A Celebration of Slashers

Celebration of Slashers

Next month, in their annual DePaul Pop Culture Conference, this year’s theme is A Celebration of Slashers, which will be taking place on April 28th, from 9am to 6pm, at the DePaul University Loop Campus, Daley Building (247 S. State Street, Chicago, IL). These events are to “host thoughtful discussions from fans, scholars, and media makers about popular culture and cult media. Each year’s event is themed for an important Pop Culture anniversary.”

The featured keynote speaker is film and TV director Rachel Talalay, who has worked on films like Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, Tank Girl, Ghost in the Machines, as well as TV shows like Dr. Who, Haven, Dead Zone, and many more. Another key note speaker will be Dr. Wickham Clayton, who will be presenting a talk called “Looking Back on Anger: The Re-marketing and Continued Commercial Relevance of the 80s Slasher Film”.


There will be a ton of different panels and discussion groups, covering a wide range of topics from ethics, politics, religion, feminism, and much more. The panel themes are:
– Marginalized Identities in Slashers
– Slashing Away at Values: The Ethics and Politics of the Slasher Film
– Adaptation of the Slasher
– He Came Home: Notes on Halloween
– The Attraction of the Slasher
– Feminism and the Final Girl
– Religion and Politics in the Slasher
– Questioning the Slasher: Genre Considerations

You’ll get to hear talks on “We Are What We (Do Not) Eat: The Vegetarian Message in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” or “From Hammer to ‘Monster of the Week’: How Gothic Horror Died”, or many, many more interesting subjects.

For more information about this event, just click HERE.


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