Rollin Screens at Music Box


The Music Box Theatre in Chicago just announced it’s next bunch of titles for their weekend midnight screenings and there were a few that caught my attention. They will be screening 3 different films from French director Jean Rollin! Now, I admit that I’m not a huge fan of all of his movies, he has made some that I do think are amazing. One of those films, Fascination (1979), is one of the three being screened, on March 30th & 31st! The other two films are Lips of Blood (1975), showing Mar. 2nd & 3rd, and The Iron Rose, showing Mar. 9th & 10th.

If you’re not familiar with Rollin and his work, then this is the perfect opportunity to see them on the big screen, and if you can only make one, I would strongly suggest Fascination. But that’s just me.

Cinepocalypse banner

Also, don’t forget to make your plans for this year’s Cinepocalypse, taking place from June 21st to the 28th. Unfortunately, I’m going to be out of town most of that week, so I’m not sure how much of it I’m going to be able to hit, which I’m really bummed about.

But for more information about this, the other midnight shows, or any of their other screenings, just head over to the website HERE.

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