Monster Bash Movie Marathon

Godzilla Monster Bash Marathon

While we’ve been going to the Monster Bash Conference for the last few years (and loving every minute we’re there, I might add), they are now holding a 2-day movie marathon that is tempting me to make the drive out. Yeah, it might be a 8 hour drive just to see some movies, but it really is much more than that. Last year, they played the whole Universal Frankenstein series. But this year, they are going with something much BIGGER!

Godzilla-1954The theme for this marathon is Godzilla and Friends and are playing 8 films featuring giant monsters! How could this not be anything but freaking awesome!!! Here is the schedule they have posted:

Friday Aug. 17th
3pm – Doors open with vendors to shop!
6pm – Godzilla (1954) – Japanese Version
8pm – The Giant Behemoth (1959)
10pm – The Giant Claw (1957)
12am – Them! (1954)

Saturday Aug. 18th
12pm – Doors open with vendors
3pm – King Kong vs Godzilla (1962)
5pm – Gorgo (1961)
7pm – The Monster That Challenged the World (1957)
9pm – Tarantula (1955)

Just the thought of seeing The Giant Claw on the big screen….words just fail me.


This is all taking place at the Grand Palace Theatre, located at 605 Market Ave. N, Canton, Ohio. For all the details, just click HERE.

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