Rondo Time Once Again


That’s right folks, it’s that time of year again, when we get to show support to those out there in the genre that are doing what they can do produce, create, write, paint, and all those other little outlets that we do to show our love and passion for the horror genre. Quite a few of these people nominated are doing it for the sheer pleasure of it. Yes, some of them are professionals, but there are more than a few that do what they do on their own time, all stemming from the fact that they love the genre. I know that is the case for myself.

Yes, I am nominated twice this year, for #13 Best Article: The Mummy: 85 Years of Stalking and #15 – Best Column: They Came from the Krypt, (and you could even write Kitley’s Krypt in for Best Website/Blog in Category #17) and would love your vote. But more importantly, I would love you just to vote. Don’t care who you vote for, but please vote from your heart.  There are a ton of talented people listed in these nominations, so a Rondo win would not only mean more attention to their hard work, but also shows them that what they do actually means something to others. Trust me, that alone can mean the world just knowing that what you’re doing isn’t falling on deaf ears or blind eyes.


So please….head over to the Rondo Award site (just click HERE), and copy and paste, or however you want to do it, and email your votes to David at by April 8th. You’ve got plenty of time, but why not do it now and be done with it!

Also, thanks to David Colton for keeping this campaign alive all these years, helping shed light on so many talented people.




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