one, wish them all the best and hope they can return it to its former glory. Because it is important to have a place for fans to be able to read about their favorite movies and the people behind them. Bringing back Michael Gingold to produce his own column is a great idea too. I hope them all the best.

Though…one little concern. Since it is now owned by Cinestate, which produces their own movies, I can only hope that there is not a conflict of interests. What I mean is, like some of these big horror news sites that are owned by a studio, you don’t think they can be totally honest about what they are reviewing or promoting, do you? So when a magazine is owned by a studio, does that mean we’re going to get a little less journalistic integrity, meaning they won’t cover certain movies, or at least not give their movies bad reviews but plenty of coverage instead?

I think a news site, magazine, or whatever, should have the freedom to be able to cover any subject of the genre and not be afraid that it’s going to upset their boss because they just gave a bad review of one of their movies. And if you tell me that they have that freedom, then I’d like to see a negative feature they posted about a product their owners invested in. Sure, I may sound a little cynical, but I’m sorry…just can’t help it. Journalistic integrity seems like a lost virtue these days, much like the truth in general. Plus, with the way the world is now anyway, it’s hard for me to put trust in anything or anyone.

But seriously…Good Luck to Fangoria and their staff. I look forward to what you can do.

Poster Art Lives!

I never thought I would see the day for movie poster art, I mean REAL poster art, make a comeback. Granted, these are not being made for new theatrical releases, but expensive limited edition prints and such. But maybe one day the studios will start to take notice and move in that direction. We can have hope, right?

The reason for this posting is that I came across the recent piece of incredible art that Graham Humphreys posted that he did for an upcoming release of James Whale’s Old Dark House. Just look at the detail in this! Just stunning. I know if they were selling prints of this, I’d be ordering one asap!

Old Dark House - Humphreys

And with more and more poster books that keep coming out, maybe this will help as well, when the attention to the actual artwork that this amazing artists created, sometimes even going uncredited, will get the come full circle, giving them their props, as well as maybe starting a new trend. Like I said, we can have hope, right?



A Monster Ride

Monster Ride

I know I posted about this back in December, but I feel that it needs posting again, mainly because it is for a good cause, and our good friend Phil Meenan needs your help and MONEY!

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Soundtrack Review: The Ritual


The Ritual
Released by Lakeshore Records, 2018

18 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 40 min.
Music Composed by Ben Lovett

When you come down to the basics, there are two kinds of original score soundtracks. One with a collection of musical pieces, orchestrated in a way to create feelings. And then the ones that don’t have melody, or even music really, but just sounds. Not as simple as that, but sounds that also create feelings, usually ones that work their way under your skin, building tension and even terror. That is exactly what Lovett has done with this score.

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